January 29, 2009

OMG I have been in hysterics here....
Kellie sent me this challenge where you have to go into your photo files, go to the 6th file and show everyone the 6th photo.
I was sooo worried what I would find in that folder... but to my surprise it wasn't a layout pic but a classic shot of Jake doing a rolly polly down the black sand pile!OK, so now for the fun part in passing it on. Kellie wasn't sure of the rules so she passed it on to 5 others, so I am going to do the same
have fun girls and no cheating!
I have my fingers crossed that one of you may have a really embarrassing or an absolute classic to show us all
w[o qecs89 LFKJ AOSIsjfoih
oops sorry that was my eyes!
They are hanging that far outa my head tonight they thought they would type a quick hello too
I have put them back in for now and gonna go make a cuppa, its only 10pm yet it feels like 3am!
here's a quick pic of a layout I killed yesterday!
I went a little silly with paint, glitter and dimensional magic then tried to scrap around it
but well... sometimes a layout just sux and this is one of them
you get that some days...
I wasn't gonna put it on here, but I thought you could all do with a laugh!
hey, I gotta say too, omg the layouts coming in for the sketch challenge are out of this world!
fantastic girls
keep em comin...
I am in the process of building another website that will contain a little showroom for all these challenges you all take up, so if you wanna join in the fun and show off your beautiful work then take the challenge, take it by the horns and kick butt!
well that's enough babbling from me for now
I'm outa here
behave yourselves
mwa mwa

January 28, 2009

wahooo I am in 'double digits'
I have another publication in Scrapbook Memories in the near future, got the lovely email this morning for the 'encore' gallery
making it #10
had to laugh though cause the layout is the one I have done for the sample in the next cybercrop! actually i showed a little sneak peak a couple of posts ago! LOL
so today I had to redo my sample
and here's another little sneaky peaky I wont submit this one - yet! I will be a good girl and wait
do you submit your work to magazines ?
many do and many don't
it is a very heartbreaking time getting the 'dear john' rejection letters
but every now n then you get the exciting jump around the room, clap your hands, sing loudly and scare the neighbors ones! LOL
I started submitting 6 months ago, it took me ages and allot of encouragement from others to do it, and now I sub about 6-8 a month
you never know if you don't give it a go
oh gosh listen to me blabbering on, can you tell I am tired?
I have been surviving on bout 5 hours max. sleep a night since xmas and it is soooo catching up to me now! with that said, I am outa here to hit the pillow - hard!
take care and behave yourselves
mwa mwa

January 27, 2009

it's a glorious day today, a sunny 31 degrees and the house is quiet - for a change!
only 3 kids here and they are all entertaining themselves, out of the kitchen and not bickering!
mmmm wonder how long for but?
I woke this morning to a lovely surprise, this 'encouraged' award from the beautiful Jacque
and I would like to pass it onto 5 others that encourage me with everything they do
first 4 go to the newly welcomed Design Team members whom will be joining the TBSS team at the new site launched Feb 1
(fangin to give out the new URL... wont be long now - YOUR GONNA LURRRVE IT)
congrats girls and a big fat humugo welcome cyber hug
#1. Rachell Zelly
#2. Janine Kennedy
#3. Liz Weber
#4. Lexie King
check out their blogs, they ROCK
and lucky last #5 goes to the beautiful Shell
my biggest encouragement
without your push n shove girl, I wouldnt be anywhere near where I am today and I thank you bigtime! xx
oh its all sooo exciting, so exciting I have had the scrapping bug BAD these last couple of days and pulled 7 layouts out in 48 hours!
I know, I am scratching my head at that too!
and rubbing my eyes, didnt get to bed till after 3am the last 2 nights and risen at the rediculous 7am to do the housework bright n early so I can play all arvo and night!
but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do
and if that means scrap while the flows happnin then thats what she will do
here are a couple I can show
and another little sneaky peaky at one I cant show yet! LOL
thats the Kaiser Blushed paper that took forever to handcut!
I have had a couple of fantastic layouts come in already, done from the last sketch challenge
girls they are WICKED
you are gonna make this hard for me to pick one aint ya?
and I did say I would put a pic up of the 'blog candy' pack, but ya just gonna have to wait till tomoz now, I am gonna go enjoy this peace n quiet while I can
I dont thinks it will last too much longer!
these school holidays are nearly over and they are all so ready to go back!
oh **** I nearly forgot, we can go look at the class lists today
better get outa my pj's and down to the school
wonder which teachers they will have?
better fly
mwa mwa

