November 1, 2008

Pinch n a punch
its the first of the month
holycow, that means chrissy is next month - oh no!!!!!
as much as I luv to get the tree up and go shopping, its still a scary time of the year!
they don't call it the silly season for no reason hey?
I know I go silly, do you?
I got nothing to dribble on about today, how boring... I have had my nose in photoshop and illustrator these past couple of days learning alot of new tricks! had a ball actually
but tonight i am gonna get dirty and do some real scrappin
Tash is going through her photos for me today so I can scrap some of her and her besties
I have done that much grungy and boyish things in PS that I really need a girly fix
some pretty flowers and pinks - mmmm what am I gonna do....
well i know one thing, i am gonna shut up now and get out the vacuum cleaner since my son has so kindy tipped half the bloomin sandpit on my lounge floor! augghhh
bye for now
mwa mwa have a wonderful day


Angie ~ Scrap'n'art said...

LOL! I true saying in this household for this time of the year we call it MANGO FEVER!!!

Everyone racing around getting this organised for holidays and christmas time.

I would so love to put the tree up early this year, only because of the OP!!!! looks like its going to happen before chrissy, so I think that is a good enough excuse to put mine up early this year, since I wont be able to otherwise.

Looking forward to getting this year over with though its certainly been one of one thing after another IUKWIM.

Hugs and thinking of you hun:) Angie