February 26, 2009

darn... I cant tell you yet...
But I will as soon as I can
for now I am still jumping around the room like a right looney
I can show you my latest page but
My mind has been a complete boggle with this big news so the best way to calm it down (alittle) was to scrap!
a clear page of my eldest son, Josh when he was 9, after surgery he was My Brave Boof Head for 2 weeks, just covered up the bandaging with a beanie and got on with his day as normal
and that's it for me, I am gonna go jump about some more
till later peoples
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx


Anonymous said...

So when is "D" day!! Patience is not one of my virtues ... can we have a hint??

Ann-Marie said...

Oh u keep on jumping!! Can't wait to hear ur good news - I can bet it's going to be well deserved though! LOVE the LO too!!

jacque4u2c said...

You are so wicked! Just tell us! Ok, I guess I will try to patient! Love the layout! It really tells a great story of life.

Kellie said...

The LO is gorgeous! So different never seen anything like that, love it. You tease, I want to know now *stamps foot* HAHA xx

Antonella Ryan said...

WOWZERS - Sounds like its going ot be huge....cant wait for the spill ;)

Tracey said...

he he he.....you & me both.
Love the LO...xxx

lexie said...

My Gran always said Patience is a virtue....guess what I'm not very patient or virtuos

Kathie said...

I too hate having to keep a secret!
There is a little something for you on my blog

Kylie said...

Enjoy the jumping Nat but don't break anything ! Can't wait to hear your news

CreativeMe68 said...

Congrats Nat....so excited for you and it is well deserved!!!I think I just read your news over at Deb's!

I loved what you did with Josh's hospital photos....that is something that I have never scrapped!!! I have so many photos from all of Jeff's operations! might give them a go now,thanks for inspiring me to finally do these photos! Luv Shaz xoxo