December 31, 2008

Happy New Year
2009 is gonna be a great year
well this is my last post for 2008
wahoooo bring on 2009 I am ready for a great year
its gonna be a good one for all
here's a few photos from Tash to share with you all
she picked out dozens to show, but I narrowed it down to 3 from yesterday! LOL
A Western Sunset as we see it - yep that dreaded hot ball finally went down after 9pm last night
no scrappin update today, I am too busy stalkin the front door for my postie!
I have a few parcels due and I really wanna play with em! but they not here yet boo hoo
hurry up aussie post....
hurry up
hurry up
hehhe I sound like Mr Squiggle!
where's my blackboard? oh thats right it out the back dryin! I been out there spray painting some of that awesome Kaiser storage this morning
all ready for when my parcels arrive
hurry up
hurry up
and now my beautiful people I am gonna go veg out n watch a movie while I wait
so excited.. NOT... I've been roped into watching some 'zombie stripper' movie
even the cover looks like crap!
but atleast it will mean layin on the couch right infront of the air con!
hope your all havin a wonderful final day for 2008

hope you all have a wonderful and safe new years
and kiss as many good lookin fellas as ya can from me! LOL
mwa mwa

December 30, 2008

it's bl**dy HOT here in Perth today
and my house is like a sauna! all I need is some white towels and wood panel on the walls and walah!
the air con has been on full bore since 8am, whole place is locked up n dark
but with no insulation this is HORRIBLE in here
its so hot in here I cant even type right
so I am gonna go do a big bombie in the neighbors pool, dont care if they feel like visitors - we comin over anyway
mwa mwa

December 29, 2008

Wahoooooo oh Shell this is awesome! wow thankyou!!!!
Shell hands out 'special' blog awards randomly if she thinks your blog is 'something sweet' and she even sends a RAK with it
luv ya darlin and I feel so very honoured to have recieved one of these and will wear it with pride
you can check out her blog here
isnt it a cool blog?

did you see she also gives out prizes and RAK's if you subscribe to her blog?
I know how cool is that?
on the scrappin front, a couple of quick pages to show you
this first one is of Jake the sandman!
with a little handcutting! this is the Fancy Pants All Fall paper, gorgeous hey?

and the second is a quicky of JoshI am really struggling with boy pages at the moment

I would luv some inspiration if you have or know of any, please! ta

ok, I am on the couch ready for an afternoon nap I think, so night night all I gonna shut the lid on lappy and catch a few zz's while I can

mwa mwa

till tomorow....

December 28, 2008

OMG when did Ben Stiller get arms like that????
seriously, the scrawny man has eye candy bicepts in the movie 'tropic thunder' (pity bout his head! LOL)
watched it lastnight and spent the majority of the time watchin his arms!
yeah my weakness is a man with nice biceps... mmm footy player arms mmmm
oops, getting slightly sidetracked - again
gee it doesnt take much does it! LOL
wasnt a bad movie actually, and OMG you will never guess which charactor is actually Tom Cruise! I had to rerun the final credits to double check - wat a crack up!!!!
then I sat up till the wee hours scrappin - as I do...
did this one of Josh skating using my old broken bed for a ramp, hense the title
just go for it.. use your imagination & improvise
these DCWV die cuts have been in the bottom of my drawer for what feels like years and finally opened the packet! they not bad actually I might have to get em out more oftenand this is a digi for Tash. My printer is still all spaz and I really wanted to scrap a photo from chrissy day, so a digi it was
this was done using all free bits from coco & co

and now I am gonna go scrap!

nighty night all - till tomorow my beautiful people

mwa wma

hey, I have finally added my blog list back to the side (after I so stupidly deleted it along with my entire blog a while ago!)
if you would like your blog added to the list, leave me a comment and I will
* luv a good blog hop! *
and dont forget there is also a link in above menu bar for the TOP50BLOGS
register your blog in there, grab ya free ranking blinkie, add it to ya blog to get ranked
now I am goin
true, gotta scrap!!!
mwa mwa

December 27, 2008

"please mum"
all day Jake nagged me to scrap his Nintendo DS for him! He has never liked the baby blue colour of it and has had it covered in stickers - well that is until today!
he took off the hotwheels cover and picked out what he wanted me to use, Basic Grey papers, Bo Bunny stamps and Kaiser rub ons, placed them on my desk and nagged and nagged and nagged till I finally caved and scrapped his DS to his instructions
'no mummy put that there, cut that from the middle of the paper, I dont want flowers, yeah add the black letters, yeah stamp that there and that here'
the kids got a good eye for scrappin!
and I had fun scrappin my bin! LOL

oh and this disaster! It looked so much better in my head - true it did!
its a little mini canvas n easel which stands bout 4.5 inch tall!
check out the cutest little mini tiny weeny buttons!
and that was my day!
what did you do today, anything exciting?

