August 10, 2008

quick scrap update:

LO #1 is for my B.O.M.

I have been working on a book of me to give to my kids later in life... there are a few personal pages that will not be added to the net anywhere with journalling dedicated to them, but there are alot of others that can be, this is my pre primary one, when back in 1978 I was a cutie! LOL

when I look at these photos of me around this age I can really see alot of my children in me, so I had to put that on the page. I am going to do another LO using this photo, but with my 3 kiddies at the same age on it also ... one day... its on the 'im gonna' list

Now before you look at it and say wat the... is that? The stitching, yes it is stitching... is or should I say was supposed to be a nice pretty flourish until I finished stitching and realized it looked nothing at all like I intended so I then turned it into a butterflies trail.. well sorta. ok stop laughing now... uttt I said stop laughing...

I cant believe I put myself through that again! these pesky little buggers and me just don't get along! last time i cooked em! yep.... they were taking too long to dry so I put em in the oven and well lets just call them ones 'biscuit bears!' LOL they came out a tad crunchy!!!! LOL

this time I was good though, i waited patiently

ok moving right along... and still playing outa the last parcel box, not even touched my stash yet... the Pink Paislee Spring Fling papers are sooo nice

I was drooling working with these

and the Alexx Kesh ribbons, omg how nice are they????

and the prima build a swirl stamps are HUGE and OMG how nice are they????

and the prima say it in crystals but these are actually studs, OMG how nice are they???

and the Bo Bunny chipboard alphabet was the perfect colour and size OMG how nice are they???

yeah i enjoyed making this one.. it all just came together without even having to move off my chair! strait outa one post box!!!!

but... I managaged to loose the dot to the i... had the kids all crawling around on the floor with me and it has vanished... i rekkon the mat ate it...

that or the sock monster that lives in my washing machine
I cut up the prima say it in studs flourish thingo and placed it all through the prima build a swirl stamp. oh wow what a tounge twister that was LOL

i like that effect, i am gonna do that one again....

and using Staz on inks to stamp with works wicked on ribbons...

and this one.. i was on a roll last night and slapped this one together in less than an hour!!!

while in the forum at TBSS i managed to get this one for the random challenge #2, to use no patterned paper at all

I must admit but i did already have the photo stitched into the Fancy Pants Glittercut... had that done for another layout and then changed my mind LOL so yeah this layout came together really quickly


omg... couldnt believe it.. i am notorious for spelling mistakes so I thought I'd be clever and google this saying to make sure i get it right...well.. i copied it exactly like off the net and STILL GOT IT WRONG... I spelled spectacle with a i (specticle)

oh well... thats like becoming my trademark.... spelling mistakes!

what goofballs they are....

ok thats enough of your time, go do something more constructive now and check ya lata

take care peoples and behave yaselves

mwa mwa

Luv Nat xx


MargS said...

Stunning layouts Nat!!! Love each of them- it would've taken me WEEKS to do what you can whip up in a night! I'm very envious of your creativity & your talent for colour & composition. YOUR WORK ROCKS! Thanks heaps for sharing!