January 24, 2009

Were did this week go?
I am struggling to believe the calendar this morning, its telling me its Saturday!!!!
I have no idea what happened to this whole week
I blame Mojo, he ran away again leaving me to do the dreaded housework and website building and breaking! lol
yep I broke my new site even before its launched...
I cried like a little baby as I watched it all crash n burn
I have been telling myself all morning that I am a big girl now, no need to cry, get back up on the horse and do it allllllllll again! arrgghhh
speaking of things burning, we had a bit of a bush fire here the other day
so I squeazed 7 kids in the back of my car and took em all up the lakes behind us to see the waterbombers
they all giggled and squealed with excitement as the choppers nearly blew us away while spraying us with grotty lake water! LOL
there were 5 bombers and so cool to watch
and yes that is 'spongebob' jake is clutching onto, he had to come too
even had to be tucked into the seatbelt!
this bloomin yellow dude goes everywhere with him now
he sits up at the table and shares Jake's vegies, he brushes his teeth and he is a bed hog!
it's funny to see his waiting patiently right outside the toilet door for Jake, thats the only place he wont take him!
well thats it for me, I am gonna go stick my nose back into this new site
then I am gonna track down Mojo and drag his butt home, I wanna scrap!!!!
later beautiful peoples
mwa mwa


Tracey said...

Cool pics Nat!

Love the fact that Sponge Bob goes everywhere with Jake. Besides they grow out of that way too quick.....LOL

Very courageous of you to get back on that horse. Can't wait to see the end result!....xxx

lexie said...

Weeks have a habit if disappearing
well they do in my house.....Jake and sponge bob are just way too cute..looking forward to the new web site can't wait to see it...oxo


oh boy, Jake and his Sponge Bob, reeeeeally made me laugh. Great story, and naturally sponge bob had to go to the lake, surely he felt a home there. lol

Antonella Ryan said...

Ohh nat I think that is just the cutest how jake is with the little yellow man!!! Whats going to happen when School commences....

Cute to see!!
Ant xo

Angie ~ Scrap'n'art said...

Hey Gorgeous!

WOW grat shots of the helicopter there Nat!

LOL at Jake and Sponge Bob. Great to still see kids have these treasured items that they take everywhere:) TFS Mwah & Hugs Angie xox