March 28, 2009

Mojo has officially packed his bags and moved out I am sure of it
I have had no inspiration, no urge, no desire to scrap at all for a couple of days now and its really starting to do my head in!
Mind you I am a little excited lately! I fly out tomorrow
these were the last I could squeeze out
this one was fun to do, a fun play with the spellbinders to create these flowers
luvin making them!!! the possibillities are endless!
ahhaha I sounded like a commercial ahhaha but its so true!!!
and here's a quick sneak peak at a few more creations for SIA
Next week is cybercrop at Ready Set Scrap
hope to see you all there
omg do we have a blast
no scrapping could possibly get done on the night!!!!
Friday night is chatter, games and challenges are put up
but the best thing is your creations don't need to done and uploaded into the gallery till the Wednesday night
yeah that's right, you actually get to enjoy your scrapping for a cybercrop, no need to rush them
and... even better is there are 9 challenges to play with
yep... 9!!!!
click the below image to check out more details

I have been tagged!
*** thankyou ***
I have received 3 of these this week so have decided to change the rules alittle and open the 3rd folder and upload the 3rd image
(instead of 6th)

this is what I found...
Jake in the car, no he doesn't usually have blue hair LOL
we were on the way to School Sports Carnival!

Now to pass on this fun tag:
Here are the rules for the tag:
•Invite six friends to join the challenge
•Link your six friends to your blog post
I will tag:
(hopefully you haven't had this one too many times yet! LOL)


and now my beautiful friends
I am outa here...
gonna go pick up some greasy pizza, hire a couple of movies and enjoy the company of my couch tonight while I wait for 3.30am to arrive....
then up and off I trot to the airport to have a life for 9 days!
till later peoples
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx

March 23, 2009

*edited post cause of 2 more publications! ohhh how exciting!!! wahooooo *
Good Morning Bloggers
hope your having a wonderful Monday
I have myself a very busy day today so an early post to start it!
I had a pretty productive scrappy weekend
this is another sneak peak of some I have been working on for the SIA show next week
and this one is for one of the many amazing challenges at RSS
Jake on his new toy - great way to wear the boy out! he's been riding this for past few days non stop, exhausted by the end of the day and been going to bed early and sleeping all night long - wahooo!

this is for the themed challenge at RSS
I had a little play in photoshop and altered the pic a bit so Tash stood out more
I luv this photo of her, she looks so grown up!
and while I was at it in photoshop I couldnt resist a little digi play using some gorgeous elements from Shabby Miss Jenn
and now I must be off here, time to wake the kids and start my busy day
hope you all have a wonderful one
chatter again soon
Luv Nat xx

March 19, 2009

ohhhh what a week it's been
visitors, visiting, appointments and scrapping
all with not a moment left to scratch my backside! LOL
On Tuesday a few of the girls from Ready Set Scrap invaded the Scrap It Flaunt It store in Armadale for a coffee, catchup and chinwag
all spurred on by Pauly whom is in Perth on holiday - hope your all having a wonderful time
it was a wonderful day
On Monday I got another package from DownUnder Direct to play with
and OMG did I nearly flip out when I seen how much was in there! The poor parcel bloke got quite a shock when I greeted him at the door.... wonder if that's why I had a different one deliver the next time? LOL
doesn't this look like FUN FUN FUN
thank you DUD
so then a playing I go... LOL
here's a little sneak peak at some of what has been created in the midnight hours ready for SIA

yep I did say I was having fun... LOL
and had a lovely visit from my father, he was down for an appointment and came round to show us his new bike before heading back the 3000 odd k's up the highway on it
Jake thought he was sooo cool, oops I mean the bike was soooo cool!
he had a little 'dinky' ride up the street so now he is a biker!!!! that kid is a crack up
and I wanna say a quick happy birthday to my niece
miss you beautiful
big huge cyber hugs and sloppy kisses
and check these babies out! got a beautiful little package in the mail yesterday and am soo in luv with these! thanks mum these are unreal - already used some! LOL couldn't resist
scraplifts for the month of March at RSS are Tracey and Debbie
these are my takes on their gorgeous works
I luved the use of a huge pic on Debbies layout so that was my inspiration for this one
and I lurrrved the elegance of Tracey's so that was my inspiration for this one
and now I must go, the kids are nagging impatiently for me to hurry up
apparently they need feeding more than once a day!
till next time beautiful peoples
behave yaselves
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx
PS... blogger is being mean and wont let me add any links!!!! :( sorry

