September 29, 2008

Wow what a start to the school holidays we have had
busy busy busy

I lurrrve the school holidays, theres no stress, no need to go bed early, no need to get up early, no need to do nothin but chill....
so I thought I might grab the kids and get out the house early on before the holidays really kick in and we become the gigantic holiday sloths we usually do....

so after being up scrapbooking till 2am and sleeping in on the first day I decided to round up the troups and become tourists for the weekend - well wat was left of the weekend anyways

first stop would be to find my sister... she moved down here a couple of weeks ago and we have not yet been to their new house, so that was our first mission, to travel to the other side of Perth and after getting VERY lost we finally found them! they had no idea we were coming so it was a brilliant surprise.

we didnt stay too long, it was around dinner time and not the best time of day for company....
so we headed off to have dinner somewhere in the sticks! LOL
KFC won the vote so we all sat in there making pigs of ourselves

then headed back down the highway having fun toying with a beasty ford in the next lane... he would take off from the lights and we would 'cream' him without even trying, yet every set of lights he tried again and again - oh I luv having a v8 somtimes!
the kids were all cheering 'yeah go mum... ' giggling away
then Sunday we headed off again, first stop was Harbour Town to do a little shopping! yeahhhooooooooo wahhhayayyyyyyea luv shopping
got a few bargains for the kids and a shitload of lollies from the candy store!
then we headed down to Fremantle, again we managed to get ourselves a little lost - eventually found the EShed markets, so we parked and walked it from there
had a wonder through the markets and then headed down to the Maratime Museum
where they had a live music... in a museum... yeah I know how weird is that????

we had a good giggle at these motorized gocart looking buggie things that were zooming around the place. Would have hired one just for the thrill of it only they only had 2 seats...

oh gotta show this photo... my fav of the day

Then we hit Fremantle Prison
what an amazing old place this is, the history in here in incredible and the stories...
Even Bon Scott spent alittle time in here
it was built by convicts in 1850 and was still in use till Oct 1991!
And the artwork is amazing! this cell was full of incredible drawings
they are all now protected behind clear sheets and the silly sun was shining in so I couldnt get any decent photos - sooo spewin!
the details are incredible and to think this was a cell of a 'lifer' - what a waste of talent!!!!

and then there is solitary... so Josh and a P bucket hung out LOL

so yeah we had a busy couple of days...

and we left our mark behind ...But wait, theres more... it doesnt end there

Today we hit the beach and right now I am a red raw lobster in desperate need of a cold bath, so I am outa here, have fun, behave yourselves I will update my blog again tomorow

mwa mwa

Luv Nat xx

September 26, 2008

Time to Parrrrtayyyy...

I been hanging out at Tracey's blog lately listening to her jukebox with everyone's mojos and before i knew it some of em crept in here to party on after hours!!!!

they have attacked the jukebox with some awesome tunes and are now spreading the scrap vibe around... grab some if you can !

I did, and this came about

sorry cant stay and chat today, but will be back soon with (hopefully) lots more work to show you all as there are 2 cybercrops on this weekend (Uproar2scrapmore and CraftBits&Bears) and then next weekend its TBSS cybercrop and the weekend after that is another one (Deb'screations) - busy busy busy

Oh but before I go, I gotta show you this layout

this is the layout in the Scrapboooking Memories Magazine this month (issue 10/6 page 134)

you can click my images to enlarge too by the way

oh oh and gotta show you this one too, this is me and my beautiful sister Kirsti

you can see her blog here

oh oh oh and you gotta check out my new site I am in the process of building

the links are all at the top - be warned ... it is still a work in progress! LOL

ok, now I am seriously going,

have fun and behave yourselves

mwa mwa

Luv Nat xx

September 24, 2008


did I scare ya?

