January 15, 2009

DAY 14 in disguise! LOL
yeah I didnt get time to scratch my backside yesterday eithor! was one of those days...
I ironed allllll day then had to fix Tasha's laptop. She had a nasty bug in there eating things
all done now though, all working as good as new - phewwww!
I did this layout for my neighbor the other night, I did one of his sisters ages ago and Jordan has been begging me for ages to do him one
Girls pages are so much easier, I struggle with boys pages and have to wait for my dear darling gorgeous kind loving Mojo (yes I am sucking back up to him he's ready to run away again!)
he luvs it and now has it up on the cabinet in the lounge next to his sisters one
Tash has been updating her blog with more photos and is luving everyones comments,
thank you
this is one she took last night, she and Renee went on a bit of a photoshoot (again)
if these are the shots she can get with MY cheap digi, I can only imagine what she could be capable of with a decent SLR
todays question of the day is:
and now my beautiful people I need my morning coffee
must get this day started
mwa mwa


Tracey said...

Love that LO darlin'. Gorgeous stuff.

The kangaroo and the emu are there to remind us NOT to eat them.....LOL

Julie said...

WHY IS THE EMU AND KANGAROO ON THE AUSTRALIAN COAT OF ARMS? cos the wombat was off sleeping, the platypus busy swimming and the koala was too far off his face so he wouldnt follow instructions! mwahahaha
Love that layout too, its just sooooooooo whats the word..... dont know, just thats why you keep getting published! yeahhhhhhhhhhh
luv ya xxxxx

lexie said...

if that's the type of LO you produce when your mojo is playing up no wonder you keep getting published....
my day is out of routine... I like to read your update while having my first coffee its better reading than the paper....and to answer you question Dunno... you tell me

Mandy said...

Mmmm...don't really know in answer to your ?...love that photo...stunning...

Lynn said...

Really beautiful lo! love the flourishes & the buttons are a perfect touch! tfs :)

MargS said...

I THINK I heard on a radio Trivia question ages ago, that the emu & kangaroo are the only two Aus native animals that don't go backwards - ie. they only move forwards. Advance Australia, & all that.
Keep up the great work, Nat. Lovin the inspiration, as always.