February 13, 2009

wahoooo I have been jumping around the room again like a right looney here
I just got 2 more publications
Creative Paper issues 80 & 82
that makes 18
still in shock here
ok, heres a little sneaky peaky at what I was working on at 1am this morning!

and now I am outa here to clean up the mess I made doing that page! LOL

Luv Nat xx


Anonymous said...

Hey Nat! I only read today's post, but curious to know.....what are we jumping around about? Whatever it is, I'm feeling the excitement and so happy for you!! BTW...GORGEOUS, gorgeous layouts!!! LOVE ALL OF IT!

Theresa said...

congrats. how fun.. =)

Treesa Y said...

Congrats Nat, your on fire hun!!!!!!!! Man I have some catching up to do!!!!!!!LOL
I havent sub too them is that keepsakes? I noticed Hetty has a lot in that mag.
It must have been a creative night last night I was up till 1am too, and I finished two layouts...thats a record for me two in one night!I will put them on my blog this arvo!Hey I bet my mess could beat your mess!! I am totally buried on my table....it's insane!! I am now going to clean up mine too, it should only take me ALL DAY!
doing a dance with you....
Mwah Treesa xx

Jojo said...


Kirsty said...

ARGH!!! Thats SO great!!! Love the little peak..I wanna see more!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW you are on a roll and well deserved, your pages are stunning !!!

Khaled KEM said...

Congratulations..nice blog and it shows creativity!

Kathie said...

Good job Nat! Love to hear a success story! Keep up the great work.

Marisa said...

wow that is great news...congrats!!
I have tagged you in a post on my blog...keep up the great work, love the peak, can't wait to see more! Have a great day!

Claireabelle said...

Fabulous! Lovin' the flower

Lynn said...

So happy for you! that is fantastic!