September 22, 2008

Instant Bond
these two ratbags are like two peas in a pod - hense the green/circle layout! LOL
My predictions is that Jake and Rachelle will be the bestest cousins forever!
I see them both running amuck together right into adulthood and beyond
they both have that same bubbly energy level and bounce off each other perfectly
they have only ever met each other once before and that was over 4 years ago, but now Rachelle has moved down to Perth (with her mummy & daddy & little sister of course)
there will be plenty more photos like these to come I am sure
these photos really show thier connection and personality so well
all we wanted as one nice photo of them both but instead we got dozens of these... LOL
I used many different products and techniques on this layout
(product list below)
I have inked to colour the pink basic grey alphabet so that it now matches the layout and given it a coat of dimentional magic, this really brings out the inking and alters the complete look

another thing I luv to do is stamp on acrylic sheets, I then cut them out and place onto my layouts

stamping on acrylic sheets can be tricky, it can slip easily and often just looks like crap - so by using this technique your stamping will always have a nicer finish aswell as the advantage of being able to place your stamped image under/over embelishments or on a textured surface

for this layout I have used:Pink Paislee Office Lingo PP, Bazzill Cardstock, Heidi Swapp clockface, Basic Grey LilyKate alphabet, Stazon On Timber Brown ink, Urban Lily Stamps, Prima build a swirl stamps, Prima Belle Flur flowers, gemstones & machine stitching

thats it for now beautiful people. have a wonderful day

mwa mwa

luv Nat xx

September 20, 2008

Quick scrapping update
went on a bit of a scrapping frenzy last night and did these 3 in one night
that doesnt happen often! LOL
this first one is for the random challenge #6 at TBSS

and this one is for the random challenge #9 at TBSS

and this one is for the sketch challenge #22 at TBSS

sorry its only a quick post tonight, I will be back real soon with LOTS MORE

keep smiling

mwa mwa

Luv Nat xx

September 18, 2008

Jessy is a 'dobbit'
yep, this little darling thinks he is a dog, so a dobbit he is
we have had him and his sister for 3 1/2 years now, they were born on boxing day 2004 and abandoned by their mother. They have been hand raised and nursed like little human babies wrapped up in little blankies and cradled and bathed and powdered.... it was quit gruelling bottle feeding them every 2 hours, day and night but the benefits are amazing, these two dobbits are like no others I have ever known, they grew up with a doberman 'Becky' as thier mother, she was soooo darn funny with them too!
Sometimes we wondered if the dog thought it was rabbit or if the rabbits thought they were dogs! So funny as we'd go to the back door and would be greeted by the three all sitting there looking up at you, all with puppy dog eyes wanting a pat and a treat
even funnier was seeing a big doberman eat celery
sorry getting sidetracked here!
this was suppost to be a short post so show you my latest two pages
so back to the task at hand, the first layout here is of the beautiful Jessy the dobbit with Jake
these two cuddle like this all the time, Jake runs up the yard and Jessy chases after him and they play soccer together! mind you Jessy gets knocked over a bit now that Jake boots the ball to hard at him! LOL
At TBSS this week we had another round of scraplift
Mandy was our victom so we all headed across to the gallery to choose something of hers to take inspiration, this one grabbed me everytime, I luv everything about it so I lifted the entire page! Thanks Mandy for a gorgeous page
These ribbons are the new Alexx Kesh range that will be in stock mid October... soooo nice!
there are pre-orders being taken now, you should go check it out
they come in the cutest tub jam packed full of a gorgeous range
I could easily get em all!
and then we come to this one. OMG this layout took me forever and it smells like roast chicken
thanks to Chic for setting the seed in my mind about oven roasting scrapbooking again! long story, you will have to head over to DEBS CREATIONS for the full story
anyway, gees I am good at getting sidetracked this morning, as I was saying, this layout took forever!!!!
It is heavily inspired by a few gorgeous ones on SCRAPBOOK.COM, I'd been surfing for inspiration - since my bloomin mojo took off back down the pub again and left me here hanging high and dry busting to scrap....
I luv to wonder round the net looking, sucking in all the gorgeous stuff, then shut the lid on lappy and go where the flow took me. well this is what i did and this is what happened....

