January 2, 2009

man its hot! 36 today but it feels like 136....
I have spent the most of today hogging the air con while ironing but now finally have my feet up on the couch - playin in my top50blogs
go check it out, do you like the changes?
and aussie post still sux!
no parcels yet and now its the weekend so another couple of days to mutter not so nice things under my breath at em!
I am soooo bustin to play with my latest purchases! hope they all come on Monday...gees it will be like christmas all over again if they all come on the same day! LOL
I played around with some of LAST YEARS stash hehheh oh that sounds funny saying that
last year! LOL
this is my beautiful neice Ebony
hello Eb, hope you like this one darlin...
It's a sample for the January challenge in my forum
click here for more details
and if you do this challenge, post it into your blog and the forum
along with a minimum 10 posts you two can be in the running for the fabbo RAK pack that will be posted out to one lucky winner from out of my own personal stash
you also recieve one of these blog awards to wear with pride on your blog just for taking on the challenge


Todays question is:



till tomorow
take care n keep smilin its 2009
mwa mwa


Julie said...

Hey you, I love that layout, *L* what on earth is she doing with cabbage on her hair though? ROFL
The only smart ass comment I can come up with to go with your quesiton of the day is so their bodies can catch up with their heads! hehe

Delia W said...

She's got the most amazing eyes. And I love the colour combo.

I can't come up with any smart ass comments, so will leave it at that.

Kathie said...

Your LO is fantastic Nat. Ummm I am scratching my head as to the giraffe question, but would it have something to do with food???

lexie said...

Love Jans challeng mind has gone in o overtime thinking of some thing to do.....and why are giraffe's so tall
answer...because they are....
luv Lexie oxo

Shell said...

Giraffe's need to reach the leaves in the trees riiiiight up the top so they gotta have looooong necks...Yeah???
Ahhh...who knows. Maybe like Lexie said "Coz they just are!!" and like Julie I can't think of anything smart assy enough for an answer PML!

Beautiful LO's as always my darling. Im gonna have a crack at Jans challenge too :)

Antonella Ryan said...

Love the last years stash layout! Looks Fab Has Anyone Got a 2009 stash yet?

xoxAlyssaxox said...

Lovely LO hun.. I agree with Shell.. Giraffe's have gotta be tall enough so they can reach the leaves out of the tall tree's :) xx