October 23, 2008

Thursday night = Eyecandy night
yep... tonight is TV night
I spend my Thursday nights on the couch from 7pm till way late...
so here I am updating my blog in the commercials - hehehe
but seriously can you blame me?
this is the life... eyecandy, lappy, coffee, chocolate & the kids know to stay outa my view... LOL
check out just a little of tonight's entertainments...
*** DROOOOOL ***

and I rekkon I might even let Syler eat my brain too if it means I can gaze into his eyes LOL
and even Home & Away is well worth its eyecandy status
theres quite a few hotties in the Bay
I think I could even be converted to a HOLDEN luver with Tony around ehehehe
and take 20 years off me and this one would have my top vote...
are you jealous yet?
are you now booking in next Thursday night with the couch too?
see ya there.... LOL
oh oh oh and
GUNS N ROSES are back... omg
yippeeeee after 14 years finally they are back... new album to be released on Nov 23rd I think
I am sooo getting that!
heard one of their newies today and it not bad...
Chinese Democracy I think it was called
sounds very um... metallicaish crossed with the gunners
you can so hear Axle's distinct voice in places, but the guitaring OMG wowzers, its soooo good hearing a Gsolo on the radio again...

wat a year... first we had acca dacca back, then Metallica - wahhhooo and now the gunners

awesome - music so rocks at the moment - and those Kings of Leon guys mmmm *drool*

ok, I think I might need to grab a cold shower in the next commercial break

enjoy the rest of your night beautiful people - I will!

mwa mwa