have you recovered from Christmas?

got any plans for New Years Eve?

we gonna have a stinker of a hot day here, they are predicting 39 for new years eve and 41 for new years day! great!!!! we have insulation being installed but not till the 13th....
this is a hotbox of a house so we might have to go visiting for those two days... ehehhe
might find a friend with a pool n air con! LOL
well my beautiful people I am outa here, gonna go hit the couch n watch 'Tropic Thunder' with the kids. Have you seen that movie? any good?
till tomorow
yeah I am back to daily posts again, yippee... more dribble from me - can you hack it?

hope to see you back again tomoz
oh oh Kings of Leon are on the radio gotta stay for abit longer, I luv this guys voice
Hot as a fever, rattling bones... I could just taste it
taste it.... but it's not forever, but it's just tonight
Oh we're still the greatest the greatest the greatest
wayoooooouuuuuuu your sex in on fire
sorry got carried away singin there
I know I was rather loud too wasnt I - oops!
I will stop now, the kids are lookin at me funny...
better duck back under the table here
mwa mwa from the very red faced Nat

December 26, 2008

oh MUM.... wat? WOW... really? OMG

how awesome

the words that really put a smile on any parents face, christmas morning and the kids are stoked! I didnt get any good photos but so I soo spewin!

and of all of em it was the 14yr old that was last to go to sleep and the first to rise....

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all had a wonderful and safe day

we did. spent the morning surrounded by pressies, smiles and noise

the kids father called in for breaky then we headed over to my beautiful sister Kirsti's place for lunch. Back home for an afternoon nap then the noise started....

who bought my kids the 'noisy' toy for xmas?

oh bugger it was me wasnt it? PML

and what a winner it has been! at 1am this morning I chucked a tanty just so I could get the ratbags off it and into bed....

Guitar Hero World Tour

we have had drumming, guitaring and singing rockin the neighborhood for 24 hours now and my head is gonna explode - it is soooo loud....

but omg it has been absolutley FANTASTIC seeing the kids all playing together laughing and having a great time

Then 9am this morning it all started again - this time the mates started rocking up...

they all 'think' they can sing... absolute crack up

teenage voice cracking vocals together with a** kickin drummin, giggles and guitaring

wat a hoot...

they keep running from the camera but the chickens!

and my babies spoiled me too...
they spotted these coffee cups and said 'yep thats mum, they look like scrapbookers cups, we gotta get em for her'
Josh rekkon the 'flourishes are so you mum'
and this is like heaven... a foot massager (which my feet are on right now)
and the kids also got me a POOF... yep a footstool
their reason for that purchase was
'for when your doing your handcutting mum, you can now put your feet up'
man, how well do my kiddies know me? PML
Luv you guys mwa mwa

tonight I am gonna get plastered, come home have a cuppa in my flourish cup with my feet up on my poof then have a massage! wow now that sounds like a good night
what better on boxing day?
hey I rekkon the man in the red suit mighta dropped my mojo off too, cause I have had a busy little scrappin morn
done 2 layouts and pretty happy with em both for a change! LOL
Tash has had a ball taking some photos of her self using the timer on her new camera and has gotten a few beauties, so I raided her memory card and got a crackin

and this one was so much fun!

I have been having fun with distressing lately so went a little overboard, plus I really wanted to play with the kids new blow pens, they just looked like so much fun... but hey, you get that... LOL

I absolutly luv this photo, its one of those shots you couldnt do if you tried.. just happened and happened well

good girl Tash... she wants to get into photography one day

and now I am gonna kick all these loud smelly hairy teenagers outa my house....

