November 14, 2008

oops... digi overload again!
Was going to spend the day mopping floors and folding washing, you know, doing all the usual daily routine, however photoshop was calling me so darn loudly I had to come in here and have a little play, next thing you know I have done a couple of layouts and a birthday card! oops
I did mop the floor though, like 10 min before i had to fly out the house on the school pickup run!
this first one I started last night is of my beautiful biological family
its not often they all get together for a family photo so when opportunity arrises - I must scrap it! I contemplated photoshoping me and my kids in, but that would be cheating
one day we will all get together and get a real photo....
I used elements from Pepperming, Flergs, MZimm and Shabby Princess and mucked around with drop shadows etc for ages in hope to make my digi pages look more realistic
do they?
this next one is using a photo that I have managed to salvage a little
unfortunatley when my eldest two were little, I had a dodgy camera and digital cameras wernt around, so alot of their pages will be done digi after hours of restoration!
credits to Shabby Princess, Miss Mint & SBartaloni
and this next one is Jakes kindy photo. I really struggle with the school photos but am pretty happy with how this one turned out
that was done using the free kit from Peppermint Creative
and now for a birthday card....
something a little different and great fun to make!
again I was fiddling with drop shadows and the look of inking - pretty happy with how it turned out
happy birthday Jenna from everyone at TBSS
and now I MUST get off this chair, my butt is getting awefully numb...
till tomorow my beautiful people when I will happily come back in and see how much I can bore you all silly! LOL
mwa mwa