January 7, 2009

and I luv Aussie post again
wahooooo finally 3 of my parcels have arrived with LOTSA goodies for me to play with
check out the stack of paper
mmmm yummmooooooo
there's 100's - I've got Tash counting the stack now, will let you know how many soon! PML
there's a beautiful mix of Basic Grey (lots of), Fancy Pants, Daisy D's, Prima, Crate Paper, Cosmo Cricket, Deja Views, Pink Paislee, Hambly, Carolee's, Black Market and more...
heres just a few...
and this line of cosmo cricket is my favourite that I am bustin to use TONIGHT hopefully - mmmm luv cosmo
I also got a new little pile of die cut papers
and a stack of rub ons, Kaiser bits and all sorts
oh oh and check out all these wicked transperancy's - mmmm drooling
and a little pile of alpha's
wahoooo ohhh i sooo wanna go play now...
nothing much else been happning here today its too darn hot!
Jake is exhausted and grumpy and doing my head in
he had a 5 hour gymnastic session today
ended up with 2 noses by the time he came home! LOL
he wasnt looking where he was walking, was too busy watching the coach clapping her hands and making the white powder clouds and smacked strait into the parallel bars
poor little bugger was in so much pain!
but so brave too cause of everyone around LOL
oh I raided Tashes camera again today too, she had over 800 photos to sort through
the girl has a secret love affair with her camera! LOL
great for me, lots of new scrappin subjects
these are a couple of cute ones taken today
oh, Tash has finished counting the paper pile
oops! no wonder the bank balance looks slightly retarded now! LOL
thanks to some fantastic sales at
all arrived beautifully packaged and arrived safely
todays question of the day:
is said to be the toughest tongue twister in the English language
and now I outa here, gonna go scrap
till tomorow
take care n keep smilin its 2009
mwa mwa


Kellie said...

WOWEE Nat that is so much stuff, no wonder you were hanging out for it, and it's all GORGEOUS. My parcel finally arrived today as well that I was waiting on, must had been the day for it ;) I can't WAIT to see what you come up with, I have no doubt it will be breath taking...
Take Care xx

vicmbee said...

wow!!!that's some serious scrappin to do with 184 pages...love to come play at your house....but got plenty of my own to play..hehe I got a drawer full of BG allsorts...love tash's photo....must be the thing these days my dd takes tons of pics of herself all the time...think its to put up in bebo or facebook or whatever they into......

Lynn said...

Ohhh that looks like fun stuff!! so Yummy!!!

Tracey said...

Oh can I come play at your place....please! Looks like fun. Love Tash's photo, gorgeous. And for your info I have no hope with that tongue twister!....LOL

Shell said...

I wanna come roll in all that paper!
Tash has a knack for photography. Is she taking it further at school at all?? I love how she thinks outside the square.
She could really go somewhere being so young and clever at it.

Julie said...

oh my gawdddddddddddd
Im so coming over to play with that stash ROFL and all those bits too!!
My parcel had 70 pages, but oh my gawd, thats a wonderful lot darlin!!
Also, agree with Shell, Tash has an eye for photography. A real talent there, I do hope she is thinking about doing something with it...I really hope so... hugsssssssss

CreativeMe68 said...

OMG!!! You are going to be scrapping so much to use up all those 184 pages. Just can't wait to see what you come up with you clever girl. No wonder you were hanging out waiting for Australia Post!

Good on Tash for doing her photography course through school! She takes amazing photos and her ideas are totally unique. Luv Shaz xoxo

Treesa Young said...

WOW WEE my hubby thinks i buy alot i just showed him ur blog!!
No wonder their wasnt much left at TBSS when I did my order! lol

Amanda said...

OMG!!!!!! That haul is crazy ..... who said anything about an economic crisis?? At least the scrap industry is safe! Tee-hee.

Your DD's photos are amazing BTW.

Enjoy your stash, will be checking back to see your creations.