have a wonderful boxing day beautifuls

till tomorow

mwa mwa

behave yourselves

December 24, 2008

OMG wat a mess I have managed to make today...much to the kids delight - and to think I was once a 'cook' PML
it all started when I made some little chrissy choccies and melted way too much choccy so the Jake and his 2 friends helped clean the bowls - no complaints from them!
then I blew up the food processor! smoke filled the whole kitchen... oops! all I was tryin to do was crush some biccies for rum balls...that made for some entertainment... they were all giggling so loudly and 'bashing' the air to clear the smoke
so how do I crush the biccies now, oh I know, I'll put em in a bag and bash the crap outa them with a rolling pin - well... that was untill the bag broke and it all went flying everywhere!!!
the kids are now have a layer of cookie crumbs ontop of their smokie chocolate covered faces!but it gets worse!
me and my clever ideas...
I decided our rum balls needed to be more chrissmassy so I got out the food dye! red n green coconut sounded like a good idea till I started it...
my hands now look like a christmas tree!
oh and let me tell you bout the trifle! hehehe
I forgot to buy some Sherry so Bicardi it was, one for me one for the trifle, one for me one for the trifle and on it went!....
red n green jelly was the first disaster!
I thought I would pop them into the freezer to help set them a bit quicker, good thought till I swung around from bench to fridge and spilled half of it all over the floor!
so what can I put in their now to replace half the missing trifle???
LOTS... it now has 11 layers! oops...
I got a little carried away! looks awesome but...
and the mars bar slice looks (and tastes) darn good!
so not a total disaterous day...except now I gotta go do all them bloomin dishes!
man I made a mess....
good thing its the silly season after all! LOL
ok, back to it I go, just had to sit with a cuppa and recouperate after all that
oh oh and I got another blog award this morning too! thanx Antonella
I will add this to the 2 from yesterday and do a blog hop list soon I promise
I still have a heap on my fav list I would luv to share with you all
I have a terrible habbit of adding them to the list to go back another day for a good catch up and am so overdue to catch up with so many - perfect excuse now...
oh and i gotta say a HUGE thank you for all the wonderfully beautiful chrissy cards I have recieved! I would luv to get to each and every one of you to say a personal thank you and I will, just gotta find that extra hour in the day again, it keeps sneaking off...
so to all my gorgeous friends thank you
mwa mwa
and I wanna wish everyone a safe and fabulous day tomorow one more time, I know a few of you dont actually celebrate christmas but you do celebrate family and that is what tomorow is all about
fun with family, catching up on a years worth of chaos
so to all of you
have a happy and safe day
hugs and snuggles to you all
mwa mwa
oh bugger that kitchen mess is still there! I was so hoping the cleaning fairy would have done it all by now.... bugger! till my next post my beautiful people
smile bright and wide
and my 'sweet' children who are now here next to me trying to attack me with choccy...
Christmas Eve
wahoooo its nearly here
the christmas spirit has finally hit, kids are still asleep and I have a gazillion things to do today!
typical me has left alot to last minute!
I hope everyone has a wonderful brilliant fantastic and safe day tomorow enjoying the day with family and loved ones
I only managed a little scrappin yesterday inbetween the chaos
a quick one of Tash using some of the shopping sprees from last week! LOL

oh oh and OMG I woke up yesterday after spending hours blog hopping for the fabbo awards I won and there were 2 more! Thanx Gayatri & Sharon

I will do alittle more blog hopping and add a few more links in my next post, but for now I really need to get my butt into gear and head down the shop - its time to tackle the crowds!


happy & safe holidays to everyone

mwa mwa

December 22, 2008

Only me updating again! I know this is the second time today!
no I am not any madder then yesterday, still just as insane and with the chatters! LOL
so... lets start off with a little show n tell
I was bustin to scrap last night but my bloomin mojo musta packed up and moved out, he was feeling a little neglected this past couple of weeks
wat a sooky la la hey?
so I thought I would do a little surfin for inspiration... the gorgeous Ingrid G grabbed my attention then I had a brain fart, I had bought some of those Hambly Screen Prints that she uses and whammoo... off a scrappin I go
Thanks Ingrid you saved me last night! her work rocks! I spent sooo long wondering through her gallery looking for which one to try my hand at, eventually settling on a easy one! LOL
wow, thats one bad photo of that! oops... I was too lazy to take it outside to get a decent pic and thought I had a good one till I uploaded it in here!
and I did fight my printer, it won!!!
stupid thing still prints way too dark and wont suck up the paper right
i even uninstalled it and tried starting from scratch - yeah I knew it wouldnt work, but I did it in hope anyways!
oh oh and... hey check this out...
I have been awarded with 3 of these babies today! man I feel soooo friggin luved right now
yeah yeah that is my big fat head squeazin its way out the side of ya screen right now!
this stunner was given by the beautiful Heather-Lea & Angie

now the rules for this one is to bestow it upon 6 deserving blog buddies - well times that by 2 LOL - in no particular order they go to...













and this fabulous award comes from the beautiful Chic


For the award:
1. You have to pass it on to 5 other fabulous blogs.
2. You have to list 5 of your fabulous addictions.
3. On your post of receiving this award, make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link back to their blog.
So heres my five fabulous additions
  1. PINK - luv all things pink
  2. SCRAPPIN N CHATTIN - daily fix of both for me thanx
  3. KFC - mmm yumm
  4. PRIMA - yeah I kinda got a few and still need/want more
  5. COFFEE - hot or cold thanx

and the 5 fabulous blogs I would like to pass this award on to, in no particular order are:

PHEWWWWW.... that was great fun but gees, my favourite list sure got a hammering with that blog hop! LOL
hope you all enjoy these blogs, please take a peak you will surely have a ball gathering some great inspriation from these fabbo girls
and now... my beautiful people, I am gonna put the kettle on, anyone wanna cuppa?
and I am gonna scrap! but what?
oh yeah, sorry just remembered I got a bag of cherry ripes hidden in my drawer here too... you know those multi pack ones ... want some choccy too?
just gotta get it out quietly and try not to rattle the packet too much, Jake is still awake and stalking the lounge room behind me, zooming cars about the place - he should be in bed!
oops... better go do that first then get out the stash, sorry girls your gonna have to wait 10 min before i put the kettle on
back soon with cuppas all round...
behave yourselves, the big man will be here in 3 more sleeps!
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx
Check it out girls....