January 25, 2009

I have been checking out the blogs of all those that did the last sketch challenge and was soooo impressed with them all - they ROCK
luv all the different interpretations
the blinkie code is in the sidebar for you to add to your blogs girls
and wahoooo I am soooo excited, I have 40 followers! That is so cool!

In conjunction with
'On the Hop' blog
I have a 'blog candy' promotion pack to give away to
1 lucky follower
who completes the following sketch challenge

keep your eye out, I will post a pic and
more details soon
winner will be announced on the 15th Feb
will be the featured artist of the month on my new site soon to be launched
all you have to do to be in the running to win is:
- take on the following sketch challenge
- email your pic to williams9248@bigpond.com
(no larger than 1mb)
- do not post your entries on your blogs till after the winner is announced
the winner will be announced and posted here on my blog and the On The Hop blog on the 15th Feb '09

have fun with it...
here is my example
I boyafied it....
and then while I was a roll I took on the Random Challenge #42 at TBSS
set by Tracey
omg... what a challenge!!! click here to check it out
luv to see how you all interpret this one....
Josh was watching 'the ringer' so I joined him with my little scissors and attacked some Cosmo Cricket papers
they are sooooo nice to handcut, lovely n thick and being double sided I could really lift and curl it up off the page without inking the backs! saved me heaps of time - wahoooo!
mind you it was near on midnight before I started these two so today I am sitting here looking like a frog! my eyes are hangin out my head and I cant stop yawning!
I am outa here peoples, have a wonderful day and behave yourselves
mwa mwa

January 24, 2009

Were did this week go?
I am struggling to believe the calendar this morning, its telling me its Saturday!!!!
I have no idea what happened to this whole week
I blame Mojo, he ran away again leaving me to do the dreaded housework and website building and breaking! lol
yep I broke my new site even before its launched...
I cried like a little baby as I watched it all crash n burn
I have been telling myself all morning that I am a big girl now, no need to cry, get back up on the horse and do it allllllllll again! arrgghhh
speaking of things burning, we had a bit of a bush fire here the other day
so I squeazed 7 kids in the back of my car and took em all up the lakes behind us to see the waterbombers
they all giggled and squealed with excitement as the choppers nearly blew us away while spraying us with grotty lake water! LOL
there were 5 bombers and so cool to watch
and yes that is 'spongebob' jake is clutching onto, he had to come too
even had to be tucked into the seatbelt!
this bloomin yellow dude goes everywhere with him now
he sits up at the table and shares Jake's vegies, he brushes his teeth and he is a bed hog!
it's funny to see his waiting patiently right outside the toilet door for Jake, thats the only place he wont take him!
well thats it for me, I am gonna go stick my nose back into this new site
then I am gonna track down Mojo and drag his butt home, I wanna scrap!!!!
later beautiful peoples
mwa mwa

January 21, 2009

morning bloggers
wow this is a first for me, I am actually here and blogging early in the day!
I have had a wonderful morning - the mail man bought me a couple of lovely surprises
the beautiful Lexie sent me a little pressie, thanx I lurrrve it
and the beautiful Kiahna, Tracey's baby girl sent me some luv too
she did me the most gorgeous page and when I saw it I was in luv... so I told her to keep a secret.... she was a better scrapper than her mum! LOL sorry Trace
all day Kiahna gloated and sang a little song to her mummy
'Im a better scrapper than you, Im a better scrapper than you'
then this morning I got this in the mail (with a lolly pop mmmm....)
check out the look on Traceys face... what a crack up!!!!
Kiahna you rock girl.... and yes your mum is an AWESOME scrapper!
the sketch challenge has already taken hold of 2 wonderful scrappers
Gayatri and Antonella have posted piccies on thier blogs
LUV them girls, they rock!
you may grab the 'wowzers award' blinkie (code on left side) to add to your blogs girls
wear it with pride
anyone else giving the sketch challenge a go yet?
now.... what do 2 girls do when the hot water system blows up?
they have a bath of course!!!!
their screams as they slowly edged themselves into the icy cold water shook the whole neighborhood - and all I could do was laugh (with my fingers in my ears)
then to warm themselves back up again....
the roof
well, I best get my butt back into gear, I still have an ironing job to finish and it aint doin itself! if anyone knows the whearabouts of a little fairy that can come help me... hint hint
till tomorow
keep smiling, the sun came up today...
mwa mwa

