October 19, 2008

Jake is gonna freak when he sees this....
but I did warn him - he was to clean his room or I would scrap these photos
well, he didn't do his room

doesn't he just look so darn cute as a girl?
His sister and her best friend did this to him.... yes, his hair was crimped and put into a pony tail,
his eyes were sparkled with glittery eye shadow and I have no idea why, but he insisted on cats whiskers
and I couldn't finish it without some glitter! LOLehehhe Just just saw the page and he is now so cranky I cant stop laughing... if only he knew I was updating my blog with it too!!!!
Best go before he sees me
till next time beautiful people
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx


CreativeMe68 said...

OHHH Nat...this is precious! He probably will never dress in girls clothes ever again. Great 18th or 21st shots! Luv Shaz xoxo

Julie said...

oh my gawd girly! *LOL* this is so awesome and so much fun this will be to produce it at his 21st party or to show to his first real girlfriend *LOL* ohhmaaaaaaaaaa
I os love it!! I have pics of my little bro at about 12ish I think, and same scenario, bored in the school holidays him and his mate let ME dress them up in some of my clothes mwahahahaaaaaa, I am so gonna scrap this one day *LOL*

Angie ~ Scrap'n'art said...

OMG! How funny is this layout Nat! I agree Shaz, funny 21st photo's to display.lol

Love the detail to the flowers hun with the glitz and glam. VERY NOICE!

Hugs Angie:) xoxo