December 10, 2008

good morning beautiful people, its a wet miserable day outside here in Perth! Oh well good thing I have to be out in it all day then hey? LOL
I have a visitor staying with me for a while and today I have to drive her into town for a hospital appointment and try and squeeze in a little christmas shopping in amongst the insane crowds!
I am still struggling on ideas to get my children for christmas, I dont want to buy crap just so they have presents but its looking rather bleek on what to get... stress!!!!!
Might hit Toys R Us and hopefully find some inspiration in there, its Jake that is the hardest to buy for, he's 8 now, doesnt need anything, isnt into anything (besides Spongebob Squarepants) and just too hard...
But enough of that, thats selfish talk on my behalf, I will today be buying gifts for the christmas wishing tree and also donating some toys back to the Salvation Army that have so kindly helped me in the past. This is my year to return the favour. Thanks to Mr Rudds kind bonus (which I wont be getting till the 18th :(...)
The system is just not fair! There are so many families that are missing out on this bonus that are doing just as hard as the rest of us. My heart goes out to you and I will do my best to help make your christmas a good one in the best way I can
No matter how much your income is you still manage to spend every last cent of it plus some, so why do so many families miss out? It truly makes me sad

ok, smile... it will only brighten yours and anothers day
and they are contagious... true they are
you watch, smile today, smile at everyone and watch the smiles you get back
see how many you can get, it will surprise you
* sweet n sour * is the name of the game, if they smile back, you have brightened their day and they are sweet, if they dont then they are just sour! LOL
and on the scrapping front, a couple of layouts to show
this one is for the TBSS random challenge #38
a christmas layout with negative space, but there was also a twist, you also had to include orange buttons, circles and paint
sounds hard I know, but it was great fun to think outside the box
you should try it
upload your image to TBSS gallery and show us all

and this one is for one of the challenges at Deb's Creations
another one for Tasha's friends album - which is looking so bright and colourful she luvs it!
and now my darlins I really gotta get up off my backside and get this day started
oh its thundering now... oh I lurve a good thunderstorm.... wahhhooooo
oh bugger, thats right i gotta go out in it
mmm, perhaps I shouldnt have done that little rain dance last night then! LOL
till tomorow - I am outa here
mwa mwa


Lexie said...

Reading your blog always puts a smile on my face so you can add another one to your sweet list.
luv Lexie oxo

Mandy said...

I feel the same...this year we are getting rid of foxtel and sponsering a child...much more beneficial....I also have to wait until