October 2, 2008

My turn for a winge...
Anyone that knows me, knows I dont winge... I just get on with it, smile and nod - always find the positive in every negative, I hold my head high and tackle life head on
bla bla bla ... well, not today!
I have been on an emotional roller coaster ride this past year and today it has put me in a flat horrible mood that I am struggling to get out of without winging
everyone needs a good winge sometime... well this is my sometime...
I had a wonderful start to the weekend with my kids, we spent so much quality time together, I LUV THAT, but geez am I suffering physically for it
see, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and it doesnt like me having fun!
after being out and about for 3 days in a row, pushing myself to the very limits I am now buggered! i ache, i hurt, i cry, i am in pain
but... thats nothing new, thats nothing i cant handle, thats nothing that wasnt worth the fun we had even though the medication makes me sensitive to sunlight and sat down the beach for 5 hours with them....
yeah i am a red raw lobster that can hardly move still
i grimace everytime i do, but too embarrest to let anyone know how stupid i am
good thing its now cold and i can cover up!!!!
But this is nothing compared to the phone call I got on Tuesday!!!!
while sitting in the dental surgery with my beautiful daughter (while she was getting her braces fitted) my mobile starts dingling in my handbag!
the realestate - oh great!
this lovely young cheery voice on the other end delivers the news I DIDNT WANT
'sorry but we are increasing your rent'

oh holy cow NOOOOOOOO
yep, just like that, in a matter of 2 minutes my rent went up by a stupid rediculous outrageous
$100 A WEEK.....
where the..... am I, a single mother of 3 gonna find an extra $100 a week?????

and I even said more than that - inside my head of course! i was sitting in a crowded waiting room!
and so now here i sit 2 days on still miserable, still flat, still shellshocked
but feeling awefully better now that I have had a winge!!!!

ok, time to get positive again.... deep breath - see the colour blue
inhale, exhale
Here's a couple of photos from Mondays beach trip
it was a gorgeous day, considering it has rained non stop since LOL
he went to Hillary's Boat Harbour, great place for kids/families
we sat on the grass while the kids went in every direction
they had a ball all day on the waterslides, trampalines, swimming, fishing, jumping off the jetty, crabbing, climbing the jungle mountain, building sandcastles, playing minigolf - all sorts!

took this pic 2 minutes after arriving
and this one 2 minutes before leaving! LOL

the sun was coming down and the beaches were still packed!
awesome day out - beautiful spot
if you are from Perth, you soooo gotta experience Hillarys or if you coming over, make this a stop you spend a day at, the shops, the resturants, the entertainment
the pub!!!
ohhhh the pub.... oh the memories in that pub! This was my Wednesday night haunt... hehehe
$2 shooters for the first hour and dont quite remember too much after that - dancing all night to the live band then walking home staggering down the road - oh the memories!!!
* oh to be young again *
ok, on that happier note I am going, gonna go make a cuppa
anyone wanna cuppa?
take care and behave yourselves
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx


SkyeMJ said...

Honey... Umm look through your copy of your lease... Im pretty sure they can't increase it by more than $50 at a time, maximum...

Well I know in my lease they can't anyway - I think that's the law??!

Anyway, thinking of you!
Hope you start to feel physically better at least!


janine said...

you poor darl id look into that too doesnt sound right to me, get on to the RTA asap .

If we could absorb your pain we would ,cause ya have such a beautiful soul darl..

Hope tashs braces went on ok.
Hugz to you both . Janine23

CreativeMe68 said...

Oh Hun! This is such shit news....I was wondering if you explained the circumstances whether they would let you have it for a bit cheaper than that! Ring RTA and see if that is right what they are doing!
Hope you are feeling a lil bit better from all your aches and pains after your hectic week! You are such a Darlin it pains me to hear that you suffer so much.
Love your blog too! Luv Shaz

Julie said...

Hey darlin, check with the rental tribunal, or see if its online somewhere. Im sure they arent allowed to increase any more than a percentage per year, as in the CPI.
It would hurt enough if they put it up $20 a week I reckon.
worth a try
glad you had a good day at the beach though, and watch that sunburn on those meds girly. *g*