February 17, 2009

Just a quicky full of pics from me again today
I know, slack hey?
The beautiful Marisa tagged me

Go into your “My pictures” folder
Go to folder no 6 and choose the 6th photo in that folder
Put the photo on your blog, and tell your readers about it
Challenge 6 others by comments on their blog to do the same
I have done this one challenge before so for a little twist I have chosen the 4th folder & 4th photo
and this is what I found....
Now to tag 6 other wonderful people to take up the challenge
have fun girls and look forward to seeing which pic you have hidden in that folder! LOL
now on to a little scrapping
I have been on overdrive lately

and this one was a late night challenge set by Tina in the readysetscrap forum

and Annabelle has been naked for too long, so it was time to cover her up!
Jack and John kept perving on her and she was getting a little embarrest,
but now, OMG the girl is ready to partay all night long LOL
the boys now wanna get dressed too, but I cant be bothered! since when the males ever worry about what they are wearing??? LOL
and another couple of digi's
just for some fun while my desk was clean! gees did those above layouts make a mess!!!!
and this is a sneaky peaky for one of next months challenges at
and now I gotta go... **** it that time of day again
off to pick the kids up from school
till later peoples
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx


Mandy said...

you have done some truly stunning pages here Nat....have a fab night...xxx

Marisa said...

Oh wow they are all gorgeous layouts, I particularly like the first one on die cut paper...love seeing your creations, can't wait to see more!

Kellie said...

I am speechless Nat, those LO's are gorgeous, just wow, breath taking! I love them all and don't and couldn't even pick a favourite! xx

Ann-Marie said...

all deliciously gorgeous nat .. love everything!

G3 said...

Awesome LOs Nat. Stunning as usual.
Thanks for tagging me, Nat. Nervous to see whats the 4th picture on the 4th folder!!!
Gayatri xx

Treesa Y said...

wow girl you are smokin...love all your layouts xx

Peggy said...

I agree with the others, they are all gorgeous. My favorite has to be the "being a mother" LO, but that has more to do with the journaling than with how the LO looks, based only on the looks I could not have picked a favourite.
Thanks for the tag! I've done a similar one too, so I'll have to take the fourth one as well I think ... I'll have a look later.
xxx Peggy

Anonymous said...

Wow these pages are stunning, I am in awe of your work ATM

Kylie said...

Your Lo's are so inspiring Nat - you do sucha lovely job of them all.

CreativeMe68 said...

Gorgeous LO's Nat as always and you always have the most gorgeous photos to scrap with. Pure talent Darlin!

I have left you a lil surprise over at my blog...Luv Shaz xoxo