December 28, 2008

OMG when did Ben Stiller get arms like that????
seriously, the scrawny man has eye candy bicepts in the movie 'tropic thunder' (pity bout his head! LOL)
watched it lastnight and spent the majority of the time watchin his arms!
yeah my weakness is a man with nice biceps... mmm footy player arms mmmm
oops, getting slightly sidetracked - again
gee it doesnt take much does it! LOL
wasnt a bad movie actually, and OMG you will never guess which charactor is actually Tom Cruise! I had to rerun the final credits to double check - wat a crack up!!!!
then I sat up till the wee hours scrappin - as I do...
did this one of Josh skating using my old broken bed for a ramp, hense the title
just go for it.. use your imagination & improvise
these DCWV die cuts have been in the bottom of my drawer for what feels like years and finally opened the packet! they not bad actually I might have to get em out more oftenand this is a digi for Tash. My printer is still all spaz and I really wanted to scrap a photo from chrissy day, so a digi it was
this was done using all free bits from coco & co

and now I am gonna go scrap!

nighty night all - till tomorow my beautiful people

mwa wma

hey, I have finally added my blog list back to the side (after I so stupidly deleted it along with my entire blog a while ago!)
if you would like your blog added to the list, leave me a comment and I will
* luv a good blog hop! *
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register your blog in there, grab ya free ranking blinkie, add it to ya blog to get ranked
now I am goin
true, gotta scrap!!!
mwa mwa


lexie said...

Morning Nat love dropping by to see what you are up too....have left a little something on my blog for you
Have a fab day
ps love the pages you have been doing.....I'm itching to get back into scrapping.....have to wait untill I get home tomorrow
luv Lexie oxo

Kathie said...

Great LO's Nat! But then sweet lovin lady they are always fantastic!! Have a great day!!