I absolutley LUV this pic of Tash, she looks soooo darn grown up and beautiful
my baby girl is now a teenager! man where did the time go!!!! I luv this pic of her too cause you can really see how much her smile and teeth have already changed in the past couple of months. Its a great indication of how beautiful they will be when this braces ordeal is finally over
for those that havnt read my previous post bout Tash's teeth, she has a expansion plate in at the moment, one of those metallic spider looking ones that gets turned with a key every day. Already it has made a dramatic difference, you can now see all her top teeth are moving into alignment and there is gaps appearing for the teeth that had no room
oh sorry, that is quite a squirmish subject... back to scrapping... here I have to show you a close up shot of this layout, all these stamped flourishes have been handcut
yes it took me HOURS... well worth it though, I sat back on the couch taking a long earned break, watched some TV and a movie while doing them, Once they were done this layout came together quite quickly
oh yeah gotta tell you about the GLIMMER MIST
sorry but i dont like it. infact i hate it. but I was determined to use it and learn to luv it
SO.... I grabbed the Jenni Bowlin die cut and headed off to the kitchen with a bottle of glimmer mist and proceeded to spray from a great distance as to have a light shimmering effect
yeah right, stupid stuff.... next thing you know I am getting all shitty and spraying wayyyyyy toooo much of it onto everywhere in big soggy blobs - so my diecut is now a sloppy mess!!!
soggy and saggy and only worthy for the bin so I give up! I go back to cooking dinner which I should have been doing in the first place, but you know what its like, scrapping always seems to take hold at the most convenient times ....
My roast chicken was cooking nicely, then... brainfart... Chic has mentioned drying a layout in the oven... oh oh oh not again, no I cannot dare put more things in the oven - didnt I learn with the biscuit bear incident? no... 0bviously not
so in the oven went my layout... it took all of 2 minutes to completly dry out the gimmer mist and totally warp the entire page! disaster....
But... then another brainfart... I'd seen somewher on my surfing trip another layout with the warped look and it was awesome... so on with the show I went
i ran back to the scrap table and scrapped like a madwoman, sanded the edges, roughed it up even more, scrunched papers, ripped edges, rustic inking and on and on
then prettied it all back up again with a prima say it in crystals flourish
I think these handcut flourishes were a great touch and will most definately be doing them again! very time consuming but well worth the R&R on the couch yet still scrappin! LOL

so there you go, my so called short post turned into a novel again
Sorry!!! I really must go now and wake my kiddies all up for school, they have all had a great sleep in - oops!
Jake has his assembly this morning, he is going to be a Earthworm!!! interesting...
Stay beautiful peoples
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx

September 13, 2008

oh what a week I have had...
busy busy busy
Jake had his school sports carnival on Friday - yes in the rain I sat all day LOL
he ran his little butt off, bounced around all day and cheered on his team till his throat was coarse - came home and ran running races with the neighbors up and down the street till dark. Dunno where that boy gets all his energy from!
can you tell what colour he's in???
His hair is now a lovely shade of stained green....
he luvs it - so much that he now thinks he is some kind of superhero!!!
Tash got off her grounding today, she is soooo happy!
her best friend, Brittney has her 13th birthday party tonight, a fancy dress - they are both going as cowgirls
Sounds like its gonna be a good night, I am babysitting Brittneys younger sisters while the big kids get to play... on the bouncy castle... LOL
yep, they having a bouncy castle, pinatas, pass the parcel
moch cocktail slushy's, bom fire .. all sorts
just hope they all behave themselves!!!
spent the afternoon waxing the girls eyebrows, dying Tasha's hair blonde, doing their make ups and listening to their excited giggles!

that photo was taken yesterday during their 'dress rehearsal' - really though, I think it was just their excuse to both wear their new skinny leg jeans! LOL

Fashion is coming back to bite us all in the backside - skinny legs! OMG did I beg and plead for a pair of them (in size 9 to wear to a blue light disco! LOL)
oh now that just makes me sound old

on the scrapping front

Earlier this week I lost my mojo....

it ran away - took off down the pub apparently! lol

played a few tunes on the jukebox, drank tooo much and kicked butt in pool

after sending out a search party it finally crawled back home with its tail between its legs, yeah a little hungover, but, these layouts were the result...