January 20, 2009

Hangin out with Mojo...
we have watched scary movies, cleaned the house, done ironing, hung out with my kids, played in photoshop, done a mountain of handcutting and scrapped together
its been good having him around again.... lots gets done
here's a sneak peak at a few of the pages from the weekend
I cant show you all of them as they are for cybercrops and DT work
and I have a challenge for you all - if your up to it! LOL
here's a sketch I would like to see you have a crack at and in return I will send you an award to put up on your blogs
please leave me a comment when your done so I (and everyone else) can come check it out
how exciting, I got beautiful blog award to share around
thanks heaps Tracey
the rules for this one, is to display proudly on your blog and pass on to 10 other blogs you luv to visit
now this is the hard part! I luv so many other blogs so have decided to hand it on to my most recent 10 followers
1. Treasured memories
2. Vicki's Scrap Place
3. A Scrapper's Life
4. The World According To Me
5. Stuff and Things
6. Kath Parker
7. Litabells: Embracing Imperfection
8. eight is enough
9. Buttons 'n' Bows 'n' Faery Toes!
10. Pink Bling
and now my beautiful I must go, I gotta iron...
a girl must do what she's gotta do
works work, moneys money
so I outa here to work my butt off - again!
till tomorow
mwa mwa

January 17, 2009

DAY 17
and I found Mojo.... wahoooo he was hiding under the desk! he's lucky, I nearly sucked him up in the vacume cleaner...
he is now sitting up on the desk surrounded in scrap crap
that brings me to todays question of the day:
I am... I have to start with a clean organised area then OMG what a mess I make
hence the name
Nat's Creative Chaos! LOL
the gorgeous Kellie blog awarded me today
made my day! It's so nice to know your blog is luved
she even put a link to my top50blogs in her latest post too, thanx darlin
Here are the rules for the award:
* The winner gets to put the logo on their blog.
* Put a link to the person who sent you the award.
* Nominate 5 blogs for the award.
I have had a really hard time deciding on just 5 blogs so.... I put all my followers into a hat (well its a prima flower tin actually) and here are the first 5 drawn out
1) Kylie - luv checking out her blog, it's FABULOUS
2) Tracey - her blog is so full of inspiration and with the new makeover its GORGEOUS
3) Amanda - a great read... great blog by a GREAT lady
4) Shell - I luv checkin out her blog, her scrapping is STUNNING
5) Mandy - so glad her name came out, her blog ROCKS
and now my beautiful people I gotta go
Mojo is whingin that I ignoring him
gotta go scrap!
till tomorow
mwa mwa

January 16, 2009

DAY 16
and today it got to 43 degrees here in Perth
bushfires, sirens and waterbombers could be heard clearly over the hum of the overworked air conditioner
but we got insulation ner ner ner ner
sorry I still alittle excited about how much a difference it has made in this once hotbox of a house!
skittles anyone?
i have a bad addiction to these juicy buggers and cannnnnot stop...
please someone take them away
well mojo is still on holiday
the cheeky bugger racked off without even tellin me he was leavin!
hopefully he will come home soon - i miss him!
i wanna scrap...
thanks girls for your lovely comments on the changes round here
it does take a bit of getting used to! LOL
you will notice too a few changes in the menu above
I have closed down most of my site to make way for more time dedicated to
click here to check it out
I have also been busy in photoshop making all new buttons for the top50blogs and new blog awards for On the Hop and new this and new that!
been having a ball in there actually! lol
All will be revealed in time
I have LOTS of surprises up my sleeve
brain is in overdrive
gonna explode soon
mmm.... yum red skittle!
todays question of the day is:
and now my darling beautiful people I am outa here
I am chattering in the forum at TBSS and emailing and PMing and MSNing all at once
very confused here
need more multitask skills
need more skittles
mmmmm orange one....
till tomorow
mwa mwa
behave yaselves....

