October 31, 2008

Nothin Sweet About Me...
sorry I have been singing this annoying song all afternoon... I have finally pulled this layout apart in the hope of getting rid of Tasha's awful Medusa Hairdo that all this handcutting gave her!
Well all I really achieved was a new luv... hehe
yep I have a new best friend
this stuff called Un-Do - OMG it's like liquid magic... you just pour this stuff on then using the scoopy thing it comes with you can remove ANYTHING from your page... I am absolutely stunned at how cool this stuff is
mind you it doesn't remove pritt power gel, nothing will remove that stuff!
Without this Un-Do stuff there is no way I would have been able to rearrange this page
so.. here is the finished page
I am not quite happy with it, but that's probably just me being fussy, its just that what i had in mind hasn't quite come out on paper - gosh that's the story of my life! LOL
I do luv the lighter background though, it has really popped the photo out more
I lowered the title too, much better....

the page is well over an inch thick with some areas up to 6 layers high all separated by 3d foam
and check this out...

Ann-Marie made me a cute blinkie...

ok, gotta run - behave yourselves

mwa mwa

October 29, 2008

I am so not doing a daily post today
my head hurts!!!!
I have a miserable monster headache and really shouldnt be on the computer, it only makes it worse, so this is just a super quick flyby post
see that was me flying past?
ok now I am going
back tomoz with a nice big long boring post
mwa mwa

October 28, 2008

A few quick digi's I did last night when I shoulda been snoring! lol
first we have jakes birthday
he had a wonderful day playing with his new DS allllllll day!!!!!
he was one very HAPPY CHAPPY
and the chocolate overload cake.... mmmm *yummo*

and the pink ribbon dinner challenge at TBSS was to create a layout using only pink
with cardstock, 1 pic, 2 pp, 3 ribbons, 10 buttons, 15 rhinestones, 2 flowers, stamping & journalingthats it for me today, bye y'all... back tomorow with another update
AND a sneak peak at some new digi elements I been playing with

mwa mwa

October 27, 2008


happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you my beautiful baby boy
happy 8th birthday to youuuuu

hip hip hooray
hip hip hooray
punch punch punch punch punch punch punch punch
and one for good luck
look at this sweet face! this is the face of a 8 year old...

he was sooo stoked this morning with his pressy that he didnt go to school!
he has been playing all day... with Josh's help - or should I say annoyance? LOL
more photo's to come soon I sure - we are off to the cake shop now
mwa mwa

October 26, 2008

HUH I fooled ya...
you all thought I forgot about my daily posts yesterday didn't ya?
well I didn't forget, I was in here, fiddling around with a few things
just forgot to speak outside of my head
I do that often... so if ya really wanna know the full story, you gotta be inside my head with all these voices... they argue and carry on so much some days I just roll my eyes, sit back and listen to em all yabber on - quite a good laugh!
that was me yesterday, and while they were all chattering I was tinkering in photoshop
played with some new elements, even tried my hand at creating a few - that was fun!
and have you noticed anything different with the header pic up there?
yeah come on, how much attention did you really pay to it, can you tell whats changed?
hehehe bet ya cant....
and oh oh oh big news..
TBSS is having online classes starting in a few weeks
check out this link here to find out more info

ok, I must go, but will be back tomorrow with another update

tomorrow is my baby boys 8th birthday and the pink ribbon dinner at TBSS

- so it will be a big day here

till then beautiful people, keep smiling

mwa mwa

October 24, 2008

Thickers Heaven
TBSS have American Craft Thickers in stock with the best deal I have ever seen on them
check this out...
yep that's buy any 5 and GET ONE FREE....

