January 16, 2009

DAY 16
and today it got to 43 degrees here in Perth
bushfires, sirens and waterbombers could be heard clearly over the hum of the overworked air conditioner
but we got insulation ner ner ner ner
sorry I still alittle excited about how much a difference it has made in this once hotbox of a house!
skittles anyone?
i have a bad addiction to these juicy buggers and cannnnnot stop...
please someone take them away
well mojo is still on holiday
the cheeky bugger racked off without even tellin me he was leavin!
hopefully he will come home soon - i miss him!
i wanna scrap...
thanks girls for your lovely comments on the changes round here
it does take a bit of getting used to! LOL
you will notice too a few changes in the menu above
I have closed down most of my site to make way for more time dedicated to
click here to check it out
I have also been busy in photoshop making all new buttons for the top50blogs and new blog awards for On the Hop and new this and new that!
been having a ball in there actually! lol
All will be revealed in time
I have LOTS of surprises up my sleeve
brain is in overdrive
gonna explode soon
mmm.... yum red skittle!
todays question of the day is:
and now my darling beautiful people I am outa here
I am chattering in the forum at TBSS and emailing and PMing and MSNing all at once
very confused here
need more multitask skills
need more skittles
mmmmm orange one....
till tomorow
mwa mwa
behave yaselves....


Treesa Young said...

love ur new look blog...i really want to learn how to do that!!
oh dont worry i think your mojo has run off with my mojo!! and I cant haul him back this weekend im too busy!!
oh and im so glad u got insulation or u would have died today!!!LOL
talk soon
luv Trees xx

Tracey said...

hmmmmm.....sugar overload.
Look what u been doin girl....woo hoo!

I have officially joined On The Hop. Love it! I'm a blog hopping addict....xxx

lexie said...

I'm a gal on the hop... officially...
spend way toomuch time hopping..love how you surprise us with changes....
love the new look
I think your mojo might be visiting mine as I have gone into over drive with ideas... note to oneself sketch and write notes before I forget
ps glad the insulation works oxo

Antonella Ryan said...

MMM Looks Great Nat I love the little froggy!

CreativeMe68 said...

Love the new look of your blog...I want to join the blog hoppers too. I am blog hopping most days! So many lovely blogs and it is always nice to come back to yours as it is always changing! And I love Tasha's blog too!
Hope the insulation has made the house a lot cooler for you and your family. Luv Shaz xoxo

Kellie said...

Oh can I have a red one?! LOL. You are so creative, I wish I knew how to do all that, it looks like it would be trying but fun once you got the hang of it!

P.s I have a little something for you over at my blog :)


Delia W said...

Like the new look. Skittles are good, but personally I have a diet coke ...mmmm. problem?.. addiction?

Hope mojo is back soon.