this first one is for the random challenge at TBSS
to use a 'funky photo'
I used the beautiful Pink Paislee Vintage Moon collection from my DT pack
omg these are gorgeous, I sooo luv working with Pink Paislee
the rub ons are WICKED... so smooth
and the chipboard 'topsiders' are awesome
and again, this one is using the Pink Paisley Vintage Moon Papers and is a scraplift of Deb Mitchell's layout called 'totally you' as a part of the challenge chics scraplift challenge
My eldest son Josh is all about attitude - such an appropriate title for him
and the little quote reads
- I know I'm not perfect, but I am so close it scares me -

and this one is another for the challenge chics, TBSS sponsors Debs Creations each month with 2 challenges each worth $20 store vouchers,

click here to check it out, luv to see you have a go too

this one is challenge #2 - I chose SEI Poppy papers to compliment Jake... LOL

He was soooo peeved bout that, but I rekkon he looks cute in pink and he will always be my mummys little boy!

And this one is for the beautiful Shell
this is her youngest son Nash, isn't he just the cutest???

and this one is for the beautiful Tracey

her youngest two kiddies Brady and Kiahna

oh wow... here I was thinking this was gonna be a short post


best let you get back to blog hopping - thanks for stopping by

take care and behave yourself

Luv Nat xx

September 9, 2008

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September 2, 2008

Grab a cuppa - it's the worlds longest post...

I'm not joking ... you are gonna need a cuppa for this catchup!
It's a mile long and full of all sorts
oh oh I gotta show you all first what I did yesterday
I did it

I finally cut my hair.. my long lower back length hair is now up around my shoulders!!!
my hair is like super duper curly so this is something you wont see everyday!!!
me with shorter hair AND it's straight....
my head feels lighter - almost wobbly now, nothing is keeping it balanced!
so if i sound a little bizarre you now know why...
now I have warned you this is gonna be a long post, I have sooo much I wanna share

first you gotta check out this freaky photo
I have NO IDEA what I did but I blame photoshop, it did it not me
I was playing, as I do, clicking buttons just to see what they do and this happened...
If anybody knows what I did, please tell me as I'd love to do it again...
oh oh oh I gotta show you all something else that cracks me up, when I was going through some recent photos to play with in photoshop I came across these that were taken the other week at the wildlife park
lenny llama and Billy goat - they are watchin you

these two characters were so funny, they took a shining to my boys and followed them around like lost sheep - confused animals - someone ought to tell em they not sheep...

Jake and billy cut loose on the dance floor!!! LOL
or was that more of Billy looking at Jake wondering what the ???? the boy is on about?
yeah more than likely!

ok, back to reality here, while I am on the subject of my boys and what they get up to.. check these pics out!

we have roadworks happening across from our house and the first thing they did was put these gigantic mounds of BLACK sand there - I am sure they only did that so my boys could do rolly pollys down it in their good clothes!!!!

They were sooo incredibly dirty after this it took a scrubbing brush and detol to get them almost clean! And yes we did sit on the laundry floor again watching the washing machine toss these clothes around... was actually fascinating to see the colours change before our eyes

and my baby girl... wow she has has an eventful couple of weeks too

she is now officially a teenager!!! yep my baby is 13



no she didn't have a party, no celebration, nothing - the silly girl managed to get herself grounded for her 13th birthday. and mean ole me had to stick to my guns on this one... she was caught shoplifting! I was horrified, mortified, humiliated - all those

but not as much as she ended up being - she stole a 'ladies product', just one, opened the packet in the aisle and slipped one into her pocket, turned around only to become face to face with the store manager!!! a male!!!! and worse, someone that knows me!!!! SO... he says nicely to her to put it back, gave her the look, she sh*t herself, did as she was told and took off. He rings me, I go hunt down my daughter and drag her back into the shop to apologize and pay for the pack she opened. Ground her, give her the talk and take her laptop and mobile phone too. And to top all that off her lovely brother has fun telling her father who comes straight around and she has to go through the whole embarrassment again...

