January 5, 2009

and I had a brain fart...
was on the phone with Shell when the stench took over and I ran outside with a spray can and some Basic Grey alpha sheets
now have some nice black alphas to play with
I was getting a bit sick of colouring them in with a marker pen but now I dont need to
sorry I am slightly excited here
gonna go and attack LOTS more now
chipboard look out too
and look out Bunnings, I am coming back for more colours
black is gonna bore me
mmm might get a chrome can
yeah.... oh oh gotta hurry up n do this post, wake my snoring son who is alseep on the lounge room floor still right here beside me
oops just 'accidently' kicked him... wasnt me it was my foot! LOL
but I wanna go shopping - wake up boy!
I do gotta layout to show you all today
I stayed up till a little too late last night scrapping for the photoswap at TBSS
I was paired up with Shell & Cass
(Cass if you reading this darlin, can you send me a piccy today and I will send you one too - thanx)
this pic is of Shell and all her lovely mum & siblings taken on boxing day
she luvs how it has turned out and so do I
I went on a bit of a frenzy with it adding bits n peices from over 15 makers! oops!
I have never been very good at sticking to a product line, I see the colours & design not the makers
and added a gizzillion little glitter dots
you cant really see them in these photos but!
how do you take good pics that show up all the little details?
oh yeah, pigs can not fly nor can they look up to the sky!
that little fact spun me out
I been enjoying looking up bizarre things for the question of the day, found out some really interesting things along the way
the kids are annoyed with me though
they are like 'whatever mum'
so I hope your all not doin the same!
here's another one just to make ya roll ya eyes at me... LOL
did you know that:
101 Dalmatians and Peter Pan are the only two Disney cartoon features with both parents that are present and don't die throughout the movie.
thanks for the reality check disney!
oh and did you know that you are born with 300 bones, but when you get to be an adult, you only have 206!
what happens to the missing peices?????
thats alot of bones!
I rekkon mine have all fused together and thats why I have this stupid RA to condend with! PML
oh oh and speaking of body parts, our feet... omg
The human foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles and tendons. The 52 bones in your feet make up about 25 percent of all the bones in your body
spinny hey?
todays question of the day is:
till tomorow
take care n keep smilin its 2009
mwa mwa


G3 said...

Thats a wonderful idea of spraying with paint and its anyway scorching hot here too. It will dry in no time

Lo made for Shell is wonderful.

janine said...

Amazing LO shell will cherish it. You are a clever cookie with the spray paint i have tried to hand paint them but they looked S..T
Your posts are so funny love em .
Answer to the Q . tickle their funny bones Ha ha ?

Renee said...

What a gorgeous layout Nat. Very clever janine!!

Shell said...

Oh yeah those alphas look sick as!!

I could take me clothes off and he's laugh....does that count???

Treesa Young said...

lol sounds like the paint has gone to your head!! just kiddin
love the layout Nat Just gorgeous

lexie said...

Love the idea of the spray paint will have to get DH to pick up a couple of cans next time he goes to the hardware store..love the LO you did for Shell....one more sleep before I meet her....thats if I can sleep.....just a wee bit excited here

Kathie said...

Nice LO Nat!! Golly you gals are so talanted, puts me to shame at the moment.....Would just love to be able to come up with LO's like that all the time. Have struggled with 2 that are for an entry into a DT and neither has worked!!
-sigh- back to the drawing board! I think that you need to tickle the Sleletons funny bone to make him laugh or tell him a humouras joke!!

vicmbee said...

Love your blog nat....LOL never heard of a brain fart before... great idea though I got some nice pearl pink paint up the shed, will have to try it...Love shell's LO you done...

lyn said...

omg nat i love this layout, its super awesome. Janine one lucky chicky! enjoy your blog, keep it up. oh happy new year too btw :)
much lurve belynda

Antonella Ryan said...

Nat your work never ceases to amaze me I just love everything about all your Layouts! You should be very proud of yourself!

Julie said...

Brain farts hey ROFL
Yeah my lot do them all the time, but they make the brain not work properly hehehe
I do so love your layouts, especially the work for Shell, its absolutely gorgoeus!!
love and hugsss

Chiquita said...

Oh That LO is just beautiful. Maybe I will have to do a swap with you. I would just be too ashamed of what muck I produce to give you in return :-(. Ps...Ive done the spray can thing with the kaiser wood flourishes as they are hard to paint all the nooks and crannys.