December 19, 2008

Spread the luv
everyone needs a little extra luv this time of year
it's christmas....
it's stressful....
it's exhausting...
Tash, Renee & their little buddie 'fly' have reached up to the sky to grab a little sunshine to spread around
meanwhile Jake wondered around as a pirate trying to cash in on everyones bounties for himself... wrapping paper rolls make great swords and they hurt too! LOL
and gotta show you all too, my lastest little creativity!
I made a calander... wahoo my first otp in ages and geez I really enjoyed making it too
had a ball with inks and glimmermist
I got this in my gorgeous 'secret santa' pack from ???? at Deb's Creations
thank you whoever you are, the pack was absolutly GORGEOUS
got a little carried away with distressing! hehe
I used the new Fancy Pants 'All Fall' papers
mmmm yummm
each of the pages have been distressed and stitched into a little booklet
I coulda kept going n going, I was havin a ball... can you tell?

and heres a shocker of a pic ... LOL
the older kids are getting money this year from me, so I made some little cards with pouches on the inside to slot the money into

I havnt scrapped for 2 days now and by golly by gosh my hands are itchin....
tonight I DO NOT CARE what is happnin, I AM A SCRAPPIN!
I have the cutest little mini easels with canvases here that have been screamin at me to scrap em
i could even hear them from my bedroom this morning, they made me get up way too early to come out here and start on em! but... I gotta stop and put em away for the day
another day of trudgin around the countryside for me....
OMG i gotta tell ya bout my day yesterday
I spent a total of over 10 hours just DRIVING yesterday!
good thing I put the car in for a service the other day LOL
we had some fun though whilst cruisin the streets.... this young guy in a pretty flash nissan next to us a the lights thought he was just sooo cool till I took off and left him for dust behind me! PML
ok so I need to grow up - another day!
I've surely had my day behind the wheel though! some are too scared to get in the car with me
oh that reminds me I gotta get some photos off my sister
hey kirsti you reading this?
have you still got those photos of me 'smoking it up'?
yeah those really embarressing ones where I thought I was cool in a SIGMA in a Jack Daniels jumper
ahhahahhah oh sorry i struggling to type here now I laughin so hard!
oh the days of being a bogan hoon!
I have grown up somewhat hey?
and now that I have just embarrest myself with such an aweful confession I am outa here
off to start my day
wahoooo spotlight here we come..... look out crowds you dont wanna mess with me in there!!!!
till tomorow my beautiful peoples
mwa mwa


vicmbee said...

Awesome!!! Nat love the first photo and your calendar.... I seen the mini canvases in go lo the other day can't wait to see what you do with them..

Kathie said...

Nat that is just divine!! Wow you are so clever..... That calander is amazing sweet lovin' lady!! WTG

Kathie said...

I forgot to say that I loved the pictures of your lovely young man!! How sweet is that photo?? He is just too cute!!

Antonella Ryan said...

Great Pictures! I have one of those calanders sitting my scrap desk ready to be challanged! And you have certainly Inspired me to do one!! I just love you work Nat Well Done Sweety!

Ant xo

Lexie said...

Love the photo's.....your calendar is gorgeous...just in case I don't get to drop by again before chrissy you and the kids have a brilliant one.....sending much love to you all
Lexie oxo