January 15, 2009

DAY 15
and a new look
you like?
I have been playing in blogs nearly all day!
well that was after finally crawling out of bed mid morning and then going shopping for school supplies and breaking the last remaining retarded looking bank balance!
oh well, atleast the kids wont be going to school on the first day with nothing but a biro and notepad!
hellowwww Lexie - waving madly at you while you drink ya morning cuppa!
having a better day now your starting out with your normal routine? PML
you will have to head over to Tasha's blog too, that has had a revamp today
and her friend Renee has joined the bloggin world today
both girls are liking the new look to thier blogs too LOL
and the reason why we Aussies have the roo and emu on our coat of arms is not only to remind us not to eat them (thanx Tracey that cracked me up!)
is because they cannot walk backwards!
yep... strange little fact that
today's question of the day is:
oh oh insulation ROCKS!
today was a good test and omg it was sooo nice to come home out of the high 30's heat into an nice cool house. most definately makes a huge difference!
I can stop whinging now - well untill I find something else to whinge about! LOL
I have not scrapped! Mojo has definately left the building!
and now my beautiful people I must go and sort out these kids!
till tomorow
keep smilin and behave yaselves
mwa mwa
... hope you like the changes....


lexie said...

love the new look Nat and thank you my day is of to a good start....catch on the hop somewhere

Eve said...

Nat love the new look very fresh and very you ...well done
Eve xxx

Amanda said...

Love the new look Nat, very fresh but to be honest I think I am partial to the old look. It was like a warm hug at the end of a long day - familiar and comforting IYKWIM! :-)

Tracey said...

Love the new look darlin'. Was about 42 here yeaterday but it rained overnight so looking to be about 35....

vicmbee said...

Blog looks great...it dropped in temp here overnight so today was probably about 30.....

rachel said...

I'm luvin the new look Nat... very nice... but I can tell you that it is now freezing here only 13 deg... bloomin Melbourne weather...

G3 said...

Loving the new look, Nat. Love your avatar so much. Perfect match to your eyes.
Hope you guys are alright. Saw the news-Bad bushfire in Perth Kings park. Take care

Anonymous said...

Ooh funk-E new look chicky!! Love what you did to the other 2 blogs also. Can't wait 2 catch up properly!!