March 2, 2009

Stupid = ME!!!
yep I can admit it, I am... I have had the funniest couple of days with my car and an embarrassing confession to my brother in law - a car man!
see my car was misbehaving, it was taking too long to change into gears
and with its last service the report came back saying it was in need of a transmission service, I just automatically thought it was that
so... after a bit of convincing I asked my BIL to come round and check it out for me and change the tranny fluid
I'm all happy now after 3 days of stressing, jump in it to go down the shop and I see something that makes me shake my head and wanna die from embarrassment!
I flick a little switch and my baby is driving beautifully again
it was in 'power' and not 'economy' so it was supposed to take longer to change gears!!!!
massive slap on the forehead and a 'doh'
kids looking at me like I a right loony as I start crackin up laughing. I get home and ring my BIL to let him know its ok I am just an idiot
after he finally stopped laughing he says he's still gonna come round and have a look at it anyways
cool, all sounds good till I could NOT find the dipstick to check the fluid level
yeah serious, it was just not there! I was actually sitting on the motor looking down in every single little nook n cranny and I could not find the silly thing
convinced someone musta stole it I rang my BIL, who yes you guessed it laughed at me again!
he gets me out there with my camera!!! ok stop laughing now!
I take photos of all over the motor and under the car and in places I didn't even knew existed on a car and email em all to him
he hunts, searches, looks and NOPE he cant find it either
smart a** says - typical Ford, they must forgot to put one on it!
so.... we hit google! Only to find out we just waisted the last 3 hours of searching cause the car DOESN'T actually have one!!!!
see I told you I am stupid....
moving right along... let me show you my 2 latest pages
this first one is for the photoswap at RSS with Janine
how gorgeous are her girls?
and this one is for the March Negative Space challenge also at RSS
well that's it for me, will be back soon with the big unveiling of my news
till then take care and behave yourselves
Luv Nat xx


Anonymous said...

It must be the middle of the week by now!!!!!!

Kath Parker said...

Wow gorgeous layouts.Don't worry I have no idea when it comes to my car


janine said...

I have no idea about cars but that sounds weird with no dipstick ?
Im in love with that LO Darls its so beautiful im so lucky..
Janine xx

Antonella Ryan said...

Just beautiful Nat!!! I have left you a little something on my Blog

lexie said...

I have no idea about cars thats why I do ironing (sometimes)and DH does cars Love the LO's gorgeous

Liz Weber said...

Far Out Nat just when I think I have seen your most devine layout you create another devine one... thanks for the inspiration!

Tracey said...

I lurrve these LO's. Are you getting excited?
I have a little award for you on my blog!

Jane Smith said...

Stunning layouts Nat!! So dimensional and purdy....I've had an inspiration explosion....Don't worry about the car thing - my hubby was telling a friend of ours all the things I have done with our car - THERE WERE SOME VERY EMBARASSING stories floating around.

CreativeMe68 said...

OMG these are just gorgeous LO! Ditto to what Liz said!!! You constantly amaze me with your beautiful LO's, so very dimensional!
Luv Shaz xoxo

Lynn said...

Beautiful work! Lovin all the details! tfs :D