September 29, 2008

Wow what a start to the school holidays we have had
busy busy busy

I lurrrve the school holidays, theres no stress, no need to go bed early, no need to get up early, no need to do nothin but chill....
so I thought I might grab the kids and get out the house early on before the holidays really kick in and we become the gigantic holiday sloths we usually do....

so after being up scrapbooking till 2am and sleeping in on the first day I decided to round up the troups and become tourists for the weekend - well wat was left of the weekend anyways

first stop would be to find my sister... she moved down here a couple of weeks ago and we have not yet been to their new house, so that was our first mission, to travel to the other side of Perth and after getting VERY lost we finally found them! they had no idea we were coming so it was a brilliant surprise.

we didnt stay too long, it was around dinner time and not the best time of day for company....
so we headed off to have dinner somewhere in the sticks! LOL
KFC won the vote so we all sat in there making pigs of ourselves

then headed back down the highway having fun toying with a beasty ford in the next lane... he would take off from the lights and we would 'cream' him without even trying, yet every set of lights he tried again and again - oh I luv having a v8 somtimes!
the kids were all cheering 'yeah go mum... ' giggling away
then Sunday we headed off again, first stop was Harbour Town to do a little shopping! yeahhhooooooooo wahhhayayyyyyyea luv shopping
got a few bargains for the kids and a shitload of lollies from the candy store!
then we headed down to Fremantle, again we managed to get ourselves a little lost - eventually found the EShed markets, so we parked and walked it from there
had a wonder through the markets and then headed down to the Maratime Museum
where they had a live music... in a museum... yeah I know how weird is that????

we had a good giggle at these motorized gocart looking buggie things that were zooming around the place. Would have hired one just for the thrill of it only they only had 2 seats...

oh gotta show this photo... my fav of the day

Then we hit Fremantle Prison
what an amazing old place this is, the history in here in incredible and the stories...
Even Bon Scott spent alittle time in here
it was built by convicts in 1850 and was still in use till Oct 1991!
And the artwork is amazing! this cell was full of incredible drawings
they are all now protected behind clear sheets and the silly sun was shining in so I couldnt get any decent photos - sooo spewin!
the details are incredible and to think this was a cell of a 'lifer' - what a waste of talent!!!!

and then there is solitary... so Josh and a P bucket hung out LOL

so yeah we had a busy couple of days...

and we left our mark behind ...But wait, theres more... it doesnt end there

Today we hit the beach and right now I am a red raw lobster in desperate need of a cold bath, so I am outa here, have fun, behave yourselves I will update my blog again tomorow

mwa mwa

Luv Nat xx


elle said...

oh wow, awesome pics nat! i went to the maritime museum when i was in perth a month ago n it was awesome! didnt get to go to the prison though....
hope you enjoy the holidays with your kids n do some more mini adventures with them!