February 26, 2009

darn... I cant tell you yet...
But I will as soon as I can
for now I am still jumping around the room like a right looney
I can show you my latest page but
My mind has been a complete boggle with this big news so the best way to calm it down (alittle) was to scrap!
a clear page of my eldest son, Josh when he was 9, after surgery he was My Brave Boof Head for 2 weeks, just covered up the bandaging with a beanie and got on with his day as normal
and that's it for me, I am gonna go jump about some more
till later peoples
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx

February 25, 2009

My little man is gonna be beside himself today when he gets home from school and see's his new Spongebob Bedding
I think I am more exciting about seeing his face/reaction, should be a good one!
I have the video camera charged and ready! LOL
This layout came about after Shazza challenged me at RSS to use this quote, a pic of my eyes and blue tones - thanks for a great challenge
My eyes are the ocean in which my dreams are reflected - author unknown
and this one was me playing with my cuttlebug again! when I first bought it forever ago I went silly on ebay and got a heap of dies, that I only just opened the other night! LOL

these flowers were created using the Disney Rose Frame cut and emboss dies
and this is a quick digi using the gorgeous elements from Ann-Marie
I was feeling scrappy but just cleaned my scrap desk, perfect time for a mess free digi! LOL
short n sweet post from me today, I am about to head out and do the dreaded food shop!
till later peoples, have fun and behave yaselves
Luv Nat xx

February 22, 2009

My Good Luck Continues....
I lashed out and bought a slick pick 25 lotto ticket for Sat night after my little lucky streak and I just remembered so just checked my ticket
wahooo I won the lotto - twice!!!!
on a roll here... got 3 and a sup twice on one slick pick! how cool is that?
The kids and I just did a little dance around the room cause we can now eat this week too! LOL
Now I tempted to go to the casino! mmm... wonder if I could get a babysitter this late at night?
nah! thats just silly thinkin *slap* wake up girl
anyways... let me come back to reality here
ok, just made myself a cuppa, have my feet up and am bout to show you the last of what I could squeeze out of Mojo before he dried right up and shrivelled up like a prune!
(he's actually cracked the poops with me and stormed out! - typical male... why did I get a male Mojo????)
I was feeling all mushy bout how beautiful all the girls are at RSS
they make my day - everyday!
the journalling reads: Never a day passes that I can resist the urge to get my daily hit...Full of inspiration and always a great laugh with some of the nicest girls on the netyeah yeah I know, your now shaking your head! but seriously you should come on over and check it out. click here to see what I am on about
while ya there have a look at all them awesome challenges - with prizes!!!
yep you can actually win by scrappin!!!!
hope to see you there - I'll be the one sitting in the corner in the straight jacket! LOL
Just like my daughter needs sometimes! She is a crack up! her camera goes everywhere with her, even in the change rooms at JayJays!!!!
She and some friends tried on 'skinny leg' jeans in all colours and took pics of themselves...
oh to be a teenager again!
and I finally dug out my cuttlebug and had a little play! the poor little bugger was shoved on a shelf a while ago and almost forgotten about! terrible terrible scrappy I am
I am now on a mission to use it more
here I used some bosskut and quickutz dies
and this one... I was on a roll while doing some DT work for Deb's Creations
this one came about with the scraps left on my desk from my scrappin frenzy
pretty happy with it too!
I was trying for a simplicity page...cut and lifted the flower for something a little different
and this one is for the Feb challenge over at Blackwith2
Tash hates it! LOL
she and Renee both wear glasses for TV etc but neithor will wear them outside the house!
I think they both look spunky and 4 eyes R cool
again I played with the cuttlebug and used a Bosskut die to make these flowers
they are really nice on a page, nice and lifted and different
but OMG were they fiddly little buggers!!!!----------------------------
and now that I have kept you this long I had best let you continue your blog hop venture
have a great day
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx

February 19, 2009

What a great day today has been!
after being reminded of good ole eBay and a loud DOH! Homer Simpson style with slap to the forehead! I finally purchased Jake a spongebob bed cover and sheet set! He is gonna be soooo excited and I am busting to tell him. I wont though, I will keep them for a surprise
then I went to my LSS to pick up 2 things, Pritt Power Gel and White Bazzill and for the first time EVER I walked out with only what I went in for! My bank balance thanks me but my scrapaholic brain is yelling at me!!!
then...we hit Macca's! greasy easy maccas
I had warned the kids we were on a budget tonight so one combo each, no extras. They all happily ordered and to my shock horror it only came to $24
now that's a first in itself
but it gets better!!!
we get home and unpack the bag, all our quarter pounders were double with large chips instead of regular - wahooo feast time - then... I grab the change out of my pocket to put back in my purse and holy cow there's an extra $20 in my change!!!!
instead of $26 change they gave me $46
and its too far and too late to take it back tonight. This kind of thing just doesn't happen to me, I am the one that usually gets shortchanged! I feel really bad, but at these times I think its just my turn!
well that's what I am tellin myself for now
have to justify it in my head....
just don't tell maccas shhhhh
( I might mention it next time )
Sneak Peek Time
I have been working on some DT layouts these last couple of days for http://www.readysetscrap.com.au/ and http://www.debscreations.net.au/
will reveal the full layouts one day! LOL
and this one was a late night last minute challenge from Ann-Marie in the RSS forum
yes that is the best lookin Holden I ever seen! LOL
and now I must go, gotta go do the homework duties
till later peoples
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx

