January 8, 2009

and I just went into a HUGE panic!
I settled myself down here right infront of the air con (its 38 here today - again!)
to update my blog when the urge stiked for a cuppa, so I jumped up to put the kettle on knocking dear Lappy almost off the table! caught him by the screen
heart was pounding, gees if I killed Lappy what would I do????
so a cuppa was definatlely now needed. Headed to the kitchen, grabbed the coffee out the cupboard and knocked the bag of snowballs onto the floor! be fine if the pack wasnt already opened, but no! just my luck... my kitchen floor had a lovely coating of coconut and chocolate crap everywhere...
so I grab the broom and knock the handle right into Jakes head! he starts howling, Shae (his friend) starts laughing so Jakes chucks a tanty and stomps off past me right through the mess on the tiles to trudge it all onto the bloomin carpet!!!!
I take a deep breath clean it all up muttering under my breath and make my long awaited cuppa... mmm tastes good
so off I trot back to the table where Lappy is awaiting patiently and spill my lovely hot coffee all over his keyboard! (*&^%.... Bolt back to the kitchen grab the tea towel and mop it all up, rolling the now wet teatowel into a ball and toss it back into the kitchen!
not exactly a good idea! it knocked the phone off the hook on its way!
oh well too bad, I dont wanna talk to anyone anyway, I gotta update my blog first
ok, now I am all settled to blog.... I shouldnt also mention that I just missed my mouth and knocked my teeth on the coffee cup ....
yep its one of them days!
I also nipped down to my LSS this morning with intentions of getting ONLY double sided tape
yeah well, I have never been very good at doing as I am told
I ended up with a few extras! and of all things 'more paper!!!'
what was i thinking?
I was a good girl though I only got a couple
I couldnt resist these Bo Bunny ones but
arnt they gorgeous???
A couple of people have asked if Tash will be following through with her photography passion, and yes she is. She will be starting photography at school this year and SUPER EXCITED
the dag keeps circling SLR cameras in catalogues and leaving them statically placed (on my scrap desk) in hope that I will buy her one! Dream on girl.... I would luv to but it aint gonna be happnin too soon
and did anyone give the tongue twister a go?
its a hard one hey?
todays question of the day is:
I had a fight with my Mojo last night
with so much new stuff to play with I spent the first few hours looking and touching and playing and putting it all away then getting it all out again just to look, touch and play some more
eventually I settled and this layout came about
was so hard cause I wanted to use EVERYTHING....


and now my beautiful people I am gonna go on a bit of blog hop
till tomorow
take care n keep smilin its 2009
mwa mwa


CreativeMe68 said...

Oh Nat I hope that your day has got better instead of worse!!! Don't you wish that you could just start the day over again sometimes??? Love your latest purchases from LSS lets hope your mojo stays around! Hope Jake is ok and that Lappy doesn't die on you! Luv checkin in on your blog so I will be back soon to see what you have done with all that stuff Luv Shaz xoxo

Chiquita said...

Oh No!!! Poor Lappy. Hope hes okay. Sounds like a bum of a day. Well they say it comes in threes but youve had it in tens so hopefully things will start looking up now. :-)

G3 said...

Yup its hot here is Kal, 10 days of continuous heat. Its killing me.

I love those Bo Bunny papers. Yummm!!!!!!

Kathie said...

Well I think that the electric chair was invented by a Dentist!!
Have you recovered from your aweful day? I took my children + 1 to the pictures to see "Bolt" today. Then shopped a bit, is okay I only bought some chipboard sheets for scrapping the rest was real shopping, you know food type shopping and a new quilt cover for the bed for our exchange student!
Well that is enough for now sweet lovin' lady!

lexie said...

Lauhged so hard...nearly fell of my chair....not at you...with you...I have days that run into weeks like that....Lexie oxo

lyn said...

hi hun
i know you already have heaps of em but also left you a little something on my blog. but ya know you deserve em lol
belynda xo

Kath Parker said...

hope today has been better for you.
Love all the papers you got

Julie said...

oh darlin, hope you dont have another one of those days for a loooooooooooong time! Sucky arent they. Poor lappy, glad he survived the ordeal too. Now, I didnt try that tongue twister, cos its hard enough with a lsight lisp as it is, things like that make it worse and noticeable ROFL quite torturous really. As for the electric chair, Im pretty sure it was invented by a dentist, thats the memory thats coming to me.
I love your new shopping pile, and also love the new page! So cute! hes such a sweetie isnt he....
TTFN, love and hugs