August 18, 2008

wanna know my BIG NEWS????

ok, I will spill the beans now... I got lots of news really so lets start with
drum roll please....
I am now officially published.. yep that's my album there in the pic
in Scrapbooking Memories
on page 92 and full page on 94
how cool is that? I know. I am stoked
AND I am also in the next 3 issues to come too....
but it only gets better...
my baby sister, Kirsti and her little family are packing up there bits and moving 3200 kilometres down here near me....

I am gonna finally get to hug my nieces (and give em lots of red lollies!)

I have only met her hubby once and that was like 3 years ago... oh sooo much to catch up on!
Its a big thing for them to get everything organised, don't envy that bit
BUT... I will get to finally hug my nieces!
I had a pretty busy weekend with some scrappin too
Challenge Chics had their first cybercrop and I managed to get 4 out of the 5 challenges done using all the products from my TBSS DT packs which you can see in the pics in last posts

this first layout I used the new yummy Pink Paislee Spring Fling papers and Bo Bunny chipboards from TBSS
This was Debs challenge
and this one I used the Pink Paislee Spring Fling Die Cuts & papers as well as Queen & co felt and Bo Bunny flourish stamps all from TBSS

This was Skye's challenge

this is my beautiful sister that is moving down near me...
I used the Sassafras Owl Pals Papers, Die cuts & Alphabet as well as stampendous alphabet stamps from TBSS
This was Cherryl's Challenge

And in amongst all this happnin, I got my new washing machine and have now washed EVERTHING in sight just so I can use it!

Crack up... its sounds like a turbine engine thingo on a jet plane when its on the spin cycle... the kids and I all run to the laundry when it starts up to watch it... giggling! yes we all sat on the cold floor to watch it go round and round! don't laugh I'm sure you woulda been sitting there with us too if you were here!

oh and you would laugh if you could see what happened to the first load I did... no one told me it heats up the bloody water like a dishwasher and makes the colour RUN... I was pulling out green shirts, that were once bright yellow!

But its ok, I eventually read the manual thing and learnt to press the button called COLD to stop that from happening! Blonde moment! LOL

oh see there is more news... told you its been a busy week...

my daughter has started her ortho plan to have the gorgeous yet expensive smile she deserves. She is one of those happy kids, one that smiles at everything, when happy, when nervous and even when sad, she crie's smiling!

Its gonna be a long couple of years for her but in the long run it will be all worth it! geez and it should be too with the price! They made me pay upfront... that was a shock!

oh and more...

I have decided to sell some pre made pages on ebay again. I have listed some clear pages this time, click here to check em out

Ok I think I should shut up now, I have rambled on long enough and bored you silly...

I'll be back with more rambling soon!

Behave yourselves

mwa mwa

Luv Nat xx


MargS said...

Super Congratulations on being published- so deserved. Love the butterfly album. Love your challenge layouts too. Checked out the clear ones on ebay- they should do really well. Maybe you should do a stack for Fathers Day eg. Our Dad, 3 Generations,Grandads are Great etc., etc. Just a thought! Enjoy the rest of your week........& the new washing machine!