now tell me how easy it to pick out 5 packs of these wicked alphas???
see, I kinda had trouble deciding on 5 so I kinda got a few more... hehehe
I know its like thickers heaven here right now, I cant stop looking at em!
AND did you check out the other offers TBSS have at the moment
yeah, 50% off your second set of clear stamps purchased
click here to check out the details on this awesome offer
AND did you also see the BIG NEWS.....
yep, online classes coming soon with the TBSS design Team
the first class will be next month by ME.... LOL
AND ... did you see the last bit... did you???
TBSS are dabbling in the DIGI world
oh this is soooo exciting
I lurrrve digital scrapbooking almost as much as paper scrapping and with TBSS now going digi too
I know where I will be hangin out... lol
ANN-MARIE ARMER is the DT digi co-ordinator and her work is so inspirational
oh i am sooo excited here i dont know what to say!!!!
you have so gotta come by and check it out
pop in the forum for a chat and a good laugh too
hope to see you there

bye for now
mwa mwa

October 23, 2008

Thursday night = Eyecandy night
yep... tonight is TV night
I spend my Thursday nights on the couch from 7pm till way late...
so here I am updating my blog in the commercials - hehehe
but seriously can you blame me?
this is the life... eyecandy, lappy, coffee, chocolate & the kids know to stay outa my view... LOL
check out just a little of tonight's entertainments...
*** DROOOOOL ***

and I rekkon I might even let Syler eat my brain too if it means I can gaze into his eyes LOL
and even Home & Away is well worth its eyecandy status
theres quite a few hotties in the Bay
I think I could even be converted to a HOLDEN luver with Tony around ehehehe
and take 20 years off me and this one would have my top vote...
are you jealous yet?
are you now booking in next Thursday night with the couch too?
see ya there.... LOL
oh oh oh and
GUNS N ROSES are back... omg
yippeeeee after 14 years finally they are back... new album to be released on Nov 23rd I think
I am sooo getting that!
heard one of their newies today and it not bad...
Chinese Democracy I think it was called
sounds very um... metallicaish crossed with the gunners
you can so hear Axle's distinct voice in places, but the guitaring OMG wowzers, its soooo good hearing a Gsolo on the radio again...

wat a year... first we had acca dacca back, then Metallica - wahhhooo and now the gunners

awesome - music so rocks at the moment - and those Kings of Leon guys mmmm *drool*

ok, I think I might need to grab a cold shower in the next commercial break

enjoy the rest of your night beautiful people - I will!

mwa mwa

October 22, 2008

OMG i found my MOJO...
he was hiding under my table
yeah probably looking up my skirt - the cheeky little bugger
I dragged him out by his ear and scrapped like a madwoman....
look at wat I just finished
yeah I know, two posts in one day. but I just have to show you all this
check out the close ups too cause there is a bit of detail in this one
basic grey EVA rocks! so nice....and KAISER flourishes OMG these clear stamps are WICKED
I like my 3D foam at the moment too... LOL
and KAISER pearls... so purrrty
and I also handcut a few K & Co ferns
ok, gotta go clean up my scrap table now after that little rampage...
thanks for lookin
mwa mwa
another day another post
its been 2 weeks now and I still going strong on the daily posts!
Today will just be a quick one, I have my day planned to scrap - I raced around like a madwoman to get all the housework done before I took the kids to school so I could enjoy the peace n quiet for the day, well, that was my plan till my Mojo ran away
cant find the little bugger
I have sat here at this table for an hour now and done NOTHING...
no ideas, no inspiration NOTHING
I do wanna play with the basic grey cutouts I did the other day, but dont know what photo to use - come back Mojo, this is boring hangin out without you
I did a little more handcutting last night to go with them eva things so might play with them too
oh come back MOJO...
I did this layout for the photoswap at TBSS with Kath
I really hope you like it Chloe, you are so very beautiful in this photo

yeah a little handcutting ... LOL
mounted on 3d foam with a touch of kindy glitz
I am so addicted to handcutting at the moment that I set this weeks weekly challenge at TBSS to guess what? yep handcutting.. hehhehe
so this layout also doubles for the weekly challenge
now thats what I call multitasking