don't think she will be shoplifting again in a hurry! well I hope not!!!
and then she gets an expansion plate fitted, which hurts and looks like a metal spider in her mouth and she talks all funny, hasn't shut her up but!

sorry this is pretty Gross but kinda cool... the roof of her mouth is really high and she can stick her finger in over the top of her plate and wiggle it out the front!!!! soooo gotta get a good photo of that and scrap it!!!!

we have to turn it each day with this funky looking key thing and it will widen her top jaw ready for braces, which were supposed to be put on today, BUT we get there and find out the plate wasn't fitted correctly and needed readjusting so back on the 30th we will go and hopefully the braces will be put on then.

its been a very busy past couple of weeks, I surprised you still reading if you this far... do you need to put the kettle on again, ready for another cuppa cause I got more...

ok, go make a cuppa while I load in some more pics for you, here check out what I bought this week to play with

The beautiful Shell and I have been super busy building and designing and playing with a new website for the gorgeous Deb Mitchell.

Its a great scrapping place to hang out full of challenges and great laughs. The girls are all lovely, chatty and awesome scrappers.

AND omg what an honour... she has even made me a VIP for the month... I am still shocked

you soooo gotta check this site out - an no not just cause Shell and I did it, but cause it cool too... LOL

ok, time for some scrappin show n tell before I bore you soooo silly you never come back and I end up sitting here talking to myself in my wobbly light head

you know what? my back is cold and I just worked out why... no hair... duhhhh!!!

ouch... I just slapped myself in the forehead.. I gotta stop doing that

oh where was I? oh that's right, showing some of my latest scraps

this one is one of my favs at the moment, I used the gorgeous Jenni Bowlin diecuts from TBSS and this was using some of the Urban Lily and Bo Bunny stuffs from TBSS and more of the Urban Lily and some Prima say it in studs too all from TBSS
and my beautiful daughters 13th birthday card! I played with masking for this one

her reaction when she saw it was 'oh that's hell cool mum' so she's happy!

and this.. omg, the Rusty Pickle pop star papers!!!! how much fun are they?

and this one... this was my first ever attempt at a collage! wow, what a mission this was, I thoroughly LUVED doing it, I used sooo much stuff, made sooo much mess and this layout is officially the heaviest I have ever made

Thank you Deb, this is for your TBSS challenge #1 at challenge chics

the challenge is to do a collage about a day in your life, well I rekkon everyday in my life is just as important as the next....

and my darling daddy!!!! TBSS cybercrop was on the weekend and challenge #2 was to scrap something for fathers day, well my dad passed away 8 years ago and I still miss him and his cheeky antics every day! so I thought a layout for my kids about my dad would be nice, the photo mind you is like 20 yrs old at least and not the best, but its not what he looked like that I want my kids to know him by, its his character, his ways, his positive attitude towards life and his incredible sense of humour that I want them to know all about. They can form their own memories of him by what I tell them. Josh and Tash were fortunate enough to meet him and have goofy shoulder ride races and tickle fights with him and do remember little things, Tash remembers of all things... Pop gave us mintie lollies!!!

and my beautiful nieces... ahhh look at you two, gees you wouldn't guess by looking at this photo that this is a extremely rare moment now would you!?!

Rachelle had her 7th birthday last week and I am gonna give you the biggest birthday hug in a couple of weeks when I see you, so look out kiddo your gonna get squeezed super tight.... luv you beautiful

And Ashlea, the beautiful Ashlea is actually in hospital right now as I type! I am sending you the biggest air hugs and sloppiest kisses sweetheart hoping you are feeling much much much much better real soon. luv you beautiful

Now I am gonna let you have ya day back and go wash ya coffee cup since it been sitting there for like hours now stone cold and all manky around the rim now! LOL

I will be back real sooon with even more .... lots more actually, this was only the beginning of my catchup post

thank you for sticking around this long and chat with you all soon

signing off the longest post eva!!!!

behave yourselves

mwa mwa

Luv Nat xx