January 15, 2009

DAY 15
and a new look
you like?
I have been playing in blogs nearly all day!
well that was after finally crawling out of bed mid morning and then going shopping for school supplies and breaking the last remaining retarded looking bank balance!
oh well, atleast the kids wont be going to school on the first day with nothing but a biro and notepad!
hellowwww Lexie - waving madly at you while you drink ya morning cuppa!
having a better day now your starting out with your normal routine? PML
you will have to head over to Tasha's blog too, that has had a revamp today
and her friend Renee has joined the bloggin world today
both girls are liking the new look to thier blogs too LOL
and the reason why we Aussies have the roo and emu on our coat of arms is not only to remind us not to eat them (thanx Tracey that cracked me up!)
is because they cannot walk backwards!
yep... strange little fact that
today's question of the day is:
oh oh insulation ROCKS!
today was a good test and omg it was sooo nice to come home out of the high 30's heat into an nice cool house. most definately makes a huge difference!
I can stop whinging now - well untill I find something else to whinge about! LOL
I have not scrapped! Mojo has definately left the building!
and now my beautiful people I must go and sort out these kids!
till tomorow
keep smilin and behave yaselves
mwa mwa
... hope you like the changes....

DAY 14 in disguise! LOL
yeah I didnt get time to scratch my backside yesterday eithor! was one of those days...
I ironed allllll day then had to fix Tasha's laptop. She had a nasty bug in there eating things
all done now though, all working as good as new - phewwww!
I did this layout for my neighbor the other night, I did one of his sisters ages ago and Jordan has been begging me for ages to do him one
Girls pages are so much easier, I struggle with boys pages and have to wait for my dear darling gorgeous kind loving Mojo (yes I am sucking back up to him he's ready to run away again!)
he luvs it and now has it up on the cabinet in the lounge next to his sisters one
Tash has been updating her blog with more photos and is luving everyones comments,
thank you
this is one she took last night, she and Renee went on a bit of a photoshoot (again)
if these are the shots she can get with MY cheap digi, I can only imagine what she could be capable of with a decent SLR
todays question of the day is:
and now my beautiful people I need my morning coffee
must get this day started
mwa mwa

January 13, 2009

DAY 13
and its a been a beautiful day
nice weather, had insulation installed, scrapped a couple of pages AND got another publication
I will be sharing the Scrapbook Creations issue 66 quick grabs girls with the beautiful Kath and Treesa. Hope we are all on the same page! how cool would that be?
is anyone else joining us in that one, can we have a little party and run a muck in the mag?
these are the two pages my mojo and I put our heads together for
This is Shell's son Caleb. Isn't he cute?
I altered the pic a little, made the background B&W and blurry to create more focus on Caleb

and played with some inking and distressing, some glimmer mist and handcutting, lots of dimensional magic and 3d foam etc
and this is Tracey's daughter Khiana, how cute is she hey?
I wanted a bright girly page to reflect her gorgeous personality
in this pic she was doing a little Christmas performance for her mum, such a girl thing to do!
I had a good play with glitter and dimensional magic, oh and lots of flowers!
today's question of the day is:
some of them crack me up! I left a comment on a blog today and the word was
I have a terrible habit of trying to pronounce them, just for a bit of fun... but that one I was laughing so hard that I actually spelled it wrong!
well my beautiful people I am outa here, I have a awful headache coming on and the computer screen is really not doing it any good, so till tomorrow
keep smiling and behave yourselves
mwa mwa

