September 18, 2008

Jessy is a 'dobbit'
yep, this little darling thinks he is a dog, so a dobbit he is
we have had him and his sister for 3 1/2 years now, they were born on boxing day 2004 and abandoned by their mother. They have been hand raised and nursed like little human babies wrapped up in little blankies and cradled and bathed and powdered.... it was quit gruelling bottle feeding them every 2 hours, day and night but the benefits are amazing, these two dobbits are like no others I have ever known, they grew up with a doberman 'Becky' as thier mother, she was soooo darn funny with them too!
Sometimes we wondered if the dog thought it was rabbit or if the rabbits thought they were dogs! So funny as we'd go to the back door and would be greeted by the three all sitting there looking up at you, all with puppy dog eyes wanting a pat and a treat
even funnier was seeing a big doberman eat celery
sorry getting sidetracked here!
this was suppost to be a short post so show you my latest two pages
so back to the task at hand, the first layout here is of the beautiful Jessy the dobbit with Jake
these two cuddle like this all the time, Jake runs up the yard and Jessy chases after him and they play soccer together! mind you Jessy gets knocked over a bit now that Jake boots the ball to hard at him! LOL
At TBSS this week we had another round of scraplift
Mandy was our victom so we all headed across to the gallery to choose something of hers to take inspiration, this one grabbed me everytime, I luv everything about it so I lifted the entire page! Thanks Mandy for a gorgeous page
These ribbons are the new Alexx Kesh range that will be in stock mid October... soooo nice!
there are pre-orders being taken now, you should go check it out
they come in the cutest tub jam packed full of a gorgeous range
I could easily get em all!
and then we come to this one. OMG this layout took me forever and it smells like roast chicken
thanks to Chic for setting the seed in my mind about oven roasting scrapbooking again! long story, you will have to head over to DEBS CREATIONS for the full story
anyway, gees I am good at getting sidetracked this morning, as I was saying, this layout took forever!!!!
It is heavily inspired by a few gorgeous ones on SCRAPBOOK.COM, I'd been surfing for inspiration - since my bloomin mojo took off back down the pub again and left me here hanging high and dry busting to scrap....
I luv to wonder round the net looking, sucking in all the gorgeous stuff, then shut the lid on lappy and go where the flow took me. well this is what i did and this is what happened....

I absolutley LUV this pic of Tash, she looks soooo darn grown up and beautiful
my baby girl is now a teenager! man where did the time go!!!! I luv this pic of her too cause you can really see how much her smile and teeth have already changed in the past couple of months. Its a great indication of how beautiful they will be when this braces ordeal is finally over
for those that havnt read my previous post bout Tash's teeth, she has a expansion plate in at the moment, one of those metallic spider looking ones that gets turned with a key every day. Already it has made a dramatic difference, you can now see all her top teeth are moving into alignment and there is gaps appearing for the teeth that had no room
oh sorry, that is quite a squirmish subject... back to scrapping... here I have to show you a close up shot of this layout, all these stamped flourishes have been handcut
yes it took me HOURS... well worth it though, I sat back on the couch taking a long earned break, watched some TV and a movie while doing them, Once they were done this layout came together quite quickly
oh yeah gotta tell you about the GLIMMER MIST
sorry but i dont like it. infact i hate it. but I was determined to use it and learn to luv it
SO.... I grabbed the Jenni Bowlin die cut and headed off to the kitchen with a bottle of glimmer mist and proceeded to spray from a great distance as to have a light shimmering effect
yeah right, stupid stuff.... next thing you know I am getting all shitty and spraying wayyyyyy toooo much of it onto everywhere in big soggy blobs - so my diecut is now a sloppy mess!!!
soggy and saggy and only worthy for the bin so I give up! I go back to cooking dinner which I should have been doing in the first place, but you know what its like, scrapping always seems to take hold at the most convenient times ....
My roast chicken was cooking nicely, then... brainfart... Chic has mentioned drying a layout in the oven... oh oh oh not again, no I cannot dare put more things in the oven - didnt I learn with the biscuit bear incident? no... 0bviously not
so in the oven went my layout... it took all of 2 minutes to completly dry out the gimmer mist and totally warp the entire page! disaster....
But... then another brainfart... I'd seen somewher on my surfing trip another layout with the warped look and it was awesome... so on with the show I went
i ran back to the scrap table and scrapped like a madwoman, sanded the edges, roughed it up even more, scrunched papers, ripped edges, rustic inking and on and on
then prettied it all back up again with a prima say it in crystals flourish
I think these handcut flourishes were a great touch and will most definately be doing them again! very time consuming but well worth the R&R on the couch yet still scrappin! LOL

so there you go, my so called short post turned into a novel again
Sorry!!! I really must go now and wake my kiddies all up for school, they have all had a great sleep in - oops!
Jake has his assembly this morning, he is going to be a Earthworm!!! interesting...
Stay beautiful peoples
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx