November 27, 2008

That's it I am officially INSANE
today I have gone mad attacking all the handman jobs around this place - yeah not too much success really, but I tried!
The bathroom tap has the better of me though, that stupid thing just will not come off!
Josh broke the handle off and well I thought it would be easy to replace. well.. let me just say I taught myself a whole new language while trying to fix that stupid **** thing!
but I did get alot of other jobs done, I redid my bed, that Josh so kindly bolted together not too well... it now stands stong firm and stable and that started me on a little funiture dancing!
the room got a bit of a twirl happning so tonight when I fall outa bed I think I might walk into a wall instead of the ensuite!
mental note to self: must turn right now, must turn right now, must turn right now
then I headed outside to attack the back door
I managed to get it off and apart into many peices then realized I had no idea what the ? I was doing so I put it all back together again and moved onto the windows!
Took down all the flyscreens around the house and scrubbed them, hosed down the windows and played with a squeagy thingy, they all now sparkle
and while I had the hose still connected the car got attacked too!
It too now gleames bright and sparkly
i even buffed out a heap of scratches that were so kindly put there by the neighbors stupid cat that thinks it lives here!
and since I was outside and the rake was lookin at me, the garden got a makeover too!
I know, its in shock now, the plants might all die now they can see daylight again! lol
and now I am BUGGERED.... and going to bed I am exhausted
oh before I go, I will show you the layout I did yesterday
again i had to play with the birch stuff i won and the wicked RAK i got from Vicki
hehhehe, I was going to call this one 'two girls and a foot'
Ok now my beautiful people I AM GOING TO BED
nighty night all
behave yourselves
mwa mwa
the exhausted one!

November 26, 2008

It's all Deb's fault... she did a gorgeous collage of my daughter in a photoswap and that started Tash up on the 'you cant do that mum'
so... I tried one
and nope, I cant! this collage thing is hard!!!!
and omg the mess I made was incredible
With the yummy new Birch prize pack still on my desk I thought why not, theres enough goodies in there that I was just dyin to play with, a layout started, a college started and the end result was
technicolour vomit all over my page... LOL
its called
fun loving sister mother aunty niece cousin daughter
and is the heaviest page EVA
nice n sparkly though, theres glitter, flocking and foiling throughout
ok, so no that I have blinded you with that, I am gonna luv n leave ya
that time of the day again, school pick up
my peace is broken and I have done almost nothing all day again - oops!
I did get a little chrissy shopping done this morning but had to rush home cause the assessor was on his way
probably a good thing though cause I kinda killed the bank balance anyways! LOL
We put the tree up on Sunday to help kickstart the silly season
all I got was 'its too early mum' and 'what already'
but its up - no looking back now, christmas is coming ....
oh gotta stop yabbering or I will be late
till tomorow my beautiful people
take care and behave yourselves
mwa mwa

November 25, 2008

Mullet Man no more! my baby boy has had a hair cut!
while trimming up the sides of his overgrown mullet he says he wants to go short, so we did....
took this shot half way through... wat a goofball he is....
its now all buzzcut short all over with a long 'rats tail' LOL
and now he is sooo regretting it!
he hates it
his friends all laughed and he cried
after hours of consoling he has finally accepted that he has no choice not but to put on a brave face and let it grow again
he will not let me get any photos of it now, but I will.. soon!
OH OH OH happy mail came today
I won a prize... wahoooo
this fabbo Birch pack from Scrapbook Creations mag for a 'try this technique' competition
this is gonna be some awesome fun to play with
wahoooooo thanks SC

And Shell, I am sending you some more big humungo cyber hugs and get well wishes darlin, thinking of you - mwa mwa
A new tutorial has been added too
if you would like to know how to make these chrismas decorations, check out my tutorials
there is a link at the top right
or click here
now for a little scrap update, not been doing much lately, had too many ironing jobs in to keep me busy, but did manage a couple of chrissy layouts and a couple of digi layouts for Amanda
these two xmas layouts are using the CT kit from Deb's Creations
for more details on kits for sale from Debs click here
the boys gave me some gorgeous photos during our chrissy shoot in 2005 and I am only now getting brave enough to scrap them! lol
how quickly they grow up...

I am creating some digi layouts for Amanda's albums too so you will see alot of Connor and his bigger brothers done digi coming up
cute isnt he?

And now my beautiful people I am outa here to go watch a scary movie, 'Death of a Ghost Hunter' suppost to be a good one, lets hope so, I wanna scare the bajeebaz outa Josh... he thinks he all tough since he's 14 and all - so lets just see! LOL

boo... did I scare ya too?

mwa mwa

till tomorow

hey, thanks girls, check out my new followers

wow, some AWESOME work their girls. luvin ya blogs...