January 12, 2009

DAY 12
and I am wigglin in my chair with excitement...
I have just been on abit of a blog hop and wahoooo Chic and Lexie have both truly made my day
thanks girls... links to their blogs are on the right, yeah down there. no... your right not my right!
yeah thats em down there, you will have to click em and have a looksie at their stunning blogs (but not till after ya finished here though ok?)
check this blog award out
this is what she put on her blog for me: Awarded to Nat at NATS CREATIVE CHAOS for
* A well laid out and informative Blog with Humor by the bucket load
*Inspiring LO's
*Her tireless contribution to the Scrapbooking Community.
This Award is unique and the only one of its kind having been designed by me for you. This award cannot be passed on.
thanx again Chic this ROCKS.... and I now have a big fat headswell! LOL
and Lexie the beautiful Lexie has drawn me out to win a RAK
wahoooo oh how exciting
thanx again Lexie you ROCK
lurrrrve ya blog darlin luv it...
my baby girl is devistated today though...
look what she did to her camera

it takes some pretty spinny photos now! LOL

everything has a 'halo' effect

she only bought this out of her christmas money too so we took it back to Harvey Normans today and guess wat! It only has a 15 day replacement guarantee and we are on day 18....
soo typical!
they are sending it back to Samsung to see wat they can do, probably cheaper and easier to buy her a new one!
and back to a happier note, we finally found Jake a Spongebob!
on ebay of all places... was a funny little experience. he was sitting up on my knee while I was on the phone to the beautiful Tracey, us all browsing through ebay when he spotted one
got all super duper excited, $16 inc postage BARGAIN so we go it!
went through the payment and wat-not then realized it was a bag!
he broke down into tears
so Josh to the rescue, he took over and found a 'teddy' one
so now the lucky little bugger is gonna have 2
the bag is a 13" plush and the toy one is a 7" plush
so what does his silly mum say that made him crack up laughing this time with tears of joy
'you can tuck the little one in the bag one and then Spongebob can have babies'....
we went to the drive ins last night and run a bit of amuck! LOL
the kids had an absolute ball, we froze and were eaten alive by mozzies
this photo cracks me up! it reminds me of the Grease song 'stranded at the Drive in'
might have to scrap it to that theme! LOL and hopefully once I do I can stop singin it...
we eventually got home bout 12.45 but cause the kids had a lolly overload they were all hypo and ready to party on so out came the drums! sorry neighbors....
bout 2.30 I finally got them to go bed
and today my beautiful sister Kirsti and her 4 kids, Josh's 4 mates and Jakes 2 friends all came and invaded my house ! yep thats a total of 11 loud kids
Tash and her friends decided to stay away for the day - well actually I advised them too, I said that if they came home my head would explode LOL
so now the ratbag has just told me that we have 3 extras for the night for a camp out in the tent! aurrghhhh help me! I hope it blows over in the middle of the night and scared the bajeebas out them! ohhhh on that note I might have to play a few tricks on em ehhehehe ghost noises
wahooo wonder if the boys will be in on that with me? yeah i rekkon this could be a fun night after all!
oh I have a message from Tash, she wants me to say thankyou to everyone that has been in and checked out her blog. she is luving the comments!
todays question of the day is:
hope the answer doesnt scare you! LOL
I know I spend way too many hours looking, reading and catching up with so many
I would luv to leave comments for everyone I visit, I always think of it, think of what to comment about then end up clicking a link somewhere in their blog and enter yet another to venture through only to repeat the same process!
the longest I spent blog hopping in one sitting was 6 hours!
I know thats bad!!!!
I do really have a life, true...
for all those I visit, I do leave you all comments, only if you wanna read em you will have to get inside my head.... on second thoughts that probably more scary than what I plan on doing to the girls tonight! ROFPML
oh yeah, I found my little scissors! it was me... i put them away in the scrap paper box with the papers i was still cutting
had to apologize to the kids cause i blamed them for taking them
they had fun making me do it too!
and now that I have written a novel post again, I am outa here
till tomorow my beautiful people I am off to get the fly spray for this stupid horrible annoying fly that keeps coming this way to annoy me
take care and behave yaselves
mwa mwa

PS I am not reading this back through so oopsy if there too many spelling mistakes!