September 2, 2008

Grab a cuppa - it's the worlds longest post...

I'm not joking ... you are gonna need a cuppa for this catchup!
It's a mile long and full of all sorts
oh oh I gotta show you all first what I did yesterday
I did it

I finally cut my hair.. my long lower back length hair is now up around my shoulders!!!
my hair is like super duper curly so this is something you wont see everyday!!!
me with shorter hair AND it's straight....
my head feels lighter - almost wobbly now, nothing is keeping it balanced!
so if i sound a little bizarre you now know why...
now I have warned you this is gonna be a long post, I have sooo much I wanna share

first you gotta check out this freaky photo
I have NO IDEA what I did but I blame photoshop, it did it not me
I was playing, as I do, clicking buttons just to see what they do and this happened...
If anybody knows what I did, please tell me as I'd love to do it again...
oh oh oh I gotta show you all something else that cracks me up, when I was going through some recent photos to play with in photoshop I came across these that were taken the other week at the wildlife park
lenny llama and Billy goat - they are watchin you

these two characters were so funny, they took a shining to my boys and followed them around like lost sheep - confused animals - someone ought to tell em they not sheep...

Jake and billy cut loose on the dance floor!!! LOL
or was that more of Billy looking at Jake wondering what the ???? the boy is on about?
yeah more than likely!

ok, back to reality here, while I am on the subject of my boys and what they get up to.. check these pics out!

we have roadworks happening across from our house and the first thing they did was put these gigantic mounds of BLACK sand there - I am sure they only did that so my boys could do rolly pollys down it in their good clothes!!!!

They were sooo incredibly dirty after this it took a scrubbing brush and detol to get them almost clean! And yes we did sit on the laundry floor again watching the washing machine toss these clothes around... was actually fascinating to see the colours change before our eyes

and my baby girl... wow she has has an eventful couple of weeks too

she is now officially a teenager!!! yep my baby is 13



no she didn't have a party, no celebration, nothing - the silly girl managed to get herself grounded for her 13th birthday. and mean ole me had to stick to my guns on this one... she was caught shoplifting! I was horrified, mortified, humiliated - all those

but not as much as she ended up being - she stole a 'ladies product', just one, opened the packet in the aisle and slipped one into her pocket, turned around only to become face to face with the store manager!!! a male!!!! and worse, someone that knows me!!!! SO... he says nicely to her to put it back, gave her the look, she sh*t herself, did as she was told and took off. He rings me, I go hunt down my daughter and drag her back into the shop to apologize and pay for the pack she opened. Ground her, give her the talk and take her laptop and mobile phone too. And to top all that off her lovely brother has fun telling her father who comes straight around and she has to go through the whole embarrassment again...

don't think she will be shoplifting again in a hurry! well I hope not!!!
and then she gets an expansion plate fitted, which hurts and looks like a metal spider in her mouth and she talks all funny, hasn't shut her up but!

sorry this is pretty Gross but kinda cool... the roof of her mouth is really high and she can stick her finger in over the top of her plate and wiggle it out the front!!!! soooo gotta get a good photo of that and scrap it!!!!

we have to turn it each day with this funky looking key thing and it will widen her top jaw ready for braces, which were supposed to be put on today, BUT we get there and find out the plate wasn't fitted correctly and needed readjusting so back on the 30th we will go and hopefully the braces will be put on then.

its been a very busy past couple of weeks, I surprised you still reading if you this far... do you need to put the kettle on again, ready for another cuppa cause I got more...

ok, go make a cuppa while I load in some more pics for you, here check out what I bought this week to play with

The beautiful Shell and I have been super busy building and designing and playing with a new website for the gorgeous Deb Mitchell.

Its a great scrapping place to hang out full of challenges and great laughs. The girls are all lovely, chatty and awesome scrappers.

AND omg what an honour... she has even made me a VIP for the month... I am still shocked

you soooo gotta check this site out - an no not just cause Shell and I did it, but cause it cool too... LOL

ok, time for some scrappin show n tell before I bore you soooo silly you never come back and I end up sitting here talking to myself in my wobbly light head

you know what? my back is cold and I just worked out why... no hair... duhhhh!!!

ouch... I just slapped myself in the forehead.. I gotta stop doing that

oh where was I? oh that's right, showing some of my latest scraps

this one is one of my favs at the moment, I used the gorgeous Jenni Bowlin diecuts from TBSS and this was using some of the Urban Lily and Bo Bunny stuffs from TBSS and more of the Urban Lily and some Prima say it in studs too all from TBSS
and my beautiful daughters 13th birthday card! I played with masking for this one

her reaction when she saw it was 'oh that's hell cool mum' so she's happy!

and this.. omg, the Rusty Pickle pop star papers!!!! how much fun are they?

and this one... this was my first ever attempt at a collage! wow, what a mission this was, I thoroughly LUVED doing it, I used sooo much stuff, made sooo much mess and this layout is officially the heaviest I have ever made

Thank you Deb, this is for your TBSS challenge #1 at challenge chics

the challenge is to do a collage about a day in your life, well I rekkon everyday in my life is just as important as the next....

and my darling daddy!!!! TBSS cybercrop was on the weekend and challenge #2 was to scrap something for fathers day, well my dad passed away 8 years ago and I still miss him and his cheeky antics every day! so I thought a layout for my kids about my dad would be nice, the photo mind you is like 20 yrs old at least and not the best, but its not what he looked like that I want my kids to know him by, its his character, his ways, his positive attitude towards life and his incredible sense of humour that I want them to know all about. They can form their own memories of him by what I tell them. Josh and Tash were fortunate enough to meet him and have goofy shoulder ride races and tickle fights with him and do remember little things, Tash remembers of all things... Pop gave us mintie lollies!!!

and my beautiful nieces... ahhh look at you two, gees you wouldn't guess by looking at this photo that this is a extremely rare moment now would you!?!

Rachelle had her 7th birthday last week and I am gonna give you the biggest birthday hug in a couple of weeks when I see you, so look out kiddo your gonna get squeezed super tight.... luv you beautiful

And Ashlea, the beautiful Ashlea is actually in hospital right now as I type! I am sending you the biggest air hugs and sloppiest kisses sweetheart hoping you are feeling much much much much better real soon. luv you beautiful

Now I am gonna let you have ya day back and go wash ya coffee cup since it been sitting there for like hours now stone cold and all manky around the rim now! LOL

I will be back real sooon with even more .... lots more actually, this was only the beginning of my catchup post

thank you for sticking around this long and chat with you all soon

signing off the longest post eva!!!!

behave yourselves

mwa mwa

Luv Nat xx


MargS said...

Welcome back!!!!! I was starting to get worried about you!. Great layouts, great photos - I can SOOOO see my two boys loving that black sand!! Happy Birthday to the "Birthday Girl", Good on you for sticking to your guns re grounding etc. 'Tough Love' is often the best medicine!