August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to me...
today I am a little older, not much, just a little bit! LOL
I had a beautiful morning yesterday and wanted to share with you all what my darling children did for me. They leave for school early so they snuck in my room, sung happy birthday to me and gave me big kisses, well wishes and said they'd see me after school with my pressie!
Well I was a blubbering mess when I got up and found this on the kitchen bench...

They'd pooled their moneys together and bought me some beautiful silver earrings from Prouds the Jewellers. Well it's me that's proud!!!!

My darling children have really thought well and gotten me the most beautiful present ever! I am blubbering here again!!! Birthdays have not been a big thing for me for a long time and a present like this has me sobbing...

And all day long I received birthday wishes, I couldn't believe it! I woke up to emails, text messages and phonecalls and they continued till into the night! I have never had so many people wish me a happy birthday before and with each one I blubbered on more and more! I have met so many wonderful people through the Internet it amazes me just how nice you all are... oh no here I go again reaching for the Kleenex...

This has been the most amazing birthday and I thank you all for making it so special for me. Even this morning, I logged into and had messages in there wishing me a happy birthday from complete strangers on the other side of the world...

gosh I feel so special, I feel like a little girl dressed up in a princess outfit parading around in high heals with a tiara, head held proud and out to see the world for its true beauty....

Thank you all again mwa mwa mwa wma

and extra kisses for you all

mwa mwa mwa


ok, onto some scrapping

this was for a photoswapp at Debs Creations, I swapped with Angie, who sent me 4 photos to choose from. I chose this gorgeous photo of her daughter Dakota which screamed the sultry papers I had been dying to use

So while chatting in the forum at TBSS I hand cut all the cute flowers, attached with 3d foam and added a touch of sparkle. I also added a Making Memories Noteworthy Journalling die cut so Angie could add any personal journalling she liked. I struggled with a title for a while, all I could come up with was how beautiful Dakota was so that was what I had to call it!

Dakota - you are so beautiful

here's a close up

I heard from Angie this morning and she is wrapped with it! I am soooo relieved... this was my first photoswap, I have always been too chicken to give it a go.. but by gingos it was fun! I am hangin to see what Angie has come up with for me!

She has been working on it today and I am soooo excited!!!! I know I am gonna luv it, I luv her work... I will post a pic soon

And this layout is me when I was a little kindy brat! Luv the hairdo! LOL

This is for the weekly sketch challenge at TBSS, I have used the SEI poppy papers, see D's stamps and prima flowers

and this one... omg what a crack up! TBSS is sponsering Deb's Creations each month with 2 challenges each with a $20 Store voucher bounty each month, this layout is for challenge #2

check this out for a mean challenge....

B U T T O N S !!!!!
I love buttons on layouts but this one will be lots of buttons!!!
No less than 30 buttons {any shape or size or colour(s) }12 x 12 cardstockPP x 1 (minimal)10 x Eyelets (love these too and they just don't get the publicity they need)Photo must be funnyMust draw or doodle on the page!
Thanks it girlfriends, happy scrapping!!!!

yeah cheers Shez... eyelets omg not eyelets... and 10 of the pesky little buggers!!! I had to dig to the bottom of the stash piles and hunt around for the eyelet setter and then hunt down eyelets!

and buttons! oh I lurrrve buttons so that part was easy... too easy cause I kinda went overboard and used 93 of em! LOL

but the photo... funny ole Tommy the donkey! the journalling reads:

Tommy the donkey has been the highlight of our visits to Caversham Wildlife Park for as long as I can remember. He is now 40yrs old and still a crack up! He sticks his head over the railing with his mouth open wide while you throw pellets in from a distance. No matter how many times you miss, he patiently waits till one goes in. Everyone crowds around taking pot shots laughing. Tommy love the attention - probably more than the food. -August 3rd 2008-

Well that's a long enough novel for now and if you got this far, sorry if I bored you!

I am now off to fight with the washing machine - again! it made an aweful clunking then a loud bang noise earlier and now wont do the spin cycle!!!! I think its buggered!!! great

Till next time peoples, have fun and behave yourselves

take care, Luv Nat xx


The Parkers said...

Hi! It looks like you had a fabulous birthday - I'm glad!

Well, I just popped by to have a look, and I love your blog! And I cannot stop laughing at Tommy the Donkey! You made such an ugly donkey into such a beautiful page- that's talent! haha!

Can't wait to see what you do next!

~Craft Fanatic~

MargS said...

Not boring at all!!!!!!! LOVE the layouts & Happy Belated Birthday! Don't you love it when your kids do something like that?! It's worth so much more than all the expensive gifts in the world. Treasure those moments. Enjoy the rest of your week.

scrapwitch said...

gorgeous devine beautiful work.ahhh i totally love it
oh and a big birthday cheer for you