January 12, 2009

DAY 12
and I am wigglin in my chair with excitement...
I have just been on abit of a blog hop and wahoooo Chic and Lexie have both truly made my day
thanks girls... links to their blogs are on the right, yeah down there. no... your right not my right!
yeah thats em down there, you will have to click em and have a looksie at their stunning blogs (but not till after ya finished here though ok?)
check this blog award out
this is what she put on her blog for me: Awarded to Nat at NATS CREATIVE CHAOS for
* A well laid out and informative Blog with Humor by the bucket load
*Inspiring LO's
*Her tireless contribution to the Scrapbooking Community.
This Award is unique and the only one of its kind having been designed by me for you. This award cannot be passed on.
thanx again Chic this ROCKS.... and I now have a big fat headswell! LOL
and Lexie the beautiful Lexie has drawn me out to win a RAK
wahoooo oh how exciting
thanx again Lexie you ROCK
lurrrrve ya blog darlin luv it...
my baby girl is devistated today though...
look what she did to her camera

it takes some pretty spinny photos now! LOL

everything has a 'halo' effect

she only bought this out of her christmas money too so we took it back to Harvey Normans today and guess wat! It only has a 15 day replacement guarantee and we are on day 18....
soo typical!
they are sending it back to Samsung to see wat they can do, probably cheaper and easier to buy her a new one!
and back to a happier note, we finally found Jake a Spongebob!
on ebay of all places... was a funny little experience. he was sitting up on my knee while I was on the phone to the beautiful Tracey, us all browsing through ebay when he spotted one
got all super duper excited, $16 inc postage BARGAIN so we go it!
went through the payment and wat-not then realized it was a bag!
he broke down into tears
so Josh to the rescue, he took over and found a 'teddy' one
so now the lucky little bugger is gonna have 2
the bag is a 13" plush and the toy one is a 7" plush
so what does his silly mum say that made him crack up laughing this time with tears of joy
'you can tuck the little one in the bag one and then Spongebob can have babies'....
we went to the drive ins last night and run a bit of amuck! LOL
the kids had an absolute ball, we froze and were eaten alive by mozzies
this photo cracks me up! it reminds me of the Grease song 'stranded at the Drive in'
might have to scrap it to that theme! LOL and hopefully once I do I can stop singin it...
we eventually got home bout 12.45 but cause the kids had a lolly overload they were all hypo and ready to party on so out came the drums! sorry neighbors....
bout 2.30 I finally got them to go bed
and today my beautiful sister Kirsti and her 4 kids, Josh's 4 mates and Jakes 2 friends all came and invaded my house ! yep thats a total of 11 loud kids
Tash and her friends decided to stay away for the day - well actually I advised them too, I said that if they came home my head would explode LOL
so now the ratbag has just told me that we have 3 extras for the night for a camp out in the tent! aurrghhhh help me! I hope it blows over in the middle of the night and scared the bajeebas out them! ohhhh on that note I might have to play a few tricks on em ehhehehe ghost noises
wahooo wonder if the boys will be in on that with me? yeah i rekkon this could be a fun night after all!
oh I have a message from Tash, she wants me to say thankyou to everyone that has been in and checked out her blog. she is luving the comments!
todays question of the day is:
hope the answer doesnt scare you! LOL
I know I spend way too many hours looking, reading and catching up with so many
I would luv to leave comments for everyone I visit, I always think of it, think of what to comment about then end up clicking a link somewhere in their blog and enter yet another to venture through only to repeat the same process!
the longest I spent blog hopping in one sitting was 6 hours!
I know thats bad!!!!
I do really have a life, true...
for all those I visit, I do leave you all comments, only if you wanna read em you will have to get inside my head.... on second thoughts that probably more scary than what I plan on doing to the girls tonight! ROFPML
oh yeah, I found my little scissors! it was me... i put them away in the scrap paper box with the papers i was still cutting
had to apologize to the kids cause i blamed them for taking them
they had fun making me do it too!
and now that I have written a novel post again, I am outa here
till tomorow my beautiful people I am off to get the fly spray for this stupid horrible annoying fly that keeps coming this way to annoy me
take care and behave yaselves
mwa mwa

PS I am not reading this back through so oopsy if there too many spelling mistakes!


Kathie said...

Hey Nat! Glad you found your scissors!! Great post, I love reading about your life and what you been up too!! Tell Tash her blog rocks!! I have a link on my blog to hers. Have a great week. No computer access for next 3 weeks, so will check you out when I get back!!

Delia W said...

Congrats re the award.

I don't even want to start counting up the number of hours I send in a week on the net, just going from one site to the next.. There is some pretty amazing sites out there.... ahhhh.. off I go to find some more...

Chiquita said...

Tell Tash that the halo photos actually look cool. Its a great effect and she should scrap it. I didnt make it over to her site the other nite so Im heading over there now.Will I be served Coffee with scones??? :-)

Tracey said...

He he he....
Your house sounds like FUN! (not)

Hope Tash gets her camera sorted real soon. Like the cool halo effect though.

I spend WAY too much time blog hopping and surfing. Although I call it research and then I don't feel so bad!....LOL

Can't wait for the pics of Jake and his baby making Sponge Bob.


lexie said...

Poor Tash...good luck with getting it sorted....how many hours do I spend blog hopping....way to many!!!!!!!!
I start with yours first thing in the morning to get the next installment of you and your kidlets
and then I hop all day in between house work scrapping etc....off now to check out a couple more then do an update on mine....Oh I'm like you when it comes to leaving comments 3 blogs later I think **** forgot to leave a comment on X's blog lol

Julie said...

But Tash I LOVES the halo effect! LOL
On a serious note, if I had some money, Id be buying her a camera myself cos she has such talent, but shhhhhh dont tell her that or she get a big head *giggles*

I am peeeeeed off at Harvey normans now for not extending the return date by a few days for Xmas, what @#@#@### yeah something like that verification word of yours that is meant to be ROFL
hmmmm this one is dicon, so hard not to add a k to it mwahahahahaha