January 10, 2009

DAY 10
nothing much happnin round here today, besides Tash going mad with the cleaning bug!
well actually its more like an invasion of the entire house with all her crap bug!
She has decided the best way to clean her room would be to switch rooms with Jake
sounds simple till you see the amount of garbage in those two rooms contain, its enough to furnish an entire house!
but that hasnt detered Tash, its been 6 hours now and shes still going strong, almost half way there! she has taken everything out of her room and put it all into the hallway (and my room) and then moved all of Jake's gear into there
looks good actually
Jake is now chucking the biggest sad
he had no idea she was doing a swapsy and is devestated!
last night I did a little scrapping
one of each of my little darlings.
this first one of Tash I did all the handcutting while watching TV last night then threw it all together. pretty happy with how this one turned out then I did this one of Jake
I have done this pic before but I luv it so much I had to do it again! LOL
plus I had it already printed so I slapped this one together in record time but not as quickly as I threw this one up!
yep technicolor vomit this one!
it summed up Josh's mood lately, messed up & all over the place
he is one extreeeeeeeem teen

managed all 3 of these layouts in 2 hours! LOL
(not including the handcutting on Tasha's)
I do feel good though doing one for each
tend to do alot more girly pages, cause I enjoy playing with pretty things! LOL
man its hot! the sea breeze was in so I thought it was a good time to turn the air con off and open the house up! man was that a mistake...
ok, time for some more of Tash's pics
she is not too keen on the idea of a blog - yet... I still working on her! LOL
yes this was taken in the McDonalds playground!
and this one I have no idea, she was playing with some of the settings and this came about! I think its pretty cool ------------------------------------

Oh I really gotta go, Tash is calling me for help!

and this stupid blog post has gone all spaz again with double spacing - sorry...


today's question of the day is:



till tomorow my beautiful peoples

mwa mwa


Anonymous said...

Ooooh! I know the answer to your question.... COS THAT"S WHAT YOU DO! ROFLMAO You started it all by rearranging your house the other night ;o)

Luvin Tash's photos... you better convince her to blog it with the best of em! LOL

Tracey said...

The answer is:
You're her Mother!......LOL

She has some talent there! Tell her I reckon she needs a blog NOW!
Lovin' her pics...

Mandy said...

Answer....she knows that you will clean it up for her!!!!!you can't have the crap lying around the house and she knows it!!! congrats on finishing a page for each child in one sitting....they're gorgeous..xxx

Treesa Young said...

way cool photo's Tash xx

Kathie said...

Oh MY GOsh!!! Well enjoy cleaning up the mess created by the beautiful Tash!!! Tell her that I just love her pictures, she is quite talented isn't she?