November 21, 2008

Handcutting is a great stress release!
3d foam, dimentional magic and lots of glitter
and my photoswap for the beautiful Deb from Deb's Creations
this is her little man Brody
again some great stress release handcutting.... LOL
and Happy Birthday to the beautiful Ann-Marie
a digi card for you darlin
mwa mwa

and now I am gonna get off my backside and get this house back into some sort of order

till tomorow

mwa mwa

November 20, 2008

My beautiful niece Ebony
close up
a couple of chrissy cards
the start of many LOL

and a tree decoration made from the offcuts of the centrepiece from last post
sorry cant stay and yabber today
till tomorow
mwa mwa

November 19, 2008

oh oh excitement PLUS... wowzers wat a good day yesterday was
I got a blog award.... wahooo
the beautiful Angie - Scrap-n-Art passed on this blog award to me - THANK YOU

I now have the privilege of passing on 5 awards of my own.
congrats girls, I have emailed you your awards and look forward to seeing them proudly displayed on your blogs
and i gotta show you my play with these gorgeous We R Memory Keepers papers from my TBSS DT kit
finally a christmas decoration... in the form of some flowers for a table centrepiece and and and... omg... I got my DT pack from Deb's Creations too... oh oh oh
this is gonna be sooo much fun to play with too
keep an eye out on Debs site for this kit soon to be on sale

this was my layout for the photoswap at TBSS with Amanda, I altered the pics of Connor to a vintage look so they would suit the Kaiser What A Hoot papers I sooo had to play with, hope you like it Amanda now my beautiful people I am gonna go hit the couch with a pillow and good movie - Mamma Mia... I havnt seen it yet, but have been told its a good one....

till tomorow - stay beautiful

and behave yourselves

mwa mwa

November 17, 2008

OMG its like christmas here! parcel post knocked on my door today with 2 wicked packages for me, first was a RAK from Vicki at Deb's Creations
thank you Vicki.... she even put in a car for Jake - how sweet! she will have a new friend now! lol
check out all the goodies she sent me
soooo stoked.. i can see some fun happning with theseand then... OMG Shell has done it again... wowzers check out my DT pack for TBSS
this We R Memory Keepers stuff is to die for
GORGEOUS, GLITTERY & GLAMOUROUS.... oh fun! so much fun will be had with these...
have to go back to Hardly Normals tomorow and get some piccy's printed - again - cause this stuff is just screaming to be played with!
check out the pretty papers
and the pretties to go with it...

and Kaiser - ohhh luv Kaiser
can never have enough of this stuff.. mmm yummm

Kaiser papers are soooo nice to work with too, never boring AND double sided....

well, now that I have changed my panties after that excitement let me show you my last couple of pages
this one is another play with the Basic Grey Eva collection - another of my favs!
and a couple of digi's for Amanda, my photoswap partner for November
her little man Conner and I hung out in photoshop for a bit and had some fun... ok, now I really really gotta do some housework before I pick the kids up from school and my peace is totally broken for the day!
till tomorow my beautiful people, stay happy, keep smiling
mwa mwa

November 15, 2008

another quick digi today... this time of my other beautiful sister Jasmine giving Rachelle and Ashlea a cuddle the day before they flew down to Perth to live
I know she misses them terribly
hope you like this page Jas....
ok, I had best get off here and hang out with Jake for a while, he's bored!
till tomorow my beautiful people
mwa mwa

November 14, 2008

oops... digi overload again!
Was going to spend the day mopping floors and folding washing, you know, doing all the usual daily routine, however photoshop was calling me so darn loudly I had to come in here and have a little play, next thing you know I have done a couple of layouts and a birthday card! oops
I did mop the floor though, like 10 min before i had to fly out the house on the school pickup run!
this first one I started last night is of my beautiful biological family
its not often they all get together for a family photo so when opportunity arrises - I must scrap it! I contemplated photoshoping me and my kids in, but that would be cheating
one day we will all get together and get a real photo....
I used elements from Pepperming, Flergs, MZimm and Shabby Princess and mucked around with drop shadows etc for ages in hope to make my digi pages look more realistic
do they?
this next one is using a photo that I have managed to salvage a little
unfortunatley when my eldest two were little, I had a dodgy camera and digital cameras wernt around, so alot of their pages will be done digi after hours of restoration!
credits to Shabby Princess, Miss Mint & SBartaloni
and this next one is Jakes kindy photo. I really struggle with the school photos but am pretty happy with how this one turned out
that was done using the free kit from Peppermint Creative
and now for a birthday card....
something a little different and great fun to make!
again I was fiddling with drop shadows and the look of inking - pretty happy with how it turned out
happy birthday Jenna from everyone at TBSS
and now I MUST get off this chair, my butt is getting awefully numb...
till tomorow my beautiful people when I will happily come back in and see how much I can bore you all silly! LOL
mwa mwa

November 13, 2008

What do you do with a broken bed????
just ask Josh and his mate Nick...
you make a skate ramp so mum can have a gazillion photos to scrap...
Thanks boys...
lots of skating pages coming up now!!!!
hey if anyone has any suggestions on how to scrap these, I'd luv to hear em
best get back to cooking dinner
till tomorow - behave yourselves
mwa mwa