December 4, 2008

Howdy beautiful people
sorry I been abit AWOL lately with my blog
I have been busy maintinng my other websites and building my new forum here on Nat's Creative Chaos
have you seen my new forum?
come by and say hi sometime
I am running a monthly challenge - you will have to see my forum for more details
here is my sample layout for Decembers challenge
and a close up of the PINK and HANDCUTTING on my layoutI have been without my mojo for friggin ages! but I think it finally snuck back in through the back door yesterday. Its feeling a bit sorry for itself, must have been out partying...
anyways, I put it straight to work and squeazed 3 layouts out of it yesterday!
the above 'learning to skate' layout and these two
this one is for the TBSS monthly challenge at Deb's Creations

and this one for the weekly challenge #37 at TBSSonly 14 more challenges to go (for now...) LOL and its only the first week of December - holy cow batman.... I better get my mojo into full swing

if you ever need some great inspiration or some fabbo challenges to get your mojo back into full swing you should check out

TBSS - who are having a HUGE sale for the entire month of Decmember - 30% OFF EVERYTHING - you sooo have to check it out

& Deb's Creations - monthy challenges galore and heaps of chatter in the forum

both sites are jam packed full with inpsiration, lovely friendly girls with HUGE tallent

ok, now I gotta go take my daughter to the orthodontist... she is getting her 'spider' plate out and her top braces on today, she's a little nervous but being very brave

till tomorow my beautiful people, take care and behave yourselves

oh and I really hope you pop by my forum for a chat

mwa mwa


Lynn said...

love your new layouts! I love your flourishes, the stamped flourishes with the regular flourish add such a great look! You DO have your mojo back! tfs :)