March 28, 2009

Mojo has officially packed his bags and moved out I am sure of it
I have had no inspiration, no urge, no desire to scrap at all for a couple of days now and its really starting to do my head in!
Mind you I am a little excited lately! I fly out tomorrow
these were the last I could squeeze out
this one was fun to do, a fun play with the spellbinders to create these flowers
luvin making them!!! the possibillities are endless!
ahhaha I sounded like a commercial ahhaha but its so true!!!
and here's a quick sneak peak at a few more creations for SIA
Next week is cybercrop at Ready Set Scrap
hope to see you all there
omg do we have a blast
no scrapping could possibly get done on the night!!!!
Friday night is chatter, games and challenges are put up
but the best thing is your creations don't need to done and uploaded into the gallery till the Wednesday night
yeah that's right, you actually get to enjoy your scrapping for a cybercrop, no need to rush them
and... even better is there are 9 challenges to play with
yep... 9!!!!
click the below image to check out more details

I have been tagged!
*** thankyou ***
I have received 3 of these this week so have decided to change the rules alittle and open the 3rd folder and upload the 3rd image
(instead of 6th)

this is what I found...
Jake in the car, no he doesn't usually have blue hair LOL
we were on the way to School Sports Carnival!

Now to pass on this fun tag:
Here are the rules for the tag:
•Invite six friends to join the challenge
•Link your six friends to your blog post
I will tag:
(hopefully you haven't had this one too many times yet! LOL)


and now my beautiful friends
I am outa here...
gonna go pick up some greasy pizza, hire a couple of movies and enjoy the company of my couch tonight while I wait for 3.30am to arrive....
then up and off I trot to the airport to have a life for 9 days!
till later peoples
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx


Marisa said...

Thanks for the tag Nat! I know how you feel about mojo going on holiday, mine has been gone for a little while now...oh well it will return shortly I hope. have marked the cybercrop date on my calender :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the layout and all the sneek peaks and Jakes cool hair!
Thanks for the tag fun fun...I will go look see what photo it is!
I would love to do cyber crop maybe if I can get Nanna to have my littlies for the night!
OH and I am sooooooooooo jealous of your trip! you go girl have a a hard!! Going to Sydney no kids and no hubby what else can you do?!!
mwah Treesa xx

Tracey said...

I got one thing to say!

WOO HOO!....see you

Jane Smith said...

Nat, you blow me away with your awesomeness...this layout is devine...loovveee thoses flowers, the photo, everything. Have a good one.

Cathy said...

looks like a cool kid to me, lol your page is so beyond divine.

Kathie said...

Thasnks Nat. Will go post it now, sorry haven't been very well so I missed it. My mojo has been on holiday for months.....really would like it to come back home!!!
Enjoy you trip to Victoria

Loobylou said...

Hey Nat, I love your spin on the peeled Bazzill flowers I showed you when we met at Scrap It Flaunt It. It's fun to share our creativity- Love your layout

Anonymous said...

have fun on your get away!!!!

Tristan said...

layout= yum yum =Me stealing them spelbinder flower ideas thanks Natiiii.loved the layout

KeeponScrappin said...

Hi Nat! OMG I'm totally behind. Thank you for the tag. Love your layout. Beautiful as always. Jakes hair is too cool. Love it!