January 11, 2009

DAY 11
and I am super duper cranky!
I cannot find my little babies, my handcutting scissors have apparently walked off by themselves cause noone has used them - funny that!
I put them on their little stand this morning and then this arvo i go to get em and they have vanished
ok enough venting
no need to stress i am sure they will turn up soon enough
hear that kids? yeah i know you read this.... i expect them returned by morn ok???
speaking of kids, Tash has a blog finally
just gotta get her to use it now! LOL
I did a little scrapping last night, this pic of Shells boy Seth is so cute!
he is enjoying the bowl from choc chip muffins - pure delight!

I tried something a little different with buttons, I sewed them on yet not flat, doubled over the stiching and made them all wonky looking
i thought it was a nice way to boy up some flowers
and now me and my cranky head are gonna go on a scissor hunt
i cant wait any longer i need em!
we are going to the drive ins tonight, something a little different
unfortunatley we will have to endure 'high school musical 3' first then 'beverly hill chihuaha'
till tomorow my beautiful peoples
take care and behave yourselves
mwa mwa


Chiquita said...

Will have to have a looksie at Tashs blog. If its anything like her mums it will be great. Have fun at the drive ins tonight. Highschool musical isnt too bad but the dog one just looks plain Lamo!!!! :-)

P.S There is a little something from me to you awaiting on my blog. xox

Kathie said...

Hello Lovely lady!! Oh scissors doing the disappearing act?? I don't think so!!! Right kids look out........boy oh boy my girls know that there is one thing you never ever touch...yeppie my scissors!! The only thing that(apart from Peter) that I would never lend or share!! Oh have you still got heads kids???
Great to see Tash has a blog, will add it to my list!

Tracey said...

Ooh Tash's blog is awesome. Can't wait to see more of her pics.

Have fun at the Drive-In.

I'm sure those pesky little scissors will turn up soon....xxx

lexie said...

Read your Blog while having my fist coffee..... now I can start the day oxo
ps love Tash's blog another one to add to my must visit list

Suzie said...

Hi I'm new to your blog and just had to say I love how creative you are, love the layouts and caught sight of the ATC's too, beautiful. I have a feed link to your blog so no doubt I will stop by again. :>) Sue, living in the UK a very keen scrapper and ATC swapper. Happy New Year Nat.

Julie said...

love your page, and thats all I can say cos headache is trying to get me....hugsssss