February 1, 2009


is now up and running
you soo gotta check out the newest challenge hang out on the net
its FUN
it's wicked
it's awesome
Congrats to Shell, the site is fantastic
every month there are lots of new inspiring challenges all with sponsored PRIZES from so many gorgeous scrappy sites and stores
and OMG cybercrop has a $100 Bittersweet Basic Grey prize pack AS WELL as heaps of challenge prizes....
there's a jam packed inspirational gallery
and a sketches gallery
and a topsites...
oh I could go on and on
but seriously you gotta come and check it out
join up in the forum for more dribble from me! and great chatter with everyone
we are all a little mad at times and makes for great fun entertainment
so friendly warm and inviting
Here is my example for one of the challenges

not telling you which one, you will have to go and have a looksie!

I had a couple of helpers while I was doing my example
babysitting has perks - scrapbuddies! lol
The girls had an absolute ball cutting sik with all my 'kid' stash
I have a big draw full of bits n pieces for the kids to play in whenever they like and on this day the girls thought it was like Christmas, they each made 2 pages to take home
they now call me 'mum' in hope that they can move in and play everyday...
oh and here's another I have done for one of the challenges at http://www.readysetscrap.com.au/

I couldn't resist using an owl in prep for the new site LOL

oh and I got tagged by the beautiful Marisa
thanks darlin *blush*
Now the rules are:
Link to those who award it;
Post the award;
list 5 other nominees deserving of the award.
So here are my 5 deserving bloggers
and now I am outa here to finally get some sleep!
wahooo school tomorrow... school tomorrow... yay!!!! my little darlings start back at school tomorrow so I will have a nice quiet house for 6 whole hours!
I intend on locking the front door, cranking the stereo up and cleaning this house while singing loudly - very loudly!!!!
laters peoples
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx


Bona said...

AHHHH! Thank you Nat! That was so sweet of you. It means the world to mean when I receive an award. I really appreciate it. I love your LO's. Super cute owl.

CreativeMe68 said...

OMG Those LO's are just gorgeous!Esp that lil owl...perfect for RSS!

Just call me chic!! said...

Love them Nat. I like the new site too. Very creative. Cant wait to get started on the sketch challenge. Yay.

P.S there is a little challenge for you on my blog. MWA

Free Spirit said...

Nat you are so sweet. Thanks honey. I will update my blog this week and post it. I appreciate it and feel loved. Love the new layouts and learned about negative space fromm your forum. Super cute !

Lana said...

Your lo's are so great and I love your blog
Lana x

Kirsten said...

Thank you nat you are so sweet... love your LO's.....x

Hugs Kirsten

Maria Matter said...

Your LO's are beautiful Nat!
Blessings, Maria

Liz Weber said...

Congrats on all the publications Nat, not surprising when they see all your gorgeous layouts!

Free Spirit said...


no need to post this. I wanted to say that you have been in my thoughts recently. I heard about the fires and I have no idea where you are at ? I hope not close by even so all those people. How awfully sad for such a tragedy.Been thinking about you all. Hope you are safe. Chat soon.