September 26, 2008

Time to Parrrrtayyyy...

I been hanging out at Tracey's blog lately listening to her jukebox with everyone's mojos and before i knew it some of em crept in here to party on after hours!!!!

they have attacked the jukebox with some awesome tunes and are now spreading the scrap vibe around... grab some if you can !

I did, and this came about

sorry cant stay and chat today, but will be back soon with (hopefully) lots more work to show you all as there are 2 cybercrops on this weekend (Uproar2scrapmore and CraftBits&Bears) and then next weekend its TBSS cybercrop and the weekend after that is another one (Deb'screations) - busy busy busy

Oh but before I go, I gotta show you this layout

this is the layout in the Scrapboooking Memories Magazine this month (issue 10/6 page 134)

you can click my images to enlarge too by the way

oh oh and gotta show you this one too, this is me and my beautiful sister Kirsti

you can see her blog here

oh oh oh and you gotta check out my new site I am in the process of building

the links are all at the top - be warned ... it is still a work in progress! LOL

ok, now I am seriously going,

have fun and behave yourselves

mwa mwa

Luv Nat xx


Kylie said...

nat....i especially love the LO of you and your sister...the boy LO look rad too..goes with the retro theme!

vicmbee said...

Hi Nat you star, just got my copy of the next SBM and I see your name and a fantastic LO of your darling...well done

Amanda said...

Nice layouts Nat!!

G3 said...

Love they layout of yourself and your sister kristi, you blog is super