November 4, 2008

Hats on Ladies...
today is the day the whole nation stops for a flippin horse race! yep, Melbourne Cup
the 5 1/2 million dollar race
I got my money on Damien Oliver who's riding Mad Rush
but think I might have to go back and put a little wager on Zipping, dunno why, I think I just like the name... mmm
yeah, ok I will....I will quickly show you my latest page first but
did this one last night of my daughter and her bestie

lots of handcutting again! these are the Autumn Leaves Flourishes V3 stamps. sooo nice!!!
I played with a little watercolour too, that was fun, felt like I was back in kindy! LOL
ok, going... gotta go TAB
behave yourselves and hope you have a win on the Melbourne Cup
mwa wma


Lexie said...

luv the new look Nat...Awsome work...I check in everyday to see what you are up always make me smile....luv Lexie oxo

vicmbee said...

That what I was gonna say too Lexie. Keep up the great work Nat love to come over and visit your blog.