November 27, 2008

That's it I am officially INSANE
today I have gone mad attacking all the handman jobs around this place - yeah not too much success really, but I tried!
The bathroom tap has the better of me though, that stupid thing just will not come off!
Josh broke the handle off and well I thought it would be easy to replace. well.. let me just say I taught myself a whole new language while trying to fix that stupid **** thing!
but I did get alot of other jobs done, I redid my bed, that Josh so kindly bolted together not too well... it now stands stong firm and stable and that started me on a little funiture dancing!
the room got a bit of a twirl happning so tonight when I fall outa bed I think I might walk into a wall instead of the ensuite!
mental note to self: must turn right now, must turn right now, must turn right now
then I headed outside to attack the back door
I managed to get it off and apart into many peices then realized I had no idea what the ? I was doing so I put it all back together again and moved onto the windows!
Took down all the flyscreens around the house and scrubbed them, hosed down the windows and played with a squeagy thingy, they all now sparkle
and while I had the hose still connected the car got attacked too!
It too now gleames bright and sparkly
i even buffed out a heap of scratches that were so kindly put there by the neighbors stupid cat that thinks it lives here!
and since I was outside and the rake was lookin at me, the garden got a makeover too!
I know, its in shock now, the plants might all die now they can see daylight again! lol
and now I am BUGGERED.... and going to bed I am exhausted
oh before I go, I will show you the layout I did yesterday
again i had to play with the birch stuff i won and the wicked RAK i got from Vicki
hehhehe, I was going to call this one 'two girls and a foot'
Ok now my beautiful people I AM GOING TO BED
nighty night all
behave yourselves
mwa mwa
the exhausted one!


chrisw said...

Oh you are a maniac Nat!But i loves ya!