December 21, 2008

Busy Busy Busy
this past couple of weeks have been pretty full on around here in the prep for chrissy, visitors staying, school holiday starting and getting this house ready for the festive season (and rent inspection LOL)
so I thought I would shout myself a few treats at spotlight!
I hit the Kaiser rack and filled the trolley
nearly died at the checkout
wahhooo look at all these goodies I got to play with nowyeah I know, I got carried away and couldnt help myself, I had to open nearly everything the second I got home and play....

I also got some papers, punches, embellies, felts, alphas, towells, bath mats, shower curtains, bamboo blinds, chrissy nic nacs, kids crap, paints, jewellery boxes and all sorts of crap!
oh well, its only once a year... hehehe

click the pic to enlarge - trust me you will wanna read it....
its very sad I know but the changes are gonna be awesome!
just wait n see what the beautiful Shell has up her sleeve in the new year
its gonna rock!!!!

on the scrappin front, I do have a layout to show you all that I finally took a piccy of
this is for the December Competition at TBSS
yeah, another for Tasha's friends album!

I had some fun with a little handcutting and 3D foam
oh and ALOT of inks and glimmer mist! LOL
lots of bling too!

and now I am gonna go n fight with the printer for a bit! the stupid thing has a mind of its own and I swear it hates me!!!!
I have some gorgeous piccies I really really wanna scrap TONIGHT while the mojo strikes but I cant print em!!! boo hoo ...yet... I am determined to try
I sooo wanna play with all this new stuff here
mmmm wonder if a hammer would fix it?
ok my beautiful peoples, have a wonderful night and i will be back tomorow hopefully to show you my tonights effort! (which i really hope is a layout and not a smashed printer pic! LOL)
mwa mwa

December 19, 2008

Spread the luv
everyone needs a little extra luv this time of year
it's christmas....
it's stressful....
it's exhausting...
Tash, Renee & their little buddie 'fly' have reached up to the sky to grab a little sunshine to spread around
meanwhile Jake wondered around as a pirate trying to cash in on everyones bounties for himself... wrapping paper rolls make great swords and they hurt too! LOL
and gotta show you all too, my lastest little creativity!
I made a calander... wahoo my first otp in ages and geez I really enjoyed making it too
had a ball with inks and glimmermist
I got this in my gorgeous 'secret santa' pack from ???? at Deb's Creations
thank you whoever you are, the pack was absolutly GORGEOUS
got a little carried away with distressing! hehe
I used the new Fancy Pants 'All Fall' papers
mmmm yummm
each of the pages have been distressed and stitched into a little booklet
I coulda kept going n going, I was havin a ball... can you tell?

and heres a shocker of a pic ... LOL
the older kids are getting money this year from me, so I made some little cards with pouches on the inside to slot the money into

I havnt scrapped for 2 days now and by golly by gosh my hands are itchin....
tonight I DO NOT CARE what is happnin, I AM A SCRAPPIN!
I have the cutest little mini easels with canvases here that have been screamin at me to scrap em
i could even hear them from my bedroom this morning, they made me get up way too early to come out here and start on em! but... I gotta stop and put em away for the day
another day of trudgin around the countryside for me....
OMG i gotta tell ya bout my day yesterday
I spent a total of over 10 hours just DRIVING yesterday!
good thing I put the car in for a service the other day LOL
we had some fun though whilst cruisin the streets.... this young guy in a pretty flash nissan next to us a the lights thought he was just sooo cool till I took off and left him for dust behind me! PML
ok so I need to grow up - another day!
I've surely had my day behind the wheel though! some are too scared to get in the car with me
oh that reminds me I gotta get some photos off my sister
hey kirsti you reading this?
have you still got those photos of me 'smoking it up'?
yeah those really embarressing ones where I thought I was cool in a SIGMA in a Jack Daniels jumper
ahhahahhah oh sorry i struggling to type here now I laughin so hard!
oh the days of being a bogan hoon!
I have grown up somewhat hey?
and now that I have just embarrest myself with such an aweful confession I am outa here
off to start my day
wahoooo spotlight here we come..... look out crowds you dont wanna mess with me in there!!!!
till tomorow my beautiful peoples
mwa mwa