August 9, 2008

its a chilly day so I am snuggled up on the couch with 'Lappy' and a doona watching the Olympics well to be honest, I'm not actually watching... its beach volleyball ATM umm Aus vs Russia

um mah now that I've looked at the screen, I wanna tell the girls to pull their pants up! I can see their coin slots .... geez girls, world wide television here... we don't wanna see that!

I gotta share some pics of my parcel that arrived yesterday by my chicken mailman!

He is sooo funny now that I have embarrassed him (and myself) by taking his photo...

the first time he came after that he pulled up out the front, not on the driveway, but directly in front of the door, left the motor running and bolted to the door, threw it down and bolted back! I was in hysterics... big chicken didn't even knock on the door!!!!

then the next time, he braved the driveway again, walked pretty fast up the garden path, put the parcel on the floor, knocked loudly and bolted back to the car! Again I was in hysterics! He has always come to the door smiling and waited for me to take the parcel bla bla bla.. but now the chicken dumps and runs!!!

Cracks me up! Yesterday he musta found a little more of his courage cause he actually knocked and waited, handed it to me with a half smile, then bolted! lol

anyways, this is what he bought me!

Another DT pack from TBSS and a little shopping...

check this out... omg how nice wicked is this pink paislee spring fling line?

I have sooo many ideas for this just gotta get some photos printed

and fun things... gemstones, chipboards and felts

oh oh oh luuuurrve this stuff... oh oh oh

these prima say it in crystals are gorgeous, just had to buy em cause I have been contemplating blingifying 'Lappy' but dunno how he will feel about being all prettied up

don't wanna make him into a drag queen if he not wanna be one or nothin! UM.... might have to leave him lookin spunky as he is

oh i know, he needs a bow tie! yeah... might have to get him one

nah that's really nerdy, hes a cool Lappy...

sorry Lappy, I forgot your listening to me!

and stamps...


check out the size of the Prima Build A Swirls

AND... check these out

templates.. how wicked are these???? I see doodling, stitching, brads, handcutting... oh I see sooo much happnin with these babies...

and more papers... these Sassaflas or however you say that stupid name

it usually comes out like sassassasflass with spit bubbles in the corner of my mouth...

but wow Divine are these???? I have already done a little handcuttin of that biga** flower looking swirled thing on the paper in the middle, i couldn't resist. I have no idea what i am gonna do with it but it had to be cutout! LOL

All that stuff was from TBSS, you gotta check it out, great shop, great site, great prices

fun forum and omg what a inspirational gallery! they have heaps of challenges each week and an awesome monthly competition run through the gallery too

and as an added bonus they have an awesome promo running too for new members, here check this out, hope to see you all there

I haven't scrapped alllllll week... I think someone actually stole my mojo, either that or I posted to Angie when I sent her photoswap layout...

mmmm will have to keep an eye on what she comes up with now and see if she has got it...

geez how windy is it??? it is howling through my house right now and bitterly cold!!!! The sun is shining but the wind is like ice, I am sooo over winter, bring on the warmer weather - please

wanna see something sad?

this is what occupies my days.... ironing... I am the stupid idiot that other idiots pay to do their ironing! This is what kept me busy yesterday.....

wasn't that sad? but hey, its money... all helps out

funniest thing happened though while I was doing this lot.. we have roadworks happening across the road, to there's workmen in their spunky flouro shirts all over the place, anyways, I was standing in the middle of the family room, talking on the phone - as I always am - oh and the phone is 'strapped' to my head by headband thing hidden under all my hair so it looks like I am talking to myself - while doing the ironing. Laughing away, probably looking like a right idiot... well I look up out the back door and can see two of the flouro workers sitting up in their truck eating their lunch - lookin at me!!!! they were watching me... beep beep... the cheeky buggers beep their horn and I sh*t myself... crack up laughing and close the blinds!!!!

how embarrassing!!!! just thank goodness I wasn't naked... PML

alrighty people, I am gonna leave yas all alone now to get on with ya days, if ya wanna stop in for a chat anytime there is now a new chat thingo up there on the right - luv to hear from yas all - dare ya! LOL

have fun and behave yourselves

Luv Nat xx