November 25, 2008

Mullet Man no more! my baby boy has had a hair cut!
while trimming up the sides of his overgrown mullet he says he wants to go short, so we did....
took this shot half way through... wat a goofball he is....
its now all buzzcut short all over with a long 'rats tail' LOL
and now he is sooo regretting it!
he hates it
his friends all laughed and he cried
after hours of consoling he has finally accepted that he has no choice not but to put on a brave face and let it grow again
he will not let me get any photos of it now, but I will.. soon!
OH OH OH happy mail came today
I won a prize... wahoooo
this fabbo Birch pack from Scrapbook Creations mag for a 'try this technique' competition
this is gonna be some awesome fun to play with
wahoooooo thanks SC

And Shell, I am sending you some more big humungo cyber hugs and get well wishes darlin, thinking of you - mwa mwa
A new tutorial has been added too
if you would like to know how to make these chrismas decorations, check out my tutorials
there is a link at the top right
or click here
now for a little scrap update, not been doing much lately, had too many ironing jobs in to keep me busy, but did manage a couple of chrissy layouts and a couple of digi layouts for Amanda
these two xmas layouts are using the CT kit from Deb's Creations
for more details on kits for sale from Debs click here
the boys gave me some gorgeous photos during our chrissy shoot in 2005 and I am only now getting brave enough to scrap them! lol
how quickly they grow up...

I am creating some digi layouts for Amanda's albums too so you will see alot of Connor and his bigger brothers done digi coming up
cute isnt he?

And now my beautiful people I am outa here to go watch a scary movie, 'Death of a Ghost Hunter' suppost to be a good one, lets hope so, I wanna scare the bajeebaz outa Josh... he thinks he all tough since he's 14 and all - so lets just see! LOL

boo... did I scare ya too?

mwa mwa

till tomorow

hey, thanks girls, check out my new followers

wow, some AWESOME work their girls. luvin ya blogs...


Free Spirit said...

love the xmas layouts. Beautiful. Nat what is the correct link for the xmas decorations ? Thanks so much for the inspiartion.