January 1, 2009

wahhooooo its 2009
this is gonna be the bestest year eva
just a quicky from me today to start off the new year
I hope everyone had a safe n great night
wishing all my beautiful friends I have made, met n will meet a fabbo new year
no photo's this post cause dingbat me forgot the camera last night
well considering I was only gonna stay at the party for half hour but didnt end up crawlin home till well after 3am there sure were plenty of great opportunities for some classics!
omg the poms sure know how to party! LOL
there were 4 aussies, 1 kiwi and about 30 rowdy singin poms
and I am so glad I finally stepped out for the first time in 16 years and let my hair down (slightly) I had a fantastic night and got to see there really is a life outside my front door!
Thanks Trace for twisting my arm! (but I DO NOT do karoke OK?)
ok, so with a new year becomes lots of new things
new resolutions to break
new friends to make
new lifes challenges to take
and to start off, here on my blog will be daily posts with new tasks, challenges, questions and random RAK's to give away
on my forum there will be even more new tasks, challenges, fun n games and RAK's to give away
TBSS is closing its store to open the gateway for HEAPS more fun n games, challenges and giveaways
keep an eye out peoples THIS IS GONNA BE A BIG YEAR
come on in and check it all out
your gonna luv it
and these are just a few of the highlights to come
I will keep you all posted on events n happnins as the year progesses
make sure to check for more details in my forum
Todays question is... an easy one:
till tomorow
take care n keep smilin its 2009
mwa mwa


Kellie said...

Ummm Hmmm I honestly don't know. Most likely to keep an up to date diary?! I am forever trying to and then by June something happens, colder weather maybe? But I love reading over it and remembering things the girls did, hubbie or with friends that you forget. This year I have started the very short list, lol, diary once again being one of them. I mean I could keep going and make a big list, but I'll break to many that ways....Start short and sweet.

Glad to hear you had a wonderful time Nat, you deserve it!


Eve said...

Happy new year to you too darling i hope all your dreams come true this year and you all stay safe and well ...scrap lots eat plenty and love long are my wize words to you ...
Hugzzzz Evie xoxoxox

elle said...

hi nat

happy new year to you too!! managed to crawl home by 3:30 with free transport home on the city cat here. awesome night was had though.

my one new years resolution that i've kept is one made on new years day 2008. my friends n i were horribly hungover, so we made a resolution to not be as hungover for new years day 2009 as we were for 2008......

we fulfilled that resolution today!!

bet that makes you laugh!!

Antonella Ryan said...

Happy New Year Nat! Take Care Sweety! Cant wait for a fun filled 2009 in the scrappers world!
Take Care

Delia W said...

The year before last (ie 2007) I promised myself I will stop smoking some time in the year. I did. It wasn't on new years day. But May. All the pressure of stopping on new years day was over and I just stopped. I'm still not smoking. May will be 2 years.

Kathie said...

Mine is lata again!! But it was to give up smoking and stay off em! Yes I did have been smoke free for over 10 years....YAY