Ok, I am gonna go for a quick trip to the shop, grab some chocolate and hopefully by the time I get back my Mojo has returned and I can get some scrapping done today

till tomorow beautiful peoples

behave yourselves

mwa mwa

October 21, 2008

another daily post
on a roll here
I haven't forgotten you yet - hehehe
I wont, I promise, I will keep up the daily posts and continue to bore you all silly!
ok, what can I talk about today.. ummm lets see
I have the flu now, cant win...
and I did this lastnight, sat on the couch with little scissors and Supernatural
mmmm *drool*
sorry, sidetracked over that eyecandy again

back to what I was on about, this handcutting, thats right, yeah this is the basic grey EVA papers, oh oh oh you have to look at the other pics to, I went shopping LOL

thanks TBSS I luuuuuurrve your store!!!!
I cut out all the pretty paisley lookin flower things and using 3d foam I did a sort of paper tole effect. Now what am I gonna do with them? I have no idea...
but I am sure I will post a pic of a layout with them on soon

and this is the Basic Grey EVA collection I am gonna have so much fun with

*** BEWDIFUL *** and while I was shopping I topped up on a few pretty papers

and a few more bits... hehehe yeah I like shopping hey?
some prima say it in crystals - I am sooo addicted to these
and KAISER stamps... omg these are WICKED
and more pearls and gemstones
AND some snow stuff... oh oh oh this is gonna be fun too

OK, thats enough rambling from me today

I am gonna hit the couch for the afternoon, might check out the midday movie

I will be back tomorrow to bore you all over again

behave yourselves beautiful people

mwa mwa

October 20, 2008

Have you seen this over at DEBS CREATIONS????

Yeah thats right... they on the hunt for a new CREATIVE TEAM member

here's a bit of info

We have one very lucky spot available in our CREATIVE TEAM

If you are interested, please contact Deb with the following details:
3 of your best and favourite recent layouts
A little about yourself and what you feel you can contribute to Deb's Creations
Your design/creative teams - current or past
Any details on publications
All your contact details including your blog address
And anything else you would like to tell us about
Here's what the position will involve:
3 month contract with possible extension
1 -3 layouts per month
participation in cybercrops or upcoming events
Articles posted on our Blog
Email your applications to debscreation@bigpond.com
We look forward to hearing from you!

you must be a active member of the challenge chics forum and gallery to be eligible

so go for it girls, get in and check it out

bye for now, back to doing housework

mwa mwa

October 19, 2008

Jake is gonna freak when he sees this....
but I did warn him - he was to clean his room or I would scrap these photos
well, he didn't do his room

doesn't he just look so darn cute as a girl?
His sister and her best friend did this to him.... yes, his hair was crimped and put into a pony tail,
his eyes were sparkled with glittery eye shadow and I have no idea why, but he insisted on cats whiskers
and I couldn't finish it without some glitter! LOLehehhe Just just saw the page and he is now so cranky I cant stop laughing... if only he knew I was updating my blog with it too!!!!
Best go before he sees me
till next time beautiful people
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx

October 18, 2008

OHHHHH that is soooo much better.....
my hands are back to dirty!!!!
I did some REAL SCRAPPING last night
ywahhooooooo... heeaayyyaaaahhhhh
I played with scissors and inks and stamps and papers and pearls and chipboard and marker pens...

OMG that is sooooo good - great stress release
I made one heck of a mess...
I changed my mind a million times,
cut up papers, then changed my mind again
started on a girly page
ended up with a boy page
my table is covered in stuff spilling over onto the floor
I am surrounded by scrappin heaven
and LUVIN IT...
** sorry digi luvers **

anyways, enough rantings, let me show you what I ended up with
this layout is for the Scrappers Warehouse challenge at Debs Creations

I handcut the SEI poppy papers
you cant tell from these pics but these leaves are foiled and catch the light well

Now I am gonna clear up all this chaos and start all over again!

Oh, no I not, I gotta go get some photos printed... better go now!!!!!

I outa here my beautiful people

have a wonderful day

mwa mwa