January 6, 2009

and what a day it has been
I can now flash another one these around... wahooo
scrapbooking memories have accepted my layout called 'Today is the tomorow you worried about yesterday' for encore gallery
I am still dancing around the room here
the room that I completely rearranged today! yes in 36 degree heat I was moving furniture all in a sulk because I wasnt in Bendigo with the beautiful Shell, Ma, Tracey, Lexie and Rachel today from TBSS
the lucky ducks all met up today for a few too many drinks and lots a laughs
the sweeties rang me and made me feel so special! they were thinking of me too
luvs yas all
wish I was there in person today, it sounds like you all had an absolute ball
hurry up and show me all the piccies girls!
Perth in May girls
*date yet to be confirmed*
if anyone is interested in meeting up
(and probably drinking too much! LOL)
now Shell, please keep those clothes on girl, I am sure your skeleton would laugh if you stripped!
the other way to make a skeleton laugh is to tickle his funny bone! Janine got that one... well done darlin
and thanks Jake for that Joke
todays question of the day is:
no boring facts today and no scrapping to share *sad face*
my stupid horrible mean nasty postie still hasnt been to visit me with my packages that were due BEFORE christmas!!!
soooo frustrating
I wanna play with all the stuff I bought....
I do have a funny story but, Jake had me in hysterics today - I nearly ran off the road I was laughing so hard at him
we were driving down the highway when Jake, who was perched up on the front seat, spun around with his mouth wide open and BIG huge scared eyes
'oh what? is there PREDITORS crossing here?'
and what does his mother say?
'yeah darlin there is, so wind your window up'
then couldnt stop laughin as he went into a panic to get his window up as quickly as he could
the sign actually read: caution pedestrians crossing ahead
ok then my beautiful peoples, I am outa here, I have a humungo ironing job in tonight at at this rate I will be still doing it till the early ours of the morning again
and I gotta get up early in the morning to take Jake to gym - augh
so I had best stop yabbering on
till tomorow
take care n keep smilin its 2009
mwa mwa


Treesa Young said...

Congrats Nat I wish I got to see the layout oh well have to wait for the mag!!
I would love to come to the Perth in May girls I will await the date!
Mwah Treesa xx

G3 said...

yup Nat, Let me know the dates in advance, I shall make arrangements.

G3 said...

Oh Sorry, I wanted to type this first. Congrats Nat. Wish I saw the LO.

Kathie said...

good job sweet lovin' lady!! Congratulations on the LO being published. That is wonderful news! Perth in May-unfortunately no, have an exchange student coming the day i get home from Perth for 10 months!! Will curtail my lifestyle just a little for the coming year!!

Amanda said...

Just wanted to say that I ♥ ur blog, it entertains me every day! Congrats on your latest publication!

Kellie said...

Congratulations Nat that is fantastic news....You are on a roll, look out 2009!
Kellie xx

Julie said...

Congrats darlin!!!
I hope you got all that horrid ironing done too, I hate ironing, its a swear word in my house *L*
I would love to come to Perth with you all, but alas, unless I win lotto, it aint happening *sobs*
But seriously, you do know this is your year dont ya? You are so reaching the stars this year darlin, cos its about time you got lots of recognition though. Your work IS absolutely gorgeous! You are one of my main inspirations...
(aww shucks I can see ya blushing LOL)

Antonella Ryan said...

Congratulations Nat! Your work is amazing and truely worthy of publication!

rachel said...

Well done Nat your work is awesome, loved the title and I did get a peak at this one... Congrats!!!