February 22, 2009

My Good Luck Continues....
I lashed out and bought a slick pick 25 lotto ticket for Sat night after my little lucky streak and I just remembered so just checked my ticket
wahooo I won the lotto - twice!!!!
on a roll here... got 3 and a sup twice on one slick pick! how cool is that?
The kids and I just did a little dance around the room cause we can now eat this week too! LOL
Now I tempted to go to the casino! mmm... wonder if I could get a babysitter this late at night?
nah! thats just silly thinkin *slap* wake up girl
anyways... let me come back to reality here
ok, just made myself a cuppa, have my feet up and am bout to show you the last of what I could squeeze out of Mojo before he dried right up and shrivelled up like a prune!
(he's actually cracked the poops with me and stormed out! - typical male... why did I get a male Mojo????)
I was feeling all mushy bout how beautiful all the girls are at RSS
they make my day - everyday!
the journalling reads: Never a day passes that I can resist the urge to get my daily hit...Full of inspiration and always a great laugh with some of the nicest girls on the netyeah yeah I know, your now shaking your head! but seriously you should come on over and check it out. click here to see what I am on about
while ya there have a look at all them awesome challenges - with prizes!!!
yep you can actually win by scrappin!!!!
hope to see you there - I'll be the one sitting in the corner in the straight jacket! LOL
Just like my daughter needs sometimes! She is a crack up! her camera goes everywhere with her, even in the change rooms at JayJays!!!!
She and some friends tried on 'skinny leg' jeans in all colours and took pics of themselves...
oh to be a teenager again!
and I finally dug out my cuttlebug and had a little play! the poor little bugger was shoved on a shelf a while ago and almost forgotten about! terrible terrible scrappy I am
I am now on a mission to use it more
here I used some bosskut and quickutz dies
and this one... I was on a roll while doing some DT work for Deb's Creations
this one came about with the scraps left on my desk from my scrappin frenzy
pretty happy with it too!
I was trying for a simplicity page...cut and lifted the flower for something a little different
and this one is for the Feb challenge over at Blackwith2
Tash hates it! LOL
she and Renee both wear glasses for TV etc but neithor will wear them outside the house!
I think they both look spunky and 4 eyes R cool
again I played with the cuttlebug and used a Bosskut die to make these flowers
they are really nice on a page, nice and lifted and different
but OMG were they fiddly little buggers!!!!----------------------------
and now that I have kept you this long I had best let you continue your blog hop venture
have a great day
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx


Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Reus Catalonia
thank you

Anonymous said...

Geez you, such super pages..very nice

Kellie said...

WOW I love them all Nat, such a talented cookie. I love how you scrapped RSS that is just so super cute, you softie, hehe. Gorgeous LO's as always :) xx

Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT LO's!!! Love it!

CreativeMe68 said...

Gorgeous LO's Nat, Love what you have done with the flowers. LOL @ the Jay Jays one, must be a generation y thing! Tash looks super hot with her glasses! Luv Shaz xoxo

Marisa said...

Your layouts are stunning Nat!!! Enjoy reading your blog it is great....

Angie ~ Scrap'n'art said...

WOW! Nat as always hun, your work is truly incredible:) Love the layout of Tash at work, too cute!

congrats on the win with the lotto, always nice to get something back from them hey!

Looking forward to catching up sweet and saying hello etc been a while now, but on the mend so feeling better ever day:)

Mwah & Hugs Angie xoxo

Tracey said...

All these LO's ROCK! You sure have overworked your mojo lately! Love them all...xxx

vicmbee said...

awesome LO's Nat and congrats on your little lotto win.... I done that in the big 40 million oz lotto a couple of weeks ago my big prize for 2 winning lines was $41 so hope you get more than me....
I,m now tented (verification word)

Chris said...

What gorgeous LO's, loving each and everyone of them and oh to be a teen again....hummm perhaps not but the clothing is way cool. Yep Nat I'm a SAHM to 4 teens and JayJays is a shop I am so very familiar with I think I could shop there blindfolded now.....lol but the skinny leg jeans...yummy colours for this winter. Woohoo to your winnings girl, totally awesome and fab news. Ok off to blog hop some more! Chris!

Mandy said...

ohh...i am so glad you said that was a cuttlebug you used..i laybyed one the other day...can't wait to get it now!!! gorgeous pages...xxx

Free Spirit said...

ful layouts as always. Love how you make all those flowers. you have to do a tutorial and share how to make them. Love the bling and smart choice not going to loose your money at the casino. Thanks for sharing.

Ann-Marie said...

Holy Moly those LO are awesome - who cares if your mojo is male (but seriosuly I think we were all dealt male mojos lol) Congrats on the lotto - u lucky bugga!!!

Kylie said...

WOW, more beautiful pages! Lurve the Jay jays LO - the colours are stunning.
Congrats on your lotto wins too - you lucky thing, you deserve it, well done!

Antonella Ryan said...

All Beautiful Nat...Love the BW2 Good Luck with the challenge!!!

rachel said...

OMG!!! I am a loving those LO's Nat - there just gorgeous...
And lucky me I also won tatts the other dy a whole $12.45 not quite the 15 million I was hoping for.. lol...

Mina said...

dont know how on earth I got here but Im so glad I did...your layouts are so stunning...love the colour mixes you use...beautiful

Mina said...

dont know how on earth I got here but Im so glad I did...your layouts are so stunning...love the colour mixes you use...beautiful