January 21, 2009

morning bloggers
wow this is a first for me, I am actually here and blogging early in the day!
I have had a wonderful morning - the mail man bought me a couple of lovely surprises
the beautiful Lexie sent me a little pressie, thanx I lurrrve it
and the beautiful Kiahna, Tracey's baby girl sent me some luv too
she did me the most gorgeous page and when I saw it I was in luv... so I told her to keep a secret.... she was a better scrapper than her mum! LOL sorry Trace
all day Kiahna gloated and sang a little song to her mummy
'Im a better scrapper than you, Im a better scrapper than you'
then this morning I got this in the mail (with a lolly pop mmmm....)
check out the look on Traceys face... what a crack up!!!!
Kiahna you rock girl.... and yes your mum is an AWESOME scrapper!
the sketch challenge has already taken hold of 2 wonderful scrappers
Gayatri and Antonella have posted piccies on thier blogs
LUV them girls, they rock!
you may grab the 'wowzers award' blinkie (code on left side) to add to your blogs girls
wear it with pride
anyone else giving the sketch challenge a go yet?
now.... what do 2 girls do when the hot water system blows up?
they have a bath of course!!!!
their screams as they slowly edged themselves into the icy cold water shook the whole neighborhood - and all I could do was laugh (with my fingers in my ears)
then to warm themselves back up again....
the roof
well, I best get my butt back into gear, I still have an ironing job to finish and it aint doin itself! if anyone knows the whearabouts of a little fairy that can come help me... hint hint
till tomorow
keep smiling, the sun came up today...
mwa mwa


Tracey said...

ROFPML......OMG I just looked at that picture Kiahna drew for the first time. She's a little nutter! Get's it from me I guess.

She wants to know if you have eaten the lolly pop yet?

I'm in the middle of doing your sketch now darlin'. Hopefully have it done by the end of the day!

Antonella Ryan said...

Ohh Thanks for the Award!! Can I ask how the hell did they end up on the roof!

amanda73 said...

hey Nat, im in the middle of your sketch now too, does it matter that i dont have a blog, i just loved the sketch so much that i had to do it anyway................. pmsl kihana is way too cute, how gorgeous of her to give you the drawing and lollypop, gorgeous girl she is

amanda73 said...

hey Nat, ive done the sketch, but i dont have a blog, so ive uploaded it at debs and also tearbears galleries, i loved this sketch so much im going to use it a few more times

Julie said...

oh gawd ROFL how'd they get on that roof?? giggles madly... yep they are insane arent they! LOL
I love Kiahnas little picture too, thats soooo cute! LOL

Nat said...

LOL yep I sure did eat the lolly pop, had it stickin out my gob while I was bloghoppin this mornin actually! lol
and as for the girls on the roof, yeah well... the monkeys climbed the brick wall and jumped!!!! I know - I freaked...
Amanda, no it doesnt matter if you dont have a blog darlin - I am off now to check out the gallery and have a little looksie
grab the blinkie and add it to your siggy.
hangin to see everyones take on this challenge
* wink wink * the next one looks like real fuuunn!
have fun girls, mwa mwa
luv Nat xx

Mandy said...

love the sketch...asap i am drawing it in my book...wanna do it today....you know one day i went out the back to find my 5 year old daughter on the top top of the roof walking around...i freaked...!!!! daddy had used the ladder to clean the gutter and left it there....omg.....that was scary!!!!

Kylie said...

ON THE ROF......what the??? Hahahaha the girls look like they had a fun day!
Love Kiahna's letter - what a sweety

amanda73 said...

thanks Nat, but i dont know how to add it to my siggy, could i be a pain and see if you could do it for me, pretty please.
i wouldve freaked with the girls jumping on the roof too, that daughter of yours is gonna give you an early heart attack lol, and cant wait to see what the next sketch is

Lynn said...

Ohhh that drawing is tooo cute! and love the chillin on the roof pic!!!

lexie said...

finished your sketch challenge have put it up on my blog... now only have the pink and green one to do... oxo