March 10, 2009

Scrappy Overload
Cyber Crop at RSS last weekend was AWESOME
well done Tracey - the hostess with the mostess LOL
was a fantastic night and already I am lookin forward to Aprils! LOL
with 9 challenges to have some fun with!
I played with a few and hope to get a few more done too
challenge #5
challenge #7
challenge #8
challenge #2
I did challenge #1 too but blogger isnt playing nicely and uploading the pic! oops
will have to show you another day
I have also made another from the list on the March Monthly Challenges at RSS
number challenge
and this one is for the beautiful Treesa
she won the auction at Scraptastic SouthWests Fire Appeal for a personalized page
isnt her little rock star sooo cute?
And this card is for my daughters friend who is still in hospital
she took it to school and everyone wrote little well wishes
get well soon buddy
he was bashed on his way home from school last Tuesday and has spent the week in hospital with head injuries
well thats it peoples, I am outa here
have a lovely day
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx

March 4, 2009

OMG its time...

the big news can now be revealed,

I am sooo super duper excited to announce this big news

The new Creative Project Team for DownUnder Direct is...

Nat Williams
Tracey Hunter
Liz Weber
Deb Clarke
Louise Dahlstrom
Tristan Harris
Tracey Orchard
Leonie Taylor

We will be given the opportunity to take part in demonstrations at Trade Shows, Scrap Stores and Conventions

we will be working with newly released product for marketting purposes ie advertising and Trade Shows etcwith all the many great products that DownUnder Direct Manufacture and Wholesale


DownUnder Direct are the Authorised Australian Distributor for the complete range of Bazzill Basics Paper & World Win Papers.

Australia's Exclusive Authorized Distributor for complete range of Spellbinders Nestabilities products.

Australia's Authorised Distributor for Uni Ball Pens

*NEW* The Exclusive Authorised Australian Distributor for the compete range of JustRite Stamps

PLUS more exciting products to come



ok gonna go jump about the room some more now

till later beautiful peoples

Luv Nat xx

March 2, 2009

Stupid = ME!!!
yep I can admit it, I am... I have had the funniest couple of days with my car and an embarrassing confession to my brother in law - a car man!
see my car was misbehaving, it was taking too long to change into gears
and with its last service the report came back saying it was in need of a transmission service, I just automatically thought it was that
so... after a bit of convincing I asked my BIL to come round and check it out for me and change the tranny fluid
I'm all happy now after 3 days of stressing, jump in it to go down the shop and I see something that makes me shake my head and wanna die from embarrassment!
I flick a little switch and my baby is driving beautifully again
it was in 'power' and not 'economy' so it was supposed to take longer to change gears!!!!
massive slap on the forehead and a 'doh'
kids looking at me like I a right loony as I start crackin up laughing. I get home and ring my BIL to let him know its ok I am just an idiot
after he finally stopped laughing he says he's still gonna come round and have a look at it anyways
cool, all sounds good till I could NOT find the dipstick to check the fluid level
yeah serious, it was just not there! I was actually sitting on the motor looking down in every single little nook n cranny and I could not find the silly thing
convinced someone musta stole it I rang my BIL, who yes you guessed it laughed at me again!
he gets me out there with my camera!!! ok stop laughing now!
I take photos of all over the motor and under the car and in places I didn't even knew existed on a car and email em all to him
he hunts, searches, looks and NOPE he cant find it either
smart a** says - typical Ford, they must forgot to put one on it!
so.... we hit google! Only to find out we just waisted the last 3 hours of searching cause the car DOESN'T actually have one!!!!
see I told you I am stupid....
moving right along... let me show you my 2 latest pages
this first one is for the photoswap at RSS with Janine
how gorgeous are her girls?
and this one is for the March Negative Space challenge also at RSS
well that's it for me, will be back soon with the big unveiling of my news
till then take care and behave yourselves
Luv Nat xx