December 31, 2008

Happy New Year
2009 is gonna be a great year
well this is my last post for 2008
wahoooo bring on 2009 I am ready for a great year
its gonna be a good one for all
here's a few photos from Tash to share with you all
she picked out dozens to show, but I narrowed it down to 3 from yesterday! LOL
A Western Sunset as we see it - yep that dreaded hot ball finally went down after 9pm last night
no scrappin update today, I am too busy stalkin the front door for my postie!
I have a few parcels due and I really wanna play with em! but they not here yet boo hoo
hurry up aussie post....
hurry up
hurry up
hehhe I sound like Mr Squiggle!
where's my blackboard? oh thats right it out the back dryin! I been out there spray painting some of that awesome Kaiser storage this morning
all ready for when my parcels arrive
hurry up
hurry up
and now my beautiful people I am gonna go veg out n watch a movie while I wait
so excited.. NOT... I've been roped into watching some 'zombie stripper' movie
even the cover looks like crap!
but atleast it will mean layin on the couch right infront of the air con!
hope your all havin a wonderful final day for 2008

hope you all have a wonderful and safe new years
and kiss as many good lookin fellas as ya can from me! LOL
mwa mwa


Julie said...

Hey darlin, hope your postie got there for you *L*
Happy New Year, enjoy your night, hugssssssssssssssss xxxxx

Shell said...

So did he come...did he come??? lol
Happy New Year Darlin Girl. May 2009 be a special year for you and yours!!
Love Shell xo

Kath Parker said...

Happy New Year Nat

Hope you and your family have a great year in 2009

Kath xx

Anonymous said...

Happy new year darling sister! So did the postie come to your place? No sign of the chicken here :o)Now... get off your computer and go party the night away. May 2009 bring you every happiness you crave, every wish you desire and every dream you... well dream LOL. mwah mwah
Luv Kirsti xxx

lexie said...

Happy new year to you Nat....the only fella to kiss here is my ol' boy so he will have to do... enjoy your night veging.....wishing only good things for you and the kids in 2009
luv Lexie oxo
PS tell Tash I think her photos are fully sick (Fantastic)

Kellie said...

I hope you have a wonderful New Year Nat and that 2009 brings you eeverything your heart desires.
Kellie xx

G3 said...

Hi Nat,

Wishing you and your children a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2009.

Kathie said...

Happy New Year Nat!!!
Pray that its a healthy, happy & peaceful one!! Enjoy 2009 sweet lovin' lady!

rachel said...

Happy New Year Nat!!! Hope you all have a fantastic 2009... xo Rach xo