October 26, 2008

HUH I fooled ya...
you all thought I forgot about my daily posts yesterday didn't ya?
well I didn't forget, I was in here, fiddling around with a few things
just forgot to speak outside of my head
I do that often... so if ya really wanna know the full story, you gotta be inside my head with all these voices... they argue and carry on so much some days I just roll my eyes, sit back and listen to em all yabber on - quite a good laugh!
that was me yesterday, and while they were all chattering I was tinkering in photoshop
played with some new elements, even tried my hand at creating a few - that was fun!
and have you noticed anything different with the header pic up there?
yeah come on, how much attention did you really pay to it, can you tell whats changed?
hehehe bet ya cant....
and oh oh oh big news..
TBSS is having online classes starting in a few weeks
check out this link here to find out more info

ok, I must go, but will be back tomorrow with another update

tomorrow is my baby boys 8th birthday and the pink ribbon dinner at TBSS

- so it will be a big day here

till then beautiful people, keep smiling

mwa mwa