February 17, 2009

Just a quicky full of pics from me again today
I know, slack hey?
The beautiful Marisa tagged me

Go into your “My pictures” folder
Go to folder no 6 and choose the 6th photo in that folder
Put the photo on your blog, and tell your readers about it
Challenge 6 others by comments on their blog to do the same
I have done this one challenge before so for a little twist I have chosen the 4th folder & 4th photo
and this is what I found....
Now to tag 6 other wonderful people to take up the challenge
have fun girls and look forward to seeing which pic you have hidden in that folder! LOL
now on to a little scrapping
I have been on overdrive lately

and this one was a late night challenge set by Tina in the readysetscrap forum

and Annabelle has been naked for too long, so it was time to cover her up!
Jack and John kept perving on her and she was getting a little embarrest,
but now, OMG the girl is ready to partay all night long LOL
the boys now wanna get dressed too, but I cant be bothered! since when the males ever worry about what they are wearing??? LOL
and another couple of digi's
just for some fun while my desk was clean! gees did those above layouts make a mess!!!!
and this is a sneaky peaky for one of next months challenges at
and now I gotta go... **** it that time of day again
off to pick the kids up from school
till later peoples
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx

February 13, 2009

wahoooo I have been jumping around the room again like a right looney here
I just got 2 more publications
Creative Paper issues 80 & 82
that makes 18
still in shock here
ok, heres a little sneaky peaky at what I was working on at 1am this morning!

and now I am outa here to clean up the mess I made doing that page! LOL

Luv Nat xx

February 12, 2009

sorry I not updated much lately but I have had my nose in some scrappin!
keeping my mind busy while its thinking of the terrible fires
my heart goes out to all those affected
thinking of you all
here is what I have been up to
some layouts

and some off the page

and some cards

and some digi's

and my latest sketch!

LOL rather a productive week
well that's it for now, I must continue on this mission to scrub my house
I have gone mad! the entire place is getting the full treatment today
till next time
Luv Nat xx

February 10, 2009

WOW the response to the sketch challenge has been fantastic
I now have a Blog Showcase gallery up to display all the awesome layouts that have come in so far

please take the time to check them all out
challenge ends on Sunday 15th Feb
voting will commence Monday, place your votes via the 'Rate this file' and feel free to leave some luv in the comments
Winner will be announced Sunday 22ndthe winners blog will receive a FREE 3 month advertising package throughout the top50blogs, On The Hop Blog and my personal blog
good luck girls

chat soon everyone,
Luv Nat xx

February 6, 2009

have you seen this???????
how cool is that prize hey?
is having a cybercrop TONIGHT where you can win this
hope to see you all there
sorry gotta run, this is a flyby post and I will be back soon with a BIG update
got lotsa news
lots and lots actually LOL
see ya's all toight I hope
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx

February 1, 2009


is now up and running
you soo gotta check out the newest challenge hang out on the net
its FUN
it's wicked
it's awesome
Congrats to Shell, the site is fantastic
every month there are lots of new inspiring challenges all with sponsored PRIZES from so many gorgeous scrappy sites and stores
and OMG cybercrop has a $100 Bittersweet Basic Grey prize pack AS WELL as heaps of challenge prizes....
there's a jam packed inspirational gallery
and a sketches gallery
and a topsites...
oh I could go on and on
but seriously you gotta come and check it out
join up in the forum for more dribble from me! and great chatter with everyone
we are all a little mad at times and makes for great fun entertainment
so friendly warm and inviting
Here is my example for one of the challenges

not telling you which one, you will have to go and have a looksie!

I had a couple of helpers while I was doing my example
babysitting has perks - scrapbuddies! lol
The girls had an absolute ball cutting sik with all my 'kid' stash
I have a big draw full of bits n pieces for the kids to play in whenever they like and on this day the girls thought it was like Christmas, they each made 2 pages to take home
they now call me 'mum' in hope that they can move in and play everyday...
oh and here's another I have done for one of the challenges at http://www.readysetscrap.com.au/

I couldn't resist using an owl in prep for the new site LOL

oh and I got tagged by the beautiful Marisa
thanks darlin *blush*
Now the rules are:
Link to those who award it;
Post the award;
list 5 other nominees deserving of the award.
So here are my 5 deserving bloggers
and now I am outa here to finally get some sleep!
wahooo school tomorrow... school tomorrow... yay!!!! my little darlings start back at school tomorrow so I will have a nice quiet house for 6 whole hours!
I intend on locking the front door, cranking the stereo up and cleaning this house while singing loudly - very loudly!